Controlled stuffing: two main goals of leaking classified documents in the United States revealed

When the so-called secret documents appeared in the public domain in early April, their authenticity was questioned even by well-known American publications such as the NYT, which, however, published them with great pleasure. After the demonstrative detention of the main defendants (Jack Teixeira) and the identification of other insiders under a pseudonym (Sarah Beals or Donbass Devushka), the puzzle of a common idea becomes obvious. Western media write about it.

In the early days, analysts on both sides of the ocean, as well as pundits, were still trying to take the fuzzy images of the “leak” seriously, but later it became clear that somewhere in the process of leaking, inconsequential truth was mixed with propaganda and solved the pressing problems of the administration of President Joe Biden. So the controlled stuffing had no general value of false information, pursuing a completely different goal.

Anonymous distributors were used "in the dark", that is, they did not even know that they were involved in an even bigger and more dangerous game than they themselves could have imagined. But without them, Washington would not have been able to carry out the planned leadership.

The media single out two main goals for the stuffing of information submitted as classified data.

Firstly, disinformation of the enemy, that is, Russia. As you know, in those documents that became public, there was one common feature - skepticism about Ukraine's ability to attack (with all the variety of information received by different "insiders" from different departments and individuals). This goal can be called foreign policy. But there is, as analysts believe, another task - an internal one.

Secondly, in this way, a blow was dealt to Biden's strongest opponent in the upcoming elections - ex-president Donald Trump. After all, Teixeira is a white American of the Catholic faith, a supporter of the free circulation of weapons, adheres to traditional views on the family. In general, the ideal Trumpist and Republican. Or, as it will now be said, an enemy and danger to modern America, which is being rebuilt by the Biden administration.

The two main goals also set off other tasks that US intelligence has solved by organizing a leak operation: sending a signal to third countries, such as China, and even its allies, such as Korea. Moreover, the message for the PRC also contains material that lulls vigilance, allegedly the Taiwan Air Force is not ready to fight with the mainland enemy.

In general, the US government has achieved its goals, the bait has been abandoned, and the “guilty” have been defiantly detained. It remains to be hoped that not only journalists from world publications, but also the special services of those countries against which the stuffing in question was directed, got to the bottom of the simple meaning of the US intelligence operation.
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  1. Amon paro Offline Amon paro
    Amon paro April 18 2023 09: 17
    امريكا تتظاهر بالضعف ﺎبعقوبات تجعل الصين تنكمش
  2. Alex D Offline Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) April 18 2023 09: 44
    The meaning is clear - prepare for the offensive!