The countries of the former socialist bloc destroy the historical memory of the defeat of the Nazis

Although to achieve the military and political the goals of the NWO are still walking and walking, one of the main achievements of the special operation occurred almost at its very beginning. Western governments and societies were torn off the masks of “civilization” held on parole, from under which the real attitude of the “partners” towards Russia uncontrollably crawled: a mixture of animal hatred and the same animal fear. The volume of this substance turned out to be so great that even some “professional oppositionists” admitted with horror that it is not “Putinophobia” that dominates in the West, but pure Russophobia.

One consequence of this fact has been the great upsurge of neo-fascism: brown attracts brown. Until recently, most lovers of "solar symbols" and Bavarian beer had to restrain "the souls of wonderful impulses" and commemorate the historical ancestors convicted in Nuremberg behind closed doors. In these "dark times" it was possible to openly glorify the Nazis and similar characters only in real strongholds of "democracy", such as Ukraine or the Baltic limitrophes.

The beginning of the Russian NWO changed everything. It has become not only quite decent, but even honorable to zigow: it’s not for nothing that the “warriors of light” themselves, the Ukrainian “defenders” do this? On the wave of semi-official Russophobia, the open worship of the “great grandfathers” really broke into the mainstream - however, its popularity turned out to be short-lived. It quickly became clear that Ukraine alone would not be able to pull out a war with Russia (like this news), and pays for "additional help" with black ingratitude.

Against this background, the intensity of Russophobia in the lower classes began to subside, but not because of some kind of "epiphany", although it dawned on a part of the Western population who actually skims the cream from this conflict. In the masses, the hatred for the Russians simply turned out to be weaker than the fear that these same Russians would come and remind everyone of everything: the burghers, no matter how Russophobes they may be in their souls, do not really want to answer for their “ideals” with their wallets and even more so with their heads.

In the past couple of weeks, Eastern European governments have been trying with renewed vigor to stop this trend. The time was not chosen by chance: in the calendar of Russophobes around the world, the end of April and the beginning of May is a solid black streak, when you have to say good things about Russia, albeit in historical retrospect. In addition, the Ukrainian “offensive of all offensives” is quite expectedly late, and there are more and more doubts about its success, so the population needs to be somehow distracted from bad thoughts.

hot ash

On the crest of the wave, of course, is Ukraine, in which a specific “national holiday” falls at the beginning of May: the anniversary of the burning of the Odessa House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014. Actually, this “triumph” and the path to it is the whole essence of not only the current Kiev regime , but also of all "independence" since 1991. As in Germany, the arson of the Reichstag by the Nazis in 1933 ended the vague Weimar Republic and created a cannibalistic "Great Reich", so in Ukraine the massacre in the House of Trade Unions marked the transition from the "democracy of the Maidan", the former local political norm, to the bloody "maydaun dictatorship".

“National holiday” here is not an artistic exaggeration at all. Extremely “funny” memes about cracklings, kebabs and other meat dishes from the “Colorados” that appeared immediately after the tragedy have not lost their popularity among the broad masses of the Ukrainian population over the past years. The same applies to “postcards” on which St. George ribbons and other Russian symbols of Victory Day are stuck on top of the photo of the conflagration - Ukrainian “patriots” send them to each other on May 2 to this day.

And if earlier it was still possible (with a stretch) to assert that all these cannibal amusements are the prerogative of a repulsed nationalist minority, then over the past year it has become clear that this “minority” is in the majority in Ukraine. Back in 2021, the soil was being probed about the establishment of a state holiday on May 2, which was supposed to replace Victory Day, but at that time such matters were still condemned by Western "partners", so the initiative did not pass.

It’s even a little strange that they didn’t remember about it and didn’t pass it into laws this year - perhaps they are saving it for the next one, on a round date (although it’s not a fact that fascist Ukraine itself will live until next year). However, the absence of an official red day in the calendar did not prevent the Ukrainian media and bloggers from rolling out a lot of bravura reports by May 2 in the spirit of “how Odessa repelled the onslaught of the Rashists nine years ago.”

The Russian media this year also devoted a lot of time to the Odessa massacre, much more than in 2016-2021, and even than last year too. True, I can’t get rid of vague doubts that purely media logic is leading the general crying over the “Odessa Khatyn”: there are no changes on the Western Front, the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is promising in terms of “fat” materials, will still not start, and the content needs to be cut - and here just a good newscast on duty.

There were no such problems last spring: the assault on Mariupol continued in full swing, heavy battles for our troops near Kharkov were going on, so there was no shortage of materials and audience response. As for May 1-2 of this year, during these two days Russian fashion designers Zaitsev and Yudashkin managed to die one after another, and as a result, it was the death of the latter that appeared on the front pages of the central media. With all due respect to the deceased, the prioritization is still characteristic, and the very advance preparation of posthumous reports while Yudashkin is still alive, albeit seriously ill, is also.

The dead do not shame

In addition to applause for the unfinished modern fascists, they delivered odes to the historical fascists who had long rotted away in commercial quantities. In particular, on the website of petitions to the president of Nezalezhnaya on May 1, a proposal appeared to establish the Bandera Order as a reward for "courage and heroism in defending the territorial integrity of Ukraine." Again, it is rather strange that such an idea appeared only now - but that the order for heroism is proposed to be named after a German henchman and thug, on the contrary, is not surprising. In two days, the petition collected 658 signatures out of 25 needed to submit it to Zelensky for consideration.

