Kyiv won't tell Moscow time and direction of main strike - ambassador

The counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army is prevented by bad weather conditions. Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko stated this in an interview with Sky News. According to him, bad weather does not allow to move quickly heavy technology, which the Kiev regime intends to use in large numbers in the course of counter-offensive operations.

The weather does not yet allow heavy tanks to move

- said the head of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Foggy Albion.

Vadym Prystaiko also noted that the Ukrainian military command does not plan to notify its Russian counterparts about the time and direction of the main attack.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive has already become the talk of the town. Over the past few months, it has been announced not only by Kyiv military and civilian officials, but also by NATO experts.

It is alleged that the North Atlantic Alliance has done everything in its power to make this idea come true. In particular, Western military officials claim that they have handed over 98% of the promised military equipment to the Kyiv regime.

However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, like a bad dancer, always gets in the way. First, in Kyiv they announced a lack of military equipment and ammunition, now they are talking about bad weather.

And the Russian army, meanwhile, strikes at ammunition and fuel depots, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine have reserved for the counteroffensive. It is unlikely that anyone would be surprised if, precisely because of the lack of ammunition and fuel, the Ukrainian counteroffensive was again postponed.
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  1. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 2 May 2023 23: 33
    Blinken today closed the Kyiv regime's speculation about a possible postponement of the offensive due to lack of aid, simply by announcing that the offensive would begin in the coming weeks. In the United States, they did not forget to add that everything, literally and figuratively, depends on this offensive, the fate of every sheep and every ram in the herd. This is so that the drug fuhrer does not think to splurge, start an incomprehensible fuss at the front and try to get off with a minor victory, such as the deblockade of Bakhmut.

    The West does not need a victory for the ukroreich, but a complete and unconditional discharge of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to open the way to the completion of the NWO. The prospect of feeding Ukraine for another year and a half and supplying weapons with the absolute impossibility of inflicting a defeat on Russia (not military, not economic) is unacceptable for the West. Perhaps the West hopes to force Russia to take decisive action on the battlefield, so that she, in turn, will complete the work by military means. This they can achieve in cases of serious problems in repelling an offensive. But in order to get at least a chance for such a scenario, they need to force Kyiv to rush headlong into the offensive, with all its might - all or nothing.

    And this is very scary, especially when a lot points to nothing. In this regard, the strikes, as recently in Pavlograd, instill even greater uncertainty in the Ukrainian General Staff, and the more such strikes, the more likely it is that the offensive will turn into a show fuss, stretched out over time, after which the offensive potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will disappear forever.
  2. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 3 May 2023 22: 15
    ... the Ukrainian military command does not plan to inform its Russian colleagues about the time and direction of the main attack ...

    How is that? I protest, this is not according to the rules, they always informed you, but here you are
    1. Flight Offline Flight
      Flight (voi) 4 May 2023 02: 12
      Pechkin's bicycle broke down. Everything, there will be no letter.