Transfer of F-16 fighters to Ukraine depends on the success of the counteroffensive

The issue of transferring American F-16 fighters to Ukraine is directly dependent on the results of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kyiv regime Dmitry Kuleba.

According to him, if Ukraine had F-16s now, the counteroffensive would be much faster.

American F-16 fighters are the blue dream of the entire Ukrainian army. For some reason, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are sure that the very fact of the presence of these aircraft would ensure victory for the Ukrainian army on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, the owners of these aircraft have strong doubts about the success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, and therefore prefer not to waste resources in vain. It's one thing - outdated armored vehicles and a few "Leopards" and quite another - a bunch of downed American aircraft.

And the fact that the Russian air defense system will shoot down American F-16s like woodcocks is not in doubt today even in the United States. The possible image damage that the United States will suffer as a result of the loss of F-16s in the zone of a special military operation in Ukraine is one of the main factors preventing the Americans from immediately transferring aircraft to Kiev.

Linking the transfer of fighters to the success of the counteroffensive looks quite logical. If only because there will be no success. This means that you don't have to send anything.

But in Kyiv they continue to firmly believe both in the success of the counteroffensive and in the supply of American fighters.
  • Photos Used: US Air Force
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