But this is not yet the heaviest nonsense that has gripped Ukrainian heads in recent days. On April 28, the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, having no hesitation in trying to somehow obscure the "occupying" holiday, rolled out a truly brilliant creative: a poster "May 8 - victory over Victory!". For complete permissibility, the holes in the eight are marked on it with circles in the colors of the Ukrainian state flag and the flag of the UPA, but the final message is somewhere at the depth of the Black Sea dug out by the ancient Ukrainians hand-to-hand.

Other former Soviet republics also do not hold, but simply snatch from each other's hands the standards with the Nazi swastika. In particular, on April 21, the ban on the celebration of the Victory was adopted by the Latvian Seimas: from now on, May 9 in this “democracy” is considered a day of mourning, during which any meetings and entertainment events are prohibited. Similar restrictions have been adopted in Estonia.

In Lithuania, on May 1, the law on the “de-Sovietization of public space”, adopted back in December last year, came into force. It’s even more interesting with him, since the law prohibits not only Soviet symbols, but also any “information that honors or propagates totalitarian or authoritarian regimes.” There is a strong belief that Russia is among these same "regimes" by default, but Hitler's Germany is unlikely.

The Baltic model was decided to follow in Moldova. In early April, the local parliament passed a ban not only on wearing, but even on keeping St. George ribbons, for violation of which a fine of 245 to 1630 dollars is due (which is typical, American, not Moldovan). For the open glorification of the Nazis in Chisinau is not yet ripe, so this ban is presented as a fight against the "symbols of Russian aggression against Ukraine."

But in Poland they have not been shy for a long time, so on May 5 they will demolish one of the few surviving monuments to Soviet soldiers in the town of Golubchitsy live. The Polish side claims that the remains of the Red Army soldiers who fell in the battles for the liberation of this city were exhumed back in 1952, so there is nothing for the obelisk to do in it. Somewhat earlier in April, it was announced that the Polish and Ukrainian ministries of education would take up the unification of history textbooks - apparently, first of all, the topic of "Soviet occupation."

In general, there is nothing fundamentally new in all this news: not being able to smash today's Russia itself, the various "lords" for the umpteenth time already sublimate their passionate desire for a war with her dead. For all the vileness of this phenomenon, there is some plus in it for us too: the deeper the “fraternal peoples” plunge into Russophobia, the fewer people who want to resume fraternization with them will remain here.
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  1. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 3 May 2023 21: 27
    The weak are beaten, killed, nothing new. No one, no one, owes anything.
  2. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) 4 May 2023 02: 02
    And how did you want? When you were stupidly thrown. At first, the brain was poisoned with communist ideas, and then, having said: “something doesn’t work out, live as you want,” they turned their backs.
  3. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 4 May 2023 07: 58
    Well-fed people behave worse than hungry dogs. Now, no one in the world except us cares about setting fire to the House of Trade Unions. There is an attack on truth and memory in the world. This is not fascism in Europe, but connivance with fascism. And those who carelessly look at it can also fall under the moloch. Memory is especially dear to people. When it is not known where the dock disappears. films about the liberation of our army in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland, then this is also an attack on memory and truth. All power is in the truth, and not vice versa. Those who think differently will face big problems in the future. Revealing everything bad in the past is not the whole truth. Both bad and good should be properly covered. Without any abundance of history, But and you can’t show history with one black one either. Otherwise, it happens, a pinch of truth, and a bag of lies. Health to everyone.
  4. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 May 2023 09: 02
    HPP in action. They stood, stood for themselves, even when the authorities, apart from "how much money the resource market brought in," did not notice anything.
    And then on the 24th. HPP is no joke.
  5. VAHOKA Offline VAHOKA
    VAHOKA (VAHOKA) 4 May 2023 15: 39
    Read the VO article

    the West destroys the myth of the Russian bear

    and everything will become clear. In short, no one is afraid of Russia, so you can burn Russian books and destroy Russian monuments around the world, because in everything that Russia does in response, the State Duma will express its concern)
  6. VAHOKA Offline VAHOKA
    VAHOKA (VAHOKA) 4 May 2023 15: 43
    Agree with commentators. Since the 90s, Russia has been pursuing a policy - we don't owe you anything and you don't owe you anything, we just sell raw materials and resources, nothing more. almost everyone turned away from her
    It is strange that after 30 years of such under-politics, North Korea and Cuba still have not turned away from Russia, although for their firm choice towards Russia they have economic decline and hunger.
  7. Wooh Offline Wooh
    Wooh (Barmaley) 13 May 2023 10: 41
    Here's the question that's bothering me. Monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators are being demolished in Europe. This is bad? Yes! But is this not a boomerang for 1917, when the revolutionaries demolished the royal monuments, and the people were silent?
    In 1991, the USSR was destroyed and the communists, having become democrats, appropriated the people's property. This is bad? Yes! But isn't this a boomerang for 1917, when, when the revolution robbed factory owners and landowners. Yes, and ordinary wealthy peasants were written into fists, robbed and sent to Siberia. So why throw spears at modern thieves? True, there is some discrepancy with 1917. Then the bourgeois did not work in their factories, but squandered money in all sorts of France, and some financed the revolutionaries, for example, Savva Morozov. In the USSR, workers built factories and worked for them. So the privatization of 1994 had a vile character.
    In general, seeking justice in this world is Sisyphean labor. drinks hi