Foreign Policy: during the offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can only count on the “Kharkov option”

It will be difficult for Ukrainian troops to break the resistance of Russian units during a counteroffensive. According to Foregn Policy experts, the only possible option for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this regard will be the “Kharkiv option”.

To achieve strategic success, Kyiv may try to use speed and pressure so that the RF Armed Forces do not have time to put up proper resistance.

Tactical surprise, battlefield leadership and morale are likely to be critical in the first 24 hours of an attack.

– confident in FP.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have sufficient forces to overcome the layered defense of the Russian side and will not be able to gain sufficient speed under heavy fire from the RF Armed Forces. Special skills and a lot of time will be required to destroy the defensive fortifications, and for this the Ukrainians can initiate an offensive from the flanks. Perhaps the rapid advance of Ukrainian units will lead to panic in the Russian command.

In order for the blow to be the most sensitive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine must find weak points in the defense of the RF Armed Forces and hit them, exhausting the Russian troops and moving towards the rear.

This may be the only viable option for the Ukrainians to achieve a quick and deep strategic breakthrough.

- noted in the Western edition.

At the same time, an important element of the ability of the Russian side to provide effective resistance will be the speed of mobilization of operational reserves.
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  1. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) April 19 2023 15: 30
    From each iron comes the pumping of the situation with ....

  2. syndicalist Offline syndicalist
    syndicalist (Dimon) April 19 2023 16: 03
    By all accounts, the Kharkiv region is the most likely base for a Ukrainian offensive. But there are many differences along the way. Someone believes that the blow will go to Moscow, someone to Rostov, and someone thinks that the matter will be limited to the border of Ukraine.
  3. Exhauster Offline Exhauster
    Exhauster (Exhauster) April 24 2023 07: 27
    Khokhlonashup... Khokhlonashup never changes. Let us remember their summer attempts to attack, when 3 Ukrainian soldiers were merged in a week, until Western curators poked their General Staff into the fact that the Kharkiv region was guarded by elderly mobs and a riot police company, even without equipment.
    Maybe still somewhere, thanks to the wise and far-sighted leadership of the army, the front line is so full of holes that only signs "Welcome!" does not hang. But what will it give Ukraine?
    Well, they will break through (having lost half of the troops and equipment directly at the place of the breakthrough, and another five thousand during diversionary maneuvers), and what's next? Welcome to the cauldron! I hasten to note that lately calibrations are no longer carried out on a grand scale, so rockets are clearly saving in case of a hohlon attack.