Why is the Russian Themis in the Republic of Chuvashia and the RME so blind and unfair?


In accordance with the federal law "On State Regulation of Activities for the Organization and Conduct of Gambling", gambling is prohibited in Russia everywhere, except for gaming zones specially provided for this - in the Kaliningrad and Rostov Regions, Altai, Primorsky and Krasnodar Territories, as well as in the Republic of Crimea. Exceptions apply only to the work of bookmakers and sweepstakes. However, despite the bans, the "gambling mafia" continues to operate in other Russian regions.

Nobody pity?

В ARTICLES dated October 20, 2022, it was described in detail how the "gambling mafia" conducts its criminal "business", lobbies interests and cracks down on law enforcement officers objectionable to it in the Republics of Chuvashia and Mari El. Now many new details have appeared in this criminal case - it has come to the sentencing.

By the way, before the ink had dried, as they say, on the judge's signature under this verdict (not to mention the fact that the verdict has not yet entered into force), as at the request of the RME prosecutor's office on the Internet on the information portal www.legal. report, a peppy article about conviction, terms, fines, and so on appears. The convicts reacted to this publication with indignation, since no one has the right to claim that someone has committed a crime before the verdict comes into force. The publication did not respond to the corresponding claim in any way, and at present a lawsuit has been filed in court against the persons who posted this incorrect information on the Internet.

But the main thing is different, that the RME prosecutor's office intentionally indicates in this article that 3 persons involved in the organized crime group were convicted in a criminal case, but where is the 4th? There are 4 of them! Why is the prosecutor's office of the RME deliberately silent about this? Because she is afraid to say that the single mother Mikhailova N. (whose young child is three years old without a mother) received a real term of 9 years in prison, a fine of 14,2 million rubles and a confiscation of 4,7 million rubles, while being a civilian, and the only police officer of the OEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Yoshkar-Ola, A.N. Parnikov, acting at the time of the arrest. free and never been in jail! Where is justice, where is justice?

The lawyer Mikhailova N. herself, who fell under the distribution of Themis with her blindfolded eyes, told in detail about what had happened.

“The violation of my rights began immediately when I was detained on December 14, 2020 by employees of the FSB of Russia for the RME and the Investigative Committee of the RF Investigative Committee for the RME, who, in an amount of at least 10 people, broke into my apartment in Cheboksary, where I was at that moment alone with my five-year-old son . During the search, they behaved impudently, they did not react to my request not to go around all the rooms without witnesses, they frightened my son with their presence. Nothing was found in my apartment, the phone, laptop, system unit seized during the search were later returned to me after the examination with the expert's answer that "nothing of interest for the investigation was found."

Then I was taken to a private residential building, which was owned by the father of my common-law spouse Plis N., a defendant in a criminal case, and who was detained next to this house on the same evening of December 14, 2020. But for some reason, they decided to conduct a search with my participation and break open, cut out the new metal entrance door in a private house with the help of the Ministry of Emergency Situations brigade called by them, but they could avoid damage to property, because the common-law husband had the keys to the house and during the arrest they were at him, which was well known to those who carried out the search. The goal, I suppose, was to show their capabilities, knowing that they can do anything, to intimidate me as much as possible. Searches with my participation were carried out from 8 pm to 4 am, during the searches nothing was found that was of interest to the investigation in the framework of the criminal case. At the same time, after the search, a private residential building was left without an entrance door in December frosts, since the owner arrived from the Krasnodar Territory only after 1-2 days. The loss of valuables was found in the house, the heating system was damaged.

In the detention center in Yoshkar-Ola, tortured by searches, an employee of the Federal Security Service of Russia for the RME Krasilnikov A.M. came to me. and began to “persuade” me to give a confession about giving a bribe, without a lawyer, while I did not understand at all what it was about and no named Krasilnikov A.M. I did not know the names of the police officers, which did not suit him. In the case, I only knew my husband, Plis N., who had not worked in law enforcement agencies for more than six months at the time of my arrest, and according to the investigation, I gave him bribes, it’s convenient, you don’t know anyone, but you know your husband, which means he is supposedly a bribe taker.

