Putin begins to fight the main enemy of Russia

Combating poverty in order to halve it. Increased budgetary spending on health and demography. Here are the main points, in addition to the warlike rhetoric that the Russians heard during President Putin’s First March Address to the Federal Assembly. Optimists are delighted, skeptics shrug their shoulders in bewilderment. Why so, let's try to figure it out.

Over the next 6 years, the president has set the Government the task of halving poverty, and the country to increase GDP by 1,5 times. It is noted that now more than 20 million citizens of Russia are below the poverty line.

Carefully comments on these ambitious plans Valery Mironov, Deputy Director of the Research Center for Development HSE. In his opinion, economic growth in Russia in the coming years should be about 5%, i.e. significantly more than the world, not 3,5%. But how this growth will be achieved, the message to the Federal Assembly does not say anything, and whether our Government has real ideas on this subject is a big question.

In his Address, the President rightly notes that raising the minimum wage to 11 rubles per month will significantly improve the situation of several million Russians whose incomes formally begin to correspond to the cost of living.
However, the corrosive experts note that first you need to bring this very cost of living to the real needs of the person, and not those that the official statistics draw. This view is shared by the head of the Association of Non-Governmental Pension Funds Alliance of Pension Funds Sergey Belyakov.

The ambitious goal of increasing the life expectancy of Russians was outlined by the Russian president:

Russia should confidently enter the club of 80 Plus countries, where life expectancy exceeds 80 years. This includes countries such as Japan, France, Germany

To achieve this goal, financing of the health system should be doubled, and, at the expense of additional sources of financing, which should not inhibit the country's economic growth.

The skeptical Russian citizen's thesis about some additional sources may concern. Strictly logically, if these sources should not “restrain growth”, then they should be extrabudgetary, therefore, in fact we can talk about further privatization of the healthcare system according to the “three private rubles per state ruble” scheme and transferring a wide range of medical services to paid ones mode.

The presidential initiatives for elderly Russians and young mothers were pleasantly pleased. Vladimir Putin called for creating conditions of decent longevity by increasing the size of the pension (so that indexation exceeds inflation) and narrowing the gap between the pension and the salary a person received.

It is depressing that this increase in pension comes amid proposals from government corridors to increase the retirement age for Russians and to encourage them to retire later.

The president is also ready to allocate 50 billion rubles to open new places in the nursery, so that young mothers can go to work.

There is an opinion that the problem with kindergartens in Russia could be solved by returning to them the buildings that once belonged to them and transferred to the “dashing nineties” to tax officials, pension funds and other institutions. It would be advisable to relocate state and municipal institutions to administrative buildings specially built for them, for which it would be necessary to allocate a targeted budget, while supporting the country's construction industry in parallel.

Upon consideration, the Epistle raises more questions than answers. Valery Mironov so characterizes the general impression of him:

Of course, it is necessary to increase labor productivity, which the president speaks of, to develop healthcare and infrastructure, this will support growth, if, of course, it will. What exactly “ignites” stimulates this growth, the message does not say

The expert believes that a long-term development program is needed, which is not available now. In fact, there are good intentions and some short-term programs. But, apparently, no one has a structural understanding of what will happen. Many Russians are perplexed if there is any direct relationship between the activities of the liberal government and the plight that millions of Russians find themselves in. Perhaps, to change the trend, the president should first “change horses”, and then give instructions on economic growth and improving the welfare of Russian citizens?
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  1. businessv Offline businessv
    businessv (Vadim) 6 March 2018 20: 32
    Perhaps, to change the trend, the president should first “change horses”, and then give instructions on economic growth and improving the welfare of Russian citizens?

    Damn, how long can you talk about THIS ?! It's clear that you need to change and this is without a question mark! Professor of MGIMO Valentin Yuryevich Katasonov has a lot of both suggestions and comments on the existing system of economics. I advise you to read for an educational program. Based on his views on things, this is not a system, but a disaster for the country! And looking at how the federal media (RIAFAN, for example) are trying to instill in us the opinion that everything is fine, then the "horses" must be changed urgently! By the way, there is IMHO one good workhorse (or rather a horse) Grudinin. So much dirt is poured on him that you must definitely look at him! smile
    1. Igor V Offline Igor V
      Igor V (Igor Vyacheslavovich) 6 March 2018 22: 21
      It’s necessary not only to change horses, but also to change the model of the economy. In order for strategic enterprises to work, they bypass the economy, creating state-owned corporations in which there are socialist principles. And at the same time they do not notice that other enterprises cannot survive.
  2. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 7 March 2018 18: 06
    Putin begins the fight with the main enemy of Russia, with poverty

