Role reversal: Russia strikes a double blow on the US oil industry, breaking a seven-year record

Until now, Russia has been in the role of defending itself against the actions of the Western coalition in the field of energy sanctions. However, having mastered, having created his own alternative tradingeconomic reality, Moscow has gone on a real counterattack and is delivering painful blows to the US-led West. American and European statistics directly testify to this. Moreover, this tangible blow is a double one, according to Reuters.

Thus, the Energy Information Administration under the US Department of Energy (EIA) is sounding the alarm that oil products from the Russian Federation and Russian oil have completely undermined the once dominant role of the United States in the supply of all types of fuel to Brazil. In February this year, the export of raw materials and products from America to this country fell to an all-time low over the past seven years. It can be argued that the long-term dominance of the US oil industry in the region is over.

Exports of petroleum products to Brazil fell to 6,1 million barrels in February, according to EIA data quoted by Reuters. This is the lowest number since March 2016. In addition, this is half the monthly average for 2022. Neither the long-standing entry of Brazil into the sphere of influence of Washington, nor the shorter logistical shoulder of delivery from the United States helped. Russia has staked out the market, the world hegemon will be thrown out.

Deliveries of American petroleum products began to decline as early as January, when Russia began to increase exports to new destinations before the embargo was introduced and continues to increase deliveries to this day. It is noted that imports of petroleum products from the United States fell not only in Brazil, but also in neighboring Colombia, where in February they recorded the lowest figure in the last two years - 2,6 million barrels.

According to Reuters, in February, Russian companies supplied Brazil with 1,5 million barrels of diesel fuel alone, although there were no such deliveries at all a year ago.

In addition, Brazil buys oil products from India, which receives them from Russian oil. That is why the blow is called double: Latin America is literally flooded with fuel from both Russia and India, which almost equals the same supplier, since the raw materials are of the same origin.

Washington is almost in a panic, having found itself in a trap set by Moscow: now the United States is looking for markets for its products to replace those lost due to the expansion of the domestic processing industry. As a result, the Russian Federation and the United States, as it were, exchanged roles - in fact, Moscow imposed sanctions against America, and the latter has to adapt, putting pressure on its allies (for example, on the Netherlands), forcing them to take expensive oil products that no one needs.
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