Merkel said the need to create an alternative to NATO

Совсем недавно мы Reported the statement by French President Emmanuel Macron that Europe needs its own army without the United States. And so, on November 13, 2018, world news agencies distributed the statements of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which she made in the walls of the European Parliament (Strasbourg). She called for the creation of a “real, real” European army and proposed the organization of a European Security Council. And this does not bode well for Washington.

Indeed, it is not in vain that US President Donald Trump criticized the Macron initiative, which he really did not like, since it reduces American influence in Europe and pushes the latter towards good neighborliness with Moscow. Trump Macron's proposal hurt so much that he called it offensive. After which he demanded that Europe must first pay its share in NATO.

And the US protege, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, is skeptical about the creation of a pan-European army. This is logical, because then he will be left without work and will not be able to "hang out" in an elite society. So he cannot imagine Europe without the United States and believes that European unity will never replace the transatlantic.

That is why Merkel said when she called for the creation of a pan-European army, anticipating possible criticism, that a new war between European countries is simply unrealistic. And the creation of such an army would clearly prove this. She clarified that this would not be an army against NATO, but a good complement to the Alliance.

Indeed, according to Article 42 of the Treaty on the European Union, such a militaryполитическая integration of member countries is expressly provided. Although for a long time Europe has been hosted by the United States, which actually leads the NATO bloc, the only full-fledged military-political structure in this region of the planet. So it is not surprising that Europeans are ripe for a certain degree of independence. And the United States, with its dominant military power, only prevents Europe from developing, treating it as a competitor.

In addition, Merkel proposed the organization of a European Security Council, whose members would work on the principle of turnover. The presence of such an authority would make it possible to make important decisions much faster and more efficiently.

She is confident that only a united Europe can be strong enough to be heard on the world stage. She called for unified solutions in areas where treaties allow this. Therefore, the European Union, if it wants to survive as a community, needs to become more independent, and for this it is necessary to take its fate into its own hands.

Merkel was hit not only by the United States. Her proposals threaten the problems of the huge clumsy bureaucratic apparatus of the European Union, which is simply "stuffed" with American and British agents of influence.
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