American BMP M2 Bradley ODS-SA spotted in Ukraine in new camouflage

The American BMP M2 Bradley ODS-SA, delivered to Ukraine, changed the usual desert camouflage to the pixel coloring of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and received the corresponding signs of quick identification in the form of crosses. The first photos of armored vehicles repainted in accordance with Ukrainian realities appeared on the Web.

Earlier it was reported that about 50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles in the ODS (Operation Desert Storm - Desert Storm) modification, created for military operations in the deserts of Iraq, were sent from the United States to Ukraine. The first Bradley ODS-SA seen in Ukraine had the usual sandy coloration, which stands out against the background of the terrain in the NWO zone.

Obviously, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to accumulate Western machinery and prepare it for a future counteroffensive. Spotted in Romania last week echelon with Turkish armored vehicles Otokar Cobra II, going to the Ukrainian borders. And on Sunday, eyewitnesses in the Czech Republic drew attention to platforms with Italian M109L howitzers intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to a Newsweek publication, the start of a large offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is scheduled for April 30. By this time, the United States and allies plan to prepare 9 Ukrainian brigades, fully equipped with NATO-style equipment and weapons.
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  1. Boniface Offline Boniface
    Boniface (Leo) April 17 2023 15: 02
    Last week, an echelon with Turkish Otokar Cobra II armored vehicles was seen in Romania.

    no matter who behaves in this difficult situation in the World - but Turks are the worst! am
    1. lukash66 Offline lukash66
      lukash66 (Alexey) April 18 2023 07: 54
      And here is a good example of sand coloring and camouflage. Everything is like the teachers from the 3rd Reich. And if earlier the artists in parts drew by hand to the best of their vision, now it’s easier - they cut and stuck masking tape in strips (100 hryvnia per kilometer), blew out NATO green, and that’s it. To do this, you need a compressor, an airbrush, a barn on a collective farm and a couple / three hours of free time.)))