On December 16, 2020, a measure of restraint was chosen for me by the judge of the Yoshkar-Ola City Court of the RME Depreis S.A., who during the court session raised his voice at me, shouting: “We will assign your child to an orphanage,” she remembered here about her son. And I never forgot him, I alone bring up two sons and they receive a decent upbringing and education. For comparison, the same judge Depreis SA. the current employee of the OEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Yoshkar-Ola A.N. (it's amazing how the case constantly gets to him!) issued in relation to Parnikov A.N. a surprisingly mild sentence - 16 million rubles fine without any hint of imprisonment! I believe that the RME prosecutor's office deliberately made Parnikova A.N. they were convicted precisely in “their” Yoshkar-Ola city court of the RME and it was judge Depreis S.A., whereas, according to the jurisdiction, the criminal case was subject to investigation in the Chechen Republic and, according to jurisdiction, to be considered in the Chechen Republic, because the place of transfer of bribes, according to the prosecution, was the city of Cheboksary and It is this factor that determines the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the case. But the RME prosecutor's office and Judge Depreis SA. “didn’t notice” such a “little thing”, although this is an elementary observance of the law, because if Parnikova A.N. we were tried in Chuvashia, where they should have been (there is only one organized criminal group and he is its member, like us, we are tried in Chuvashia, and he is in the RME), then in the case of appointment to Parnikov A.N. a long term of imprisonment, they could lose a "valuable" witness, and so they "encouraged" him for false testimony with freedom and he is ready for anything!

It is also surprising that the RME prosecutor's office, at the time of detention, the only acting police officer A.N. Judge Depreis C.A. fully supports the prosecution. Moreover, A.N. - a single person with a 3-year-old son, 5 higher educations, 2 years of legal experience and 15 official jobs (including being an entrepreneur, as well as in one person a participant and director of a legal services LLC established by me), at the moment of detention, not previously convicted, as a particularly dangerous criminal was kept all the time of the investigation (and this is more than a year) in prison with a statement - there is no registration in Yoshkar-Ola, although my relatives rented an apartment in Yoshkar-Ola for more than a year specifically to find me there at home arrest. And the same prosecutor's office and the same public prosecutor are asking me for 5 years in prison and 13 million rubles in a fine, for other defendants: Plis N. - 29 years and 13 months in prison and 3 million 28 thousand rubles in a fine, Chernyshov R. - 400 years of imprisonment and a fine of 13 million 28 thousand rubles and, in addition, from all of us in a solidary manner in the order of confiscation of 400 million 14 thousand rubles!

All this was done solely because neither I nor the other defendants gave “confessions”, they actively defended their innocence and defend it to the present.

In order to obtain "confessional" testimony, the investigator of the Investigative Committee of the RF Investigative Committee for the RME Polushina I.V. sent me an employee of the FSB of Russia for the RME Krasilnikova A.M. (he himself confirmed this in court - that he came on behalf of the investigator), who threatened me with creating problems for my children if I did not give a "confessional" testimony. I have filed numerous complaints about the facts of threats received against me by Krasilnikov A.M., but all the answers were limited to replies that violations of Krasilnikov A.M. did not allow it, and this was “found out” from a conversation with A.M. Krasilnikov himself. How can such a one-sided check be carried out? No one has even questioned me about these facts! I asked to view the surveillance cameras in the pre-trial detention center at the time of Krasilnikov A.M.'s arrival. to me, which shows what state he brought me to, after which I was forced to seek medical help.

After the threats of Krasilnikov A.M. my son, who at that time was studying at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Nizhny Novgorod, was forced to leave after the 1st course. Krasilnikov A.M. during his interrogation in the Moskovsky District Court of Cheboksary, he confirmed that yes, he used the documents on my son during our meetings in the pre-trial detention center, but he did not threaten, but allegedly simply “tried to convince, affecting the interests of my son”, that he would right, if I give a "confessional" testimony. In particular, to the question whether he had with him when he came to meet with me in the pre-trial detention center, any document confirming the fact that my son was studying at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Krasilnikov A.M. replied: "There was a questionnaire." However, when asked how he received this questionnaire, Krasilnikov A.M. refused to answer, hiding behind the fact that it was allegedly a state secret. I also spoke about threats in court, but the judge said this, I quote verbatim the words of Judge A.I. Nikitin: “There were no threats, we really have such a law,” that is, Judge A.I. Nikitin, who generally - something was not present during my meetings with an employee of the FSB of Russia for the RME Krasilnikov A.M. and does not know how they went, but I was interrupted and began to defend the FSB officer, saying such words and directly implying that such a law and threats against the accused are permissible. What kind of justice and observance of the law can we talk about if the judge openly speaks such words under the audio recording??? I am a lawyer with 15 years of experience and could not get heard on the fact of threats coming from persons interested in obtaining “confessions”, and what about people who do not have a legal education and are not able to hire a paid lawyer? It's scary to think how many people in fear sign "surrenders" after such "persuasive" conversations with FSB officers, and judges and regulatory authorities support such behavior of these persons with reference to the "law".

