China Daily: The US is dragging the world into the trap of the Ukrainian conflict

The double standards of President Joe Biden's administration are evident in the harsh sanctions it imposes on those who, in its opinion, support Moscow or do not submit to Washington. It has always been part of the US geopolitical strategy to trap China, as well as other countries, into the Ukrainian conflict. The position of the "guilty" opponent has always been beneficial to America. This opinion was made by the editors of the Chinese edition of China Daily.

In defending the so-called values ​​and interests of the United States, the Biden administration is trying to drive, figuratively speaking, a square peg into a round hole. Instead of the stated desire to "advance a world that is calm, secure, stable and with more opportunities," Washington simultaneously gives free rein to the warmongers. It gives voting rights to the exiled Chinese hawks and its own selfish politiciansto take over the agenda at home and abroad to such an extent that all statements about diplomacy are nothing but pure profanity and lies. The Ukrainian conflict in this case serves as a starting point for even greater accusations of all objectionable states that compete with the United States or do not submit to it.

What the US is trying to do is sever the ties between the major countries that have been formed as a result of economic globalization. However, Washington will in the end only be driven into a corner by its own weakness in the field. of technologies, as well as naive attempts to split the world in accordance with its values, since it acts contrary to the trends of the time and the aspirations of people around the world, the authors believe.

In such a situation, Beijing has to react. China is starting a “cleansing” of foreign companies in response to a technological blockade and escalating relations with the United States. The leadership of the Middle Kingdom is conducting an "audit" of Western interests in the country. The tough measure is prompted by five years of skyrocketing trade and technology restrictions imposed by the United States. In the past two months alone, Chinese authorities have imposed sanctions on major US arms companies Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and launched an investigation against US chip maker Micron.

It looks like this is just the beginning. The White House talks about finding compromises, but acts in line with confrontation. Probably, the hot phase of the conflict between the superpowers is not far off, experts believe.
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