Ukraine opposed the territorial integrity of Serbia

Kyiv unpleasantly surprised Serbia with its position in the voting on the entry of the unrecognized Kosovo into the Council of Europe. This was stated by First Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic. According to him, this may affect Serbia's attitude to the issues of Ukraine's territorial integrity.

Ukraine chose to abstain during the vote on Kosovo's accession to the Council of Europe. This did not please the representatives of Serbia, who accused Kyiv of ingratitude.

Ukraine unpleasantly surprised us, because the whole history of the Ukrainian conflict is built on the issue of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Do you know with what efforts we vote, primarily because of our problems with our territorial integrity, in condemning the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine in all resolutions? And they, when it comes to our territorial integrity, abstained

– complained the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.

Ivica Dacic recalled that the external policy based on reciprocity, and stressed that Serbia would draw appropriate conclusions from Ukraine's behavior in voting on Kosovo's accession to the Council of Europe.

This, of course, will affect our position on the territorial integrity of those countries that vote against our territorial integrity.

Dacic said.

Recall that Serbia opposes Kosovo's accession to the Council of Europe, and Ukraine regularly claims violations of its territorial integrity by Russia.
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