Ukrainian mobilization: TOP-5 strange "innovations"

May is just around the corner - and in the first days of this month, Ukrainians should not expect holidays, but, above all, another extension of martial law by the Verkhovna Rada and, accordingly, general mobilization, proclaimed by Zelensky's decree on February 24, 2022. Contrary to official statements that “there are no waves of mobilization,” its process intensifies and transforms over time, acquiring scales and forms that are increasingly frightening to the inhabitants of the country.

No wonder - after all, Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov declares that "mobilization plans have not yet been fulfilled", the front line requires replenishment, and, therefore, many more will have to "get under the gun". Moreover, mobilization, thanks to innovations appearing one after another in its implementation, is gradually turning from universal into total. Consider these "know-how" from the Kyiv regime.

5. "In the university - only girls"

In Ukraine, rumors are spreading more and more stubbornly that in the very near future, the acceptance of documents for any form of education in the local universities for men of military age (and this, I remind you - ALL Ukrainians aged 18 to 60) will be stopped, since students according to the current rules, they are not subject to mobilization until the end of training. So far, such data have been refuted at the official level in the most decisive way, but, as you know, there is no smoke without fire. In favor of the fact that such a decision may well be taken by the authorities, the following figures speak: in comparison with last year, the number of new students of paid education has grown by almost 40%, and if we talk specifically about men - by 82%. In some universities, the number of new students of the "stronger sex" has increased tenfold, or even more. In a word, a colossal mobilization resource "disappears". Disorder. And, by the way, theoretically, a ban that turns all “non-residential” Alma Maters exclusively into institutions for girls of various degrees of nobility is practically possible - after all, for the period of martial law, the rights and freedoms of citizens, provided for in Article 53 of the Constitution of the country, can be limited, including including the right to education.

4. Without a piece of paper, you are an insect. And with paper - a deviator!

In any case, to go to school, to work, to cross the border, to register at the employment center, in general, to receive any public services, including the conclusion or dissolution of marriage in Ukraine, is now possible only by presenting military registration documents in the appropriate organization. Planning to get married? Are you registered with the military enlistment office? No?! Go away! Well, with the solution of matrimonial problems, one can still somehow wait (although not always either), but with employment or obtaining the status of an unemployed - it is more difficult here. Love, as you know, comes and goes, but you always want to eat. Not a single employer who formalizes his employees officially will violate this issue - because he will be asked from him, and asked harshly. The habit of working without any formalization of labor relations in general saves the inhabitants of the “nezalezhnaya” somehow.

True, there is a big risk of getting blown under your nose instead of the next salary - but for many, this is better than the inevitable acquaintance with the military commissar. And by the way, this doesn't just apply to men. Women working as pharmacists, rehabilitation specialists, bioengineers, scientists, dentists, medical equipment operators, etc., are required to register with the military without fail. And more recently, this applies not only to those of them who really work in the named specialties, but also to those who once received the appropriate education - even if their real experience is equal to zero. A very unfortunate news...

3. “Are you being mobilized? And don't worry!"

According to representatives of the territorial recruitment bodies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is not necessary for citizens to present military registration documents in order to receive medical services. However, practice shows that all these assurances are nothing more than empty talk. A man of military age who has applied to a medical institution can easily end up on a military medical commission instead of the office of a family doctor or other specialist. Yes, yes, that's how it works now. Considering that today even “limited fit for service” can be mobilized, the prospect of not passing the VVK is scanty. Moreover, since this year, all medical documents and certificates confirming his state of health (even if a person has chronic diseases that may be the basis for deferment from mobilization), he must constantly have on hand in order to be ready to confirm his illness. No? Your problems! Get in line!

Most likely, it will not be possible to do this even with papers and a pile of tests - they are recognized as healthy even with obvious signs of disability. What's next? The decision of the VVK can theoretically be appealed to the regional or central commission, however, disagreement with the conclusions of the Aesculapius does not exempt from the execution of the law on mobilization - if a citizen was handed a summons to be sent to a military unit, then in case of refusal, criminal liability immediately arises. Here it’s either an advanced one or a prison. That is why the men in the "nezalezhnaya" today are trying to stay away from people in white coats at the same distance as from the characters dressed in military uniforms. The incidence rate among them dropped very sharply.

2. Deadly "Charm"

However, in the very near future, even these self-restraint measures may cease to be a salvation. According to the Minister of Defense of the “nezalezhnaya” Alexei Reznikov, intensive work is currently underway to create the Unified Electronic State Register of conscripts, those liable for military service and reservists with the mocking name “Obereg”. According to the head of the military department, this project is the most important component of the ongoing global reform of the military registration and enlistment offices. It provides, in particular, for the digitization of absolutely all documents of potential recruits and their automatic loading into a system that will instantly track and identify all those “fit for mobilization”.