Krasilnikov A.M. acted in concert with the investigator of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the RME Polushina AND.The. Always after the so-called “conversations” with Krasilnikov A.M., after which I was in an extremely unsatisfactory state of health, an hour after it, the investigator of the Investigative Committee of the RF Investigative Committee for the RME Polushina I.V. came. for interrogation and “persuaded” to give “confessions”, in the hope that after Krasilnikov A.M. I have to sign whatever she wants.

Seeing my firm position to defend my innocence and knowing that children mean a lot to me and I am the only parent for them, I am very worried about them, the investigator of the Investigative Committee of the RF Investigative Committee for the RME Polushina I.V. I called my mother for questioning (she is 67 years old, she suffers from hypertension and a whole bunch of chronic diseases), with whom my 5-year-old son was. Mom refused to testify under Art. 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, after which the investigator Polushina AND.The. the very next day after the interrogation, the mother turned to the guardianship authorities, with the subtext - “if you don’t give confessions, we’ll take our son to the orphanage.”

Contacting the guardianship authorities was clearly and exclusively a way of putting pressure on me. Since, the investigator of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the RME Polushina I.V. personally issued permission for a notary to come to me to issue a power of attorney with the authority of my mother to deal with issues of education (accompany the child to educational and medical institutions, make all necessary decisions to protect his rights and interests and, in general, the entire scope of the relevant powers), that is, according to everything was perfect according to the law and my mother raised my son legally.

My lawyer and I were forced to apply for the protection of my rights and the rights of my son to the Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Chechen Republic, who, after receiving the complaint, explained to the guardianship and guardianship authorities that there was no need to register guardianship, etc. with a notarized power of attorney.

However investigator Polushina AND.The. insisted on taking measures by the guardianship authorities in relation to my 5-year-old son, and this despite the explanations of the Commissioner for Children's Rights in the Chechen Republic and the fact that she had a copy of the power of attorney with which my mother was authorized to deal with all issues related to raising her son.

Moreover, the investigator of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the RME Polushina I.V. throughout the entire period of the investigation, and this for a whole year forbade me to make calls, visits with my retired parents, with a minor 5-year-old son, with my eldest son. To my complaints about this fact to the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the RME, to the prosecutor's office of the RME, I received answers that violations by the investigator Polushina I.V. not available. And only the representative of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Babushkin A.V., having come with an inspection to the pre-trial detention center of the city of Yoshkar-Ola, having learned about these facts, said that he had never seen such lawlessness anywhere, that this was a blatant violation of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, other laws. I wrote down the investigator Polushina I.V. in your notebook. I don’t know how it ended, whether the investigator was punished for violating my rights is unknown, since at the time of the arrival of Babushkin A.V. investigation has ended.

The right to communicate with loved ones is provided for by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and NOBODY has the right to deprive this. In the RME, apparently the Constitution of the Russian Federation, other laws of the Russian Federation do not have legal force, as this situation and not only shows.

I would also like to note the work carried out by the investigator of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the RME Aleksandrov R.V. confrontation, before which I reported that I was not feeling well, had an elevated temperature, since a day had not passed since I had been vaccinated against COVID-19, however, investigator Aleksandrov R.V. refused to reschedule the confrontation for another time, rejected the lawyer's request, and subsequently attached a fictitious certificate of my satisfactory state of health.

I wrote a complaint to the RME prosecutor's office demanding to look through all the cells in the pre-trial detention center in order to make sure that I was not examined by a doctor at all on the day of the confrontation. In the course of an inspection carried out by the RME prosecutor's office, the fact of falsifying a medical certificate at the request of investigator R.V. Aleksandrov was established, and the doctor who committed these violations of the law was brought to disciplinary responsibility, which is documented. The heads of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the RME considered these actions of their subordinate to be legal. And this is only a small part of the violations committed by representatives of the authorities.

These facts also in no way impressed Nikitin A.I., the judge of the Moskovsky District Court of the city of Cheboksary of the Chechen Republic, who, throughout the entire period of the trial in the criminal case, spoke to me and other defendants as notorious criminals (I repeat, we all have not been convicted before , but we “irritate” everyone with our position of complete non-admission of guilt), not allowing either to ask questions to witnesses, or to testify, or to speak in debate, even at the last word, the judge interrupted me, not allowing me to say everything that I want, although I spoke purely on business. All this is recorded in the audio protocol, framed in the notes to the protocol of the court session, which judge Nikitin A.I. he admitted 90%!

