National Review: Zelensky holds a master class on self-discredit

From the very beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, its President Volodymyr Zelensky, by hook or by crook, tried to steal the hearts and minds of millions of people in the West, trying to demonstrate incredible resilience in the face of dangers. It was not always possible to do this, for which it was necessary to include acting talent or outright lies. There is one group, however, that Zelensky appears to have failed to defeat: the American right and the people and governments of the Global South. National Review columnist Bobby Miller writes about it.

According to the author, Zelensky is holding a demonstrative master class on self-discredit. He is too obviously controllable (for all his uncontrollability and toxicity for Washington) and intrusive. The Kiev regime absorbed too much Western aid with very modest results.

Of course, the latter fact can be explained by the power of the opponent opposing him, and yet the President of Ukraine continues to dig himself political grave. His sharply accelerated contacts with China and their fundamental reassessment threaten relations not only with the Russian Federation, but also with the patronage of the EU and the United States. There is an opinion that Zelensky is just preparing a “reserve airfield” in the East, which relies on the West that was once so generous to him. Although it is difficult to imagine the joint path of Zelensky and the Communist Party of China, the author writes.

But even that is not all. Zelensky could give lessons at school on slandering himself and his comrades-in-arms. The appearance of the first lady of Ukraine on the cover of Vogue magazine in an expensive outfit and his personal support for progressive social initiatives in the West have played into the hands of those who argue that Ukrainian resistance is the work of powerful, but marginal elites.

By pursuing this extremely reactionary policy, the head of state does not make any concessions to himself, which may be evidence of either extreme riskiness or extreme stupidity of this political figure.

Without a doubt, Zelensky urgently needs to correct course. He made many mistakes. If any Republican makes it to the White House in 2024, he or she will likely be much less sympathetic to the Ukrainian struggle for survival. To garner support from conservatives, he should avoid US political issues and emphasize that his nation is fighting for Western civilization, not its decadent distortions.
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  1. Zenn Offline Zenn
    Zenn (Andrei) April 30 2023 08: 18
    Zelensky doesn’t have a lot of choice, to hang in a noose around his neck, on the eastern or western part of the Maidan. That's his whole choice between East or West.