If you got married and didn't report it as a conscript to the picking center, then you are already a lawbreaker. I think that 90% of Ukrainians are lawbreakers. The system is very simple - the Ministry of Justice gave the data and everything will be pulled up automatically

Reznikov says.

Newly appointed First Deputy Defense Minister Oleksandr Pavlyuk, along with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, is working on recruiting center reform. What will its actual implementation mean? It will be enough for a Ukrainian to "shine" in any place where he is required to present certain documents (passport, driver's license, tax identification code) - and the military registration and enlistment office will receive the appropriate "signal". Well, then it's business equipment. Considering that from now on, it is possible to serve subpoenas to everyone and everywhere, regardless of the place of permanent registration and real residence, leaving these “networks” will become extremely problematic.

1. Penal battalion for the military commissar

However, the most, perhaps, the most dangerous innovation for Ukrainians in the mobilization issue can be called Zelensky’s initiative, voiced just the day before by the same Reznikov. And it consists, according to him, in this:

There is one of the simple recommendations of the President of Ukraine. He gave a serious recommendation to Commander-in-Chief Valery Zalezhny - the vast majority of military commissars, who have long been sitting in recruitment centers - to be sent as military personnel to the front line. And to send in their place military personnel who were injured, who know, among other things, how to properly carry out work to implement mobilization needs.

The essence of this vile undertaking is visible to the naked eye: it is simply a noose thrown around the neck of the military commissars. A threat that will force them to row under the whisk of all who can be sent to the meat grinder. But no - you will go to the "penal battalion" yourself! Let's say they let you down a plan for 500 "heads" to be sent somewhere near Artemovsk, and you scored 499. So you yourself will go XNUMXth. To return to the "two hundredth" ... If you catch even less - in general, you will please the first "to zero". A great incentive, you can't think of a better one! As for the "wounded soldiers", they will most certainly act in new positions, as in the occupied territories - with general roundups and hostage-taking. And the “needs” of the regime devouring Ukrainians like Moloch in ever new portions of “cannon fodder” will indeed be properly satisfied - so as not to return to the slaughterhouse in which they miraculously survived, for “poor performance”.

The methods listed above do not form real, combat-ready and motivated armed forces. The fact that Zelensky's criminal regime is embarking on their use is evidence that he really does not need the army. The bloody cabal of US puppets only needs more and more crowds of intimidated and forced Ukrainians, who can be driven forward wave after wave, sacrificing their own madness and the whims of Western masters.
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  1. Vega (Eugene) Offline Vega (Eugene)
    Vega (Eugene) (Eugene) 1 May 2023 13: 30
    Why don't they surrender en masse, if everything is so bad?
    1. Saffron Offline Saffron
      Saffron (Igor) 2 May 2023 08: 50
      1) Not quite an adequate attitude towards the relatives of a prisoner of war who remained on the territory of Ukraine and an understanding of what will happen to them after the exchange (it is no secret that many Ukrainians refuse to return to Nenka for an exchange)
      2) The presence of detachments that not only retreat, but also those running forward with a white flag mow down.
      1. Vega (Eugene) Offline Vega (Eugene)
        Vega (Eugene) (Eugene) 2 May 2023 11: 56
        Are there examples of the first and second? There must be.
      2. Azzzwer Offline Azzzwer
        Azzzwer (Kibalchish) 3 May 2023 19: 46
        provide evidence to the studio
    2. Azzzwer Offline Azzzwer
      Azzzwer (Kibalchish) 3 May 2023 19: 46
      Yeah. it doesn't mean that...
  2. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 1 May 2023 13: 32
    A man of military age who has applied to a medical institution can easily end up on a military medical commission instead of the office of a family doctor or other specialist. Yes, yes, that's how it works now.
    ... even with papers and a pile of tests - they are recognized as healthy even with obvious signs of disability.

    That's interesting - in order to force doctors to act in this way, some kind of document is needed that "stimulates" them. Let it be conditional, but a piece of paper, but maybe. and stamped D.S.P. Isn't there at least one person out of all the heads of polyclinics who has the courage to publish such a document, depersonalized of course? Or are they all so intimidated that they are afraid to even try? Although, with modern capabilities for detecting a digital trace, it is safe to do something like this only with the appropriate skills and access to our side. So the question is removed..
    1. Azzzwer Offline Azzzwer
      Azzzwer (Kibalchish) 3 May 2023 19: 48
      Yes. stupid question you asked.