For all the facts of egregious violations by Judge Nikitin A.AND. the rights and legitimate interests of the participants in the process, complaints were filed with the Investigative Committee of the RF IC for the Chechen Republic on bringing a judge to criminal responsibility for his criminal actions during the consideration of a criminal case and with the Qualification Board of Judges of the Chechen Republic.

I would also like to note that the employee of the FSB of Russia for the RME Krasilnikov A.M. during the court session, he confirmed that for the entire period of operational observation (and this is 2-3 years!) Not a single fact of illegal activity was revealed against me, since Krasilnikov A.M. in the end, I explained to the court that all the operative materials obtained were provided to the criminal case, and since nothing was presented in the case against me, accordingly, nothing was obtained either. “It is logical,” said A.M. Krasilnikov himself. in a court.

Thus, the employee of the Federal Security Service of Russia for the RME Krasilnikov A.M. confirmed that at the time of my arrest on December 14, 2020, there was no evidence of my involvement in any crimes, and that is why he was so actively trying to “persuade” me to confess.

The only evidence of my guilt, obtained 6 months after my detention, suddenly became the testimony of witness A.P. Mikhailov, a resident of the Chuvash Republic.

Wonder how this evidence was obtained?

April 02, 2021 Mikhailov A.P. was detained, and before his arrest on February 25, 2021, he testified that he was innocent, had never given any bribes to anyone, and had nothing to do with illegal gambling activities.

After the arrest, he wrote numerous complaints that he was threatened by an employee of the FSB of Russia for the RME Krasilnikov A.M., demanding that he testify that he had given me a bribe, all these complaints are in the materials of the criminal case! Both I and my lawyers repeatedly referred to these complaints, but even here the judge decided for the witness that there were no threats, but this is in the materials of the criminal case! And again, the judge completely ignored these arguments, which did not suit the prosecution.

And oh, miracle! After 3 months of detention Mikhailov A.P. suddenly gives “confessional” testimony about giving them through me over a long period of time bribes in multimillion sums for police officers, including my common-law husband Plis N., in order to provide “protection” for the illegal gambling business of Mikhailov A.P. in Yoshkar-Ola!

As soon as Mikhailov A.P. he repeats his false “confessions” at a confrontation against me, he is immediately released from custody. Before the confrontation, he was not released for house arrest due to the lack of registration in the city of Yoshkar-Ola at the place of investigation of the case, and after the confrontation, the investigator Polushina I.V. immediately applied to the court to change the measure of restraint to house arrest, moreover, to the neighboring Chuvash Republic and to an apartment in which he is not the owner and is not even registered. Amazing! And for me, a single mother, in my own apartment, where I am registered and where my young son, investigator I.V. Polushina, lives with my pensioner mother. with a smaller amount of charges, he refuses house arrest. Subsequently investigator Polushina AND.The. generally completely stops in relation to Mikhailov A.P. criminal prosecution with the wording that he, they say, actively contributed to the disclosure and investigation of the crime, and most importantly, he voluntarily informed the authorities about the crime! They just forgot to indicate - “voluntarily” after threats and other influences. This is after several months in the pre-trial detention center and putting pressure on him in order to obtain a “confession” and a slander against me. So at someone else's expense and free! The question of the legality of the termination of the criminal case on giving a bribe against Mikhailov A.P. the judge did not even want to listen, the RME prosecutor's office completely ignored this question.

Another amazing witness Andreev A.B.! Here is a directly unsinkable person - for organizing illegal gambling activities in Yoshkar-Ola they attract anyone up to a simple cashier, but for some reason Andreev A.B., who was looking for addresses for gambling outlets, gave wages to employees of outlets, took revenue, etc. did not become a defendant in a criminal case. On the territory of the entire Russian Federation (I carefully studied the judicial practice on attracting to illegal gambling activities), they involve all persons related to illegal gambling activities, both technicians and people performing such functions as Andreev A.B. And in the RME, it is precisely, I believe, that in this criminal case, these persons (except for Andreev A.B., also the technician of gaming salons Portnov M.R.) escaped criminal liability, despite their recognition in the organization of illegal gambling activities and the testimony of numerous witnesses about Andreev's involvement A.B., Portnova M.R. What does this mean and why such a disproportionate attitude towards different people?

