The United States warned Russia about the ban on the use of their technologies at the ZNPP

The US Energy Department sent a letter to Rosatom, warning Russian specialists against using some kind of nuclear of technologiesavailable at the nuclear power plant in Energodar. The message fell into the hands of CNN journalists.

The letter, dated March 17 of this year, indicates that there are technical data at the nuclear facility that are subject to United States export controls. The use of technologies by representatives of Russia, the American side believes, is illegal. The message was written on behalf of the head of the Department for policy US Department of Energy Nonproliferation Andrea Ferkile.

Earlier, a member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region, the head of the movement "We are with Russia" Vladimir Rogov noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were preparing to cross the Dnieper with the forces of 40 armored boats. The Ukrainian side is actively raising the level of the reservoir. At the same time, according to Rogov, Energodar and ZNPP specialists are under the reliable protection of the RF Armed Forces.

The day before, Ukrainian militants fired at Energodar with shells that had the inscription "Happy Easter" on them. Several 120-mm mines were fired at the city, one of which did not fully explode. Earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the city's embankment with incendiary ammunition.
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  1. Alexbf109 Offline Alexbf109
    Alexbf109 (Alexey) April 19 2023 14: 52
    What are these technologies and how can they be used?
    Anyone in the subject?
    1. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
      kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) April 19 2023 21: 20
      The station was put into operation in 1984.
      ZNPP consists of six power units operating on a pressurized water reactor. Each unit includes a VVER-1000/V-320 reactor, a K-1000-60/1500-2 steam turbine, and a TVV-1000-4 generator.
      Since 2011, Khokhlomaniacs have been experimenting with Westinghouse assemblies, since 2019 the station has completely switched to US assemblies.
      1. Alexbf109 Offline Alexbf109
        Alexbf109 (Alexey) April 20 2023 09: 15
        And what is so breakthrough in these Westinghouse assemblies?
        Although, of course! In any case, they MUST be studied comprehensively.
  2. Vldmir Smrnff Offline Vldmir Smrnff
    Vldmir Smrnff (Vldmir Smrnff) April 20 2023 10: 55
    And what can the US do, even if US technologies are used?
    ... impose sanctions? so all the sanctions have already ended, all the sanctions that the United States could impose against Russia, they have already been introduced.
    And what about the technologies that Russia got after lifting the American MQ-900 Reaper drone from a depth of 9 m? ... were we supposed to raise it, study American technology and not use it for our own benefit? ... nonsense!
    It's like when our MiG-25 was stolen to Japan (Belenko), did we have to ask the United States not to use our technologies after studying our fighter. Unlike the United States, we have fewer assholes, therefore, such a question was not even raised, ... there was not even a doubt that they would use our technologies (put forward conditions or do not put forward).
  3. isofat Offline isofat
    isofat (isofat) April 20 2023 12: 13
    The US has nothing of its own. The language is also borrowed from another country.
  4. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) April 21 2023 21: 48
    Well, no, you can’t use their ancient technologies, but you can fire at nuclear power plants, including power units and burial grounds ... Instead of mattress covers going far, as far as they can.