“We only invite to serve”: General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told the Europeans about the lack of mobilization in Ukraine

In Ukraine, almost from the very beginning of the special operation, mobilization has been carried out, and Kyiv is increasingly in need of males capable of holding weapons in their hands. Departure of men of military age abroad is prohibited.

However, some Ukrainian military publicly deny such measures by Kyiv and insist that there is no mobilization in the country.

We do not carry out mandatory mobilization, but simply invite people without military experience to serve

- General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Melnyk said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Melnik pretended to know nothing about the forced mobilization in Ukraine. Every day, the Internet is updated with new videos in which military enlistment officers literally grab men on the streets of cities and drag them into a car.

On the current video, you can watch the process of issuing one of the "invitations" for voluntary departure for military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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  1. Ru_Na Offline Ru_Na
    Ru_Na (Rustam) April 24 2023 15: 34
    Well, yes, to catch a person and then forcibly bring him to the military registration and enlistment office, as in the territory of 404 is called to invite to the service! It is clear that this nonsense is designed for Europeans, but it’s just that people shouldn’t be considered completely fools, in the EU they themselves perfectly see how mobilization actually takes place in Ukraine.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence) April 24 2023 15: 46
    but for the Russians, it should be noted in fairness that the Russian Federation, for its part, doomed the inhabitants of the LDNR to take into account this, where for 7 months before mobilization in the Russian Federation they tried to gather men .. who could sit at home for months to escape. while in the Russian Federation sofa patriots were quite waiting in front of the TV when Putin's army would gloriously win, nonchalantly supporting their own. a bad part of the history of Russia has received. if Russia had not begun its mobilization, Russia would have been remembered in the LDNR as genocides. well it's over.

    and Ukraine, yes .. at first, the totalitarian regime was promoted in the Russian Federation, people were forcibly pulled, and they have volunteers in queues at the military registration and enlistment offices, that’s what makes Ukraine different .. now the queues of fools are over and they no longer have any ideological grounds for how Ukraine differs, even more bestial attitude towards the population.
    1. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
      Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) April 24 2023 16: 26
      I look at the freebie to sit behind the back of Russia and the blood of the Russians is indestructible
      it's time to call on all former Ukrainians who have taken Russian citizenship, with or without intelligence
      1. Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence) April 24 2023 17: 54
        Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) Today, 16:26 it's people like you who just need to be called. those who once after the Maidan wanted the arrival of the Russian world from Russia (and this is far from all) thought that it would be like with the Crimea. but few people would like to see that senseless meat grinder in 2014 when the leadership of the Russian Federation wanted to use the regions for agreements with Kyiv partners, then 8 years of ignorance, and then the mobilization of the population. now it’s out of place to talk about this, but if you calculate objectively, then if the Russian Federation had immediately said that it would implement such a “cunning plan”, then at that time the majority would prefer to continue living in a square. so the responsibility is on the leadership of the Russian Federation. and Russians need to understand this in order to preserve subjectivity through awareness of responsibility, incl. some guilt.
        if you are really from the Russian Federation, and not some kind of bot provocateur from hahlov, then people like you are a shame to Russia and its vice.

        ps: citizenship of the Russian Federation has nothing to do with it. from the beginning of the NWO, they grabbed everyone there without paying attention to citizenship. and I'm not saying that there shouldn't have been mobilizations at all, and in the Russian Federation it should. we are talking about the period when, before mobilization in the Russian Federation, the leadership pulled men only from there, instead of ensuring that it was moderate everywhere.
  3. Jstas Offline Jstas
    Jstas (jstas) April 26 2023 11: 13
    Everything is much worse. The Russians in Ukraine, and there are no others there, have one choice - either guaranteed to starve to death, or die from a bullet.
    There are no jobs in the country. It is forbidden to leave for work, as before in another country.
    That's why the "volunteers" go to the army, and suddenly they're lucky and they don't get killed ...