I hope that the higher courts will give an assessment, but as a lawyer I personally do not understand why people who have direct evidence of their involvement in illegal activities are not brought to justice, who are warned about criminal liability for knowingly giving false testimony, do this in the course of all interrogations, apparently the preliminary investigation authorities were afraid of losing “valuable” witnesses, who, if they were brought to justice for illegal organization of gambling activities, could refuse their testimony in terms of information about the “bribe”, which they allegedly heard about by rumors, and there are connections with high-ranking officials of the FSB of Russia for the RME, the FSB of Russia for the Chechen Republic, the prosecutor's office of the RME and the Chechen Republic.

The entire accusation is built solely on the rumors of such witnesses. There is no other evidence other than these witnesses. Allegedly Mikhailov A.P., Andreev A.B. and Vasiliev D.V. openly discussed with different people in different companies and institutions the bribes they paid, while they are not stupid people and knew that giving a bribe is a criminally punishable act. Vasiliev D.V. - a former employee of the BEP in the city of Cheboksary, dismissed from the bodies "under the article" in 2008-2009. Andreev A.B. he always boasted to everyone, confirmed his words with actions that he was not afraid of anything and nothing, since he had cousins ​​​​of the FSB of Russia in the Chechen Republic, one of whom - Petrov Evgenia - Krasilnikov A.M. knows well what he said during the interrogation in court. I know that such people could not openly speak such information at all, no matter what state they were in, and also tell, as they indicate, about the change in the amount of the monthly bribe and other details in front of subordinates, third parties, outsiders.

I also believe that the preliminary investigation authorities deliberately ignored the fact of removal in May 2020 from the premises at 11 Bauman Street, Yoshkar-Ola (as follows from the materials of the criminal case, this is the address of illegal gambling activities), Andreev A.B. . of all gaming equipment - a packed Gazelle car was detained. Witness Portnov M.R. confirmed both with the investigator and in court that he was a technician at all gaming clubs owned by Mikhailov A.P., Andreev A.B. and others, and that at the request of Andreev A.B. he made fictitious contracts for the sale of gaming equipment located in Yoshkar-Ola, st. Bauman, 11 "B", after this equipment was seized by law enforcement agencies of the RME, when Andreev A.B. decided to take it out of Bauman, 11 "B", and so it was used in the work of game clubs for almost half a year at two addresses in Yoshkar-Ola: Bauman, 11 "B" and Mira, 34 "B". I am focusing on illegal gambling activities, because I am charged with mediation in receiving a bribe, which was paid by the organizer of illegal gambling activities, allegedly Mikhailov A.P., a partner and close friend of Andreev A.B., from income, including from such activity, and they were paid a bribe allegedly for failure to conduct inspections and seizures, for the return of equipment. Therefore, the present criminal case is closely related to the criminal case on illegal gambling activities and all the facts related to such activities.

The defense side, and all the lawyers, filed petitions addressed to the preliminary investigation body, the court, on the inclusion of the verification material on the material seized from Andreev A.B. gaming equipment, at least providing this material for review, but all the applications were rejected (someone is afraid to give this material). And when considering a criminal case on the illegal organization of gambling in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, this material was also deliberately not included (which follows from the verdict) and was not even announced that there is such a thing. What is this? Who, whose interests and why defends such actions and inaction? While this verification material is essential in criminal cases and confirms both the involvement of persons not appearing in the verdict, it is also important in our criminal case, since the equipment was removed from the address at which bribery is charged.

Subsequently, all the gaming equipment confiscated from Andreev A.B. was returned to him at the request of the RME prosecutor's office. Examination of this equipment showed that it is not gaming. But it was this equipment that was used in the work of computer salons, for which we are charged with taking a bribe. Marvelous! The gaming equipment is returned to the owner Andreev A.B., initiation of a criminal case is denied due to the lack of corpus delicti, and we are immediately charged with a bribe for the same addresses and for the same period of time. That is, we are being sentenced for supposedly “covering”, but at the same time, the RME prosecutor’s office agrees that there was and is no illegal gambling activity here, since the equipment does not belong to gambling. And what then could be the point of giving bribes for legitimate activities?

