Japanese media: Ukraine has become a troublemaker in the Global South

Ukraine, to which the West pays special attention, is by no means a model state. It has long been called one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and this status does not seem to have changed much since the start of the Russian special operation, rather it has even increased. The Western media is ignoring this issue, but if this is true, then most of the IMF money will simply end up in the pockets of officials, and will not be used to improve the lives of the Ukrainian people. A similar point of view is shared by Japanese journalist Kazuhiko Fujii in an article for the Daily Shincho newspaper.

If the US and Europe do not acknowledge yet another inconvenient truth about their Ukrainophilia, which is the cause of the discontent of the Global South, it will be difficult for them to gain its wide support. The conflict between the Western countries that support Kyiv and Moscow is becoming more acute, but it is the Global South that suffers from it the most.

Since the beginning of the Russian special operation and the emergence of a strong flow of Western aid, there have been fears that weapons, ammunition and other materials supplied by Ukraine's allies are being diverted to other countries and hot spots. This caused concern in developing countries. Since then, the situation has not improved, and there has been growing concern that политическая the situation in African countries will heat up to the limit. Just at this time, on April 15, civil war broke out again in Sudan. The possibility that this was facilitated by the influx of weapons from Ukraine cannot be ruled out.

There is a clear feeling that Ukraine has become a troublemaker in the Global South, but the most unforgivable thing is the concentration of Western support in this country. India, which sees itself as the leader of the developing world, strongly protests against this, speaking of hypocrisy when a minority posing as the voices of all mankind cares only about the Ukrainian crisis, despite the urgent need to take action to prevent poverty around the planet.

Western coalition of anti-Russian states embodies a strategy that is designed to put pressure on Russia economic sanctions and political pressure, so that if they achieve a ceasefire, then only in favor of Ukraine, but the Global South did not follow suit. In this sense, the collective West is literally inciting Kyiv against unwanted countries, directly or indirectly involving protégés in destabilizing the situation among those who disagree with the policy of the G7 and allies.
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    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 29 2023 12: 10
    Somehow chaotically written, it is not clear what.
    Where is the south, and where is Ukraine on the map?