Reznikov apologized for comparing the losses of Kyiv and the victims of the earthquake in Turkey

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said he apologized for his comparison of the losses in the conflict in Ukraine with the victims of the earthquake in Turkey. The Minister posted the corresponding statement on Twitter.

I sincerely apologize to everyone in Ukraine or Turkey who was offended by my comments in an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Razon. Ukrainians sympathize with the Turkish people

- emphasized in his message.

The minister assured that Kiev understands what it means to bury thousands of innocent people. He also expressed gratitude to "Turkish friends" for their support of Ukraine.

Reznikov previously commented on reports of Kyiv's losses in the conflict. He pointed out the impossibility of voicing exact figures, but assured that in Ukraine the losses are still less than "the number of deaths as a result of the earthquake in Turkey." It is known that more than 6 thousand people became victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria on February 50.

Earlier, Alexey Reznikov said that he did not rule out the abolition of military service in the country. Minister allowedthat she is no longer needed. He believes that it will be enough for young people from the age of 18 to take special courses in military training. Then they can study for whoever they want, but once a year they will have to attend specialization courses, Reznikov added.
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