All the witnesses in our criminal case are DV Vasiliev. (former BEP employee in Cheboksary), Samakin V.V. (previously convicted in the Czech Republic for organizing illegal gambling activities), Andreev A.B., Mikhailov A.P. (we are judged in the RME for organizing illegal gambling activities), Portnov M.R., Vorobyov S.A. (Ministry of Internal Affairs retired, previously worked in law enforcement agencies in Cheboksary) are close friends, and now they are all organizers of an organized criminal group that carried out illegal gambling activities in the Chechen Republic and are involved in several criminal cases of bribery of law enforcement officers of the Chechen Republic and the same scheme. Only the faces change, in the Chechen Republic these faces changed roles, now Samakin V.V. allegedly gave a bribe, and Andreev A.B., Mikhailov A.P., Portnov M.R., Vorobyov S.A. confirm the fact of giving a bribe to Samakin The.The. In the RME Mikhailov A.P. allegedly gave a bribe, and Andreev A.B., Samakin V.V., Portnov M.R., Vorobyov S.A. confirm his words that they simply heard, did not see. And all the difference.

A familiar pattern? And to initiate several criminal cases, only the testimony of these witnesses in the Chechen Republic is enough. And no one is embarrassed by the fact that the same persons, according to the same scheme, testify about giving a bribe. What do they get in return?

Mikhailov A.P. with his relapse in Yoshkar-Ola, he was convicted in October 2021, and in March 2022 he is already one of the defendants in the organized crime group in a criminal case on organizing illegal gambling activities in the Chechen Republic and a defendant in criminal cases on giving a bribe in the Chechen Republic - is at large.

All other persons - Samakin V.V., Vasiliev D.V., Portnov M.R. and others - none is not in custody. All of them are rich and have extensive connections ...

By the way, an interesting detail about this case. The same judge Nikitin A.AND. in this criminal case, after only 2 months of detention, he changed the measure of restraint to house arrest for a high-ranking officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic, accused under the same Part 6 of Art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. By the way, this case is one of the largest and largest ever investigated in the Chechen Republic, but at the same time, everyone is free! And I have a civilian face, a single mother Nikitin A.I. over and over again denied house arrest throughout the trial, even at its final stage, when all the witnesses were interrogated and all the evidence in the case was presented. Surprisingly selective approach of the judge, it turns out that I alone can allegedly hide, while the rest cannot. As a mother with a child, I had more grounds for house arrest than everyone else (someone is on trial, someone is a law enforcement officer), but the judge did not “see” this in any way!

Not only that, according to exactly the same scheme, exclusively on the unfounded testimony of Trubin D.A. and Minigulova E.F. fabricated and the episode of "fraud" in Volzhsk RME.

Trubin D.A. and Minigulov E.F. earlier in 2017 they were engaged in illegal gambling activities in the village. Batyrevo of the Chuvash Republic, but crossed the path to the same Samakin V.V., who believed that this was his territory. Samakin V.V. through their contacts in law enforcement with. Batyrevo "surrendered" these two enterprising businessmen, they were prosecuted and convicted. But they did not lose their desire to work in this area and they decided to take up the old one again, but already in the city of Volzhsk. What is most interesting, they resorted to the help and assistance of the same Samakin V.V., who contributed to their conviction in the village. Batyrevo, Chuvash Republic in 2018. It is easy to guess that Samakin V.V. for his patronage, he had his share of the profits from this business, while he himself remained in the shadows, without the risk of being prosecuted. Nevertheless, Samakin V.V. was not afraid to come to the Volzhsk court when Trubin D.A. and Minigulov E.F. again found themselves in the dock, and to be a witness to the defense of this couple, I am convinced that it was a gesture of gratitude on the part of Samakin V.V. for giving the necessary evidence, all the same, partners, friends, we must support.

March 27, 2021 Trubin D.A. was detained, and on March 29, 2021, a measure of restraint in the form of detention was chosen against him. May 26, 2021 Trubin D.A. gives evidence about allegedly giving a bribe, I note, having already been in custody for two months by that time. On the same day, in order to “fix” his testimony, a confrontation is held between us and already on June 04, 2021, in relation to Trubin D.A. The Ioshkar-Ola City Court of the RME changed the detention to house arrest. I would like to note that before the detention Trubin D.A. gave completely different testimony during six months of interrogation. "Convinced"? Exactly the same happens with E.F. Minigulov.

A familiar encouragement for giving evidence "necessary" to the investigation, isn't it? And the scheme is painfully familiar. One without witnesses allegedly gives bribes, while others say that we heard about it from him. And that's it! That's enough for a criminal case. And all the evidence of the fact that I received a bribe is only testimonies and nothing more! That a bribe was allegedly given to me one on one, without witnesses, which I allegedly didn’t convey to anyone this time, besides, my husband didn’t work in Volzhsk and they couldn’t bring him here in any way, but something needs to be presented - They told me it was a scam.