    The Russian people-stiffened .... wink
  3. Hurricane70 Offline Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 (Egor from the tubercle) 8 March 2018 18: 59
    God grant, God forbid ... If he succeeds, they will remember him for a long time! Why it was earlier and gradually impossible to do, but it is necessary in six years and in such numbers ... That's the question! Found gold parties? Did you take the gold stock of RI from the Japs and Czechs? The oligarchy returned the funds to the Russian Federation, and even threw himself off? Or maybe the Central Bank got out of control of the Fed and Nabiullina cut the machine? Where is the money, Zin?
  4. Joseph Offline Joseph
    Joseph (Joseph) 9 March 2018 01: 55
    The first one. It is necessary to complete the implementation of the May Decrees.
    The second one. An urgent need to resolve the issue with the Central Bank and transfer it to the jurisdiction of Russia.
    The third. stop supporting the ruble and throw out 300 million dollars on it every day. morning and evening on the MICEX. This is essentially a transfer of money to the Rothschilds in their Fed. Each month, Russia gives them more than $ 200 billion each.
    Fourth Quickly form a program according to the type of May decrees.
    The fifth Central Bank should provide direct or targeted long-term financing of these programs at 0,5 -1% per annum. For speculation, the Central Bank finds and gives money to commercial banks on stock exchange games with securities at 0,5 - 1%; it can just as well give to industrial banks.
    Stamping targeted money will not affect inflation.
    Sixth. If the printing press does not fall in the near future, a maximum of three four months into the hands of the government under targeted programs, then all the attempts of the Russian president and promises and messages will turn into an empty phrase.
    If it is possible to pick up the Central Bank, then in 1-2 years there will be thousands of several thousand enterprises.
    GDP growth will be 7% or more per annum all Putin's planned programs in the message will be implemented.
    Why didn’t Putin fulfill his promise to double his GDP in 10 years? Yes, because there was no printed press and the Central Bank was at the Rothschilds in their Fed.
    Want to print buy dollars.
    On them and stamp rubles but no more than bought dollars at the rate.
    And the Fed as soon as it sold dollars immediately turned on the machine and stamped the number of sold. Here you have double earnings. And as if they didn’t sell anything and the income was billions.
    Why from all the republics after the collapse of the economy developed most rapidly in Ukraine?
    Because she had a printing press in her hands? GDP growth in Ukraine was 7% -7,5% per year with Azarov and Yanukovych. Their salary and pension were higher than in Russia.
    The Rothschilds shied at them. They removed these economic aces and ruined the entire economy of Ukraine. Fed loans put Ukraine on the hook. IMF does not give money on credit Now Ukraine stamps hryvnias and sells them for Russian dollars. Russia on its hump dragging Ukraine.
    Russia does not have the right not to buy them. According to the Russian law on the bank, it is obliged to throw out currency twice a day and sell it for any currency. But the buyer is only one Ukraine, and it is for the hryvnia that she buys dollars supporting the rub.
    This has been going on for over 4 years. The Fed-Rothschilds and Ukraine for the Ukrainian stamped paper receives dollars and share the dollars bought among themselves, depending on debt obligations
    1. COOK Offline COOK
      COOK (Cook) 24 March 2018 13: 32
      The IMF will not allow Medvedev to be fired. Then America may not see "its" 3 kopecks from the ruble.
  5. Anti-Corr. Offline Anti-Corr.
    Anti-Corr. (Alex) 9 March 2018 03: 20
    Putin begins to fight the main enemy of Russia

    How can he fight with himself? request
  6. COOK Offline COOK
    COOK (Cook) 24 March 2018 13: 27
    Putin reminds me more and more of Lenya Brezhnev.
  7. krokus Offline krokus
    krokus 31 March 2018 06: 33
    Someone really thinks that a bunch of amateurs and crooks are at the helm, ways to do something at least ???))) Amateurs and crooks can only feed the layman with sweet speeches, while shoving "samiznaetechto" into personal bins! It won't be better ... it will only get worse ... Nothing has been done in 16 years, nothing will be done further by this ... crowd in power ...
  8. Andrey Polk Offline Andrey Polk
    Andrey Polk (Andrey P) 2 May 2018 14: 30
    Starting a fight against the main enemy of Russia? With you, perhaps your team and friends of the Ozero cooperative?
  9. Mikhail Kotlyarov (Mikhail Kotlyarov) 3 May 2018 14: 14
    The circus is continuous ... What Putin is going to fight with IS NOT POVERTY, BUT POVERTY! As well as the minimum wage it is "raised to heaven" ..
    1. Kostyar Offline Kostyar
      Kostyar 8 May 2018 13: 33
      it’s not a minimum wage, it’s a handout to die more fun!