Moreover, Samakin V.V. and Minigulov E.F. testify about alleged bribes in the city of Volzhsk on the same day, April 23, 2021, in the office of investigator Polushina I.V. At the same time, the testimony of all three - Samakina V.V., Minigulov E.F. and Trubina D.A. - identical as a carbon copy, well, the words in the sentences are slightly changed, and so the whole order of presentation of events is one to one, up to commas. Samakin V.V. had personal reasons to destroy me and Plis N. (this was confirmed at our trial by many witnesses), which he did, connecting his extensive connections with the FSB of Russia for the Chechen Republic, the FSB of Russia for the RME and other law enforcement agencies, "brought" the necessary witnesses for interrogation .

Well, and further similar as in Mikhailov A.P. encouragement: all - Minigulov E.F., Trubin D.A. - exempted from criminal liability according to the note to Art. 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation as having provided “assistance”, “voluntarily” reporting a crime and are immediately released, as already mentioned, to house arrest. And the most powerful encouragement is that they who have a relapse of a crime with an outstanding sentence for a previous similar crime, who have been repeatedly convicted in the Chechen Republic, are given the most lenient sentences with a suspended sentence and a fine!

Well, people who are “interested” in “necessary” witnesses are simply fantastic opportunities for encouraging!

Well, of course, the prosecution and the court have no reason not to trust repeat offenders and witnesses who are involved in numerous criminal cases, including those similar in terms of bribery and organization of illegal gambling activities, they, of course, tell the truth, this is “certainly” how can you doubt it, people are crystal clear, but I’m not, I’m just trying to put pressure on pity, while I report real, truthful facts on all the circumstances of the criminal case, but my testimony does not suit the prosecution and that’s why they are “untrue”. At the same time, sentences on the facts of illegal gambling activities in the city of Volzhsk and Yoshkar-Ola were handed down without establishing the amount of income from such activities, and the convicts themselves said that their business did not bring such income to pay such huge bribes, but at the same time they paid they take bribes from their personal funds. For example, Mikhailov A.P. referred to the fact that he allegedly paid bribes from the proceeds from the sale of some shares on the stock exchange, but when asked what kind of shares they were, what was the income from these shares, he flatly refused to answer, hiding behind Art. 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Similarly Trubin D.A. describes the deplorable profitability from gaming points, and when asked how such colossal bribes were paid then, he began to say that “I had my own money, I have my own business, the car wash works for me,” but at the same time he could not say what income it brings his business.

That is, their illegal gambling activity worked "in the red" (based on the sentences that have entered into legal force), and they allegedly paid millions of bribes, took money from their reserves, personal savings, just to pay a bribe. No one seems to amazing and funny? If a little more, in terms of specific figures, it looks like this: the income from illegal activities in Yoshkar-Ola established by the investigation is less than 6 million rubles, and the amount of the bribe paid for the so-called (according to the investigation) “protection” of such activities is 14,2 million rubles. According to the verdicts that have entered into force, all persons involved in this activity were convicted under Part 2 of Art. 171.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal organization of gambling, associated with the extraction of income on a large scale, that is, not exceeding 6 million rubles). That is, they received 6, paid - 14,2. That is, the formula 6 is greater than 14,2. And according to the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the RME, the Prosecutor's Office of the RME, the Moscow District Court of the city of Cheboksary, this is quite logical. Apparently, everyone studied different simple arithmetic ...

For the city of Volzhsk, profitability from illegal activities has not been established either. Wonder why? During the court session in our criminal case, they all quite clearly indicated the amount of income, but in their own criminal case it turns out not? Didn't remember? Or did the investigation deliberately not ask such "unnecessary" questions and deliberately decided not to establish the amount of income from illegal activities? Based on the testimony of all those convicted for illegal activities in the city of Volzhsk, they often worked “in the red”, there was practically no income, there was a constant seizure of equipment by police officers, which was never returned, and it was necessary to buy something else, pay for the rent of premises , staff work. But at the same time, they always allegedly found the possibility of paying the amount of a bribe that exceeded their income at times. Apparently, in the city of Volzhsk, the same mathematics ... And again, this does not bother the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the RME, the prosecutor's office of the RME, the Moscow District Court of the city of Cheboksary.

The most amazing thing is that we are given a sentence with huge terms of imprisonment when there is NOT a single fact of fixing the transfer of money, no transfers, no photos, no videos, nothing. Only the testimony of either Mikhailov A.P., or Trubin D.A., or Minigulov E.F. None of them “remembers” on what exact day and time these mythical bribes were transferred and everything happened “naturally” without witnesses. Comfortable! So you can generally accuse any person of taking a bribe, if only the testimony of one single witness is enough for this!

I consider myself innocent and defend my innocence, but my children, my relatives suffer for my such position, and how can one speak of a rule of law in this case?

FSB officer Krasilnikov A.M. is still trying to influence me and my common-law husband Plis N. by putting pressure on our loved ones. So, more than a year after the initiation of the criminal case, Krasilnikov A.M. personally makes numerous requests to the Krasnodar Territory to conduct various checks on N. Plis's father as an entrepreneur.

In May 2022, when the criminal case had been submitted to court for more than six months, Krasilnikov A.M. personally travels to the village of Vurnary in the Chechen Republic (which is 300 km from Yoshkar-Ola) to the head of the company where I worked for many years and “receives” explanations from the director that I allegedly never worked there. And this despite the fact that for so many years (from 2014 to 2020) all taxes and fees have been paid for me, but doesn’t this confirm the validity of my work? How can Krasilnikov A.M. I already said .. But why are all these actions still being carried out? Why is Krasilnikov A.M. personally an employee of the FSB of Russia for the RME? What personal interest does he have at this time in destroying our families? Who and what reinforces this interest and the actions of Krasilnikov A.M., which continue to this day?

Me and my family members, members of Plisa N.'s family, fear for our lives for possible other actions on the part of the employees of the FSB of Russia for the RME, other persons, and all this only because I and two other defendants in the criminal case insist on our innocence and actively We defend our position in court and do not intend to refuse it! And since the criminal case was fully supervised by the FSB of Russia for the RME, they need to achieve a guilty verdict by any means, because their reputation may suffer if it turns out that I and two other defendants have been illegally detained in prison for almost two and a half years.

Currently, a complaint has been filed with the FSB of Russia against an employee of the FSB of Russia for the RME Krasilnikov A.M. on his violations of the procedure for working with classified information, which turned out in court and was not actually denied by A.M. Krasilnikov himself.

This story has not yet come to an end. Approximately in June-July 2023, in the Supreme Court of the Chechen Republic, the criminal case will be considered in the appellate instance and the fate of this controversial verdict will be decided. All interested media representatives can directly attend the court session. Our editorial office is following the development of events (for information on the date of the court session, you can contact our editorial office.
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  1. +3
    April 27 2023 13: 36
    Well. People are sorry.
    But everyone understands. The law and the constitution in the country are only for "Aliens". Here they sit.

    And for their own - all the possibilities of extraction, privatization, optimization and tariff increases. And if you’re not lucky, you’ve grabbed too much and not that much, like Tsiplaki, Ulyukaev or Arshukovs - crabs in prison, short sentences and forward ...
    1. +2
      4 July 2023 10: 56
      I believe the last comment comes from the ITR officials. Tell me, why are “such gambling establishments”, for which people sit, how they worked, and they work? And in court, the RME law enforcement officers themselves confirmed under oath that all gambling outlets in the RME are still working .... Closed only for 1 month “as a criminal case was opened”
      Now, who is "covering"? After all, the FSB caught everyone and they are in prison?
      Or is it really the same people who cannot be imprisoned?
      Or maybe, for the appearance of work or receiving epaulettes and titles, people were closed, and imaginary criminals are thereby covered and freely continue their criminal activities?
      There are a lot of questions… but the fact is that all points of illegal gambling activities in the RME are actively working and are currently “shoeing” your loved ones…
      And in Russia, there are a lot of sentences that, even after 10-20 years, are suddenly recognized as erroneous ... and these are well-known facts ...

  2. 0
    11 May 2023 08: 42
    But nothing, what is the performance of only one side? And on the merits of the deeds, nothing is really written, so the general exclamation is “but what am I for?” Although it is read between the lines that there seemed to be a corpus delicti, and a serious one, it was not in vain that the FSB was involved. But in our country, people a priori feel sorry for the "disenfranchised" criminals, apparently since the 30s it has been delayed. True, when you or your loved ones are “shoeed” by such gambling or telephone “specialists”, then for some reason the state is again to blame. Probably it is necessary to wait for the entry into force of the verdict, and then read what will be written there, and then draw conclusions.