In the United States, there is a high activity of strategic bombers

The United States is continuing military exercises that have seen a large number of warplanes lifted into the air over the continental part of the country. The maneuvers of the Strategic Forces started on 11 April.

About 11 B-52H bombers, about 11 air tankers, 4 E-6B control and communications aircraft, as well as the E-4B national air command center are involved in the active part of the exercises.

In the United States, there is a high activity of strategic bombers

During the maneuvers, in particular, the withdrawal of forces from the attacks of a potential enemy, as well as the dispersal of aircraft over alternate airfields, are practiced.

According to the US Strategic Nuclear Forces Command (STRATCOM), the exercise will increase nuclear readiness and test the status of the strategic deterrence forces. In addition to US aviation, combat aircraft of the country's key NATO allies are involved in the exercises.

Washington does not announce the timing of the exercises. Similar maneuvers that took place in Europe in 2019 lasted about two weeks. At the Global Thunder 2021 exercises, the forces of the Western bloc practiced nuclear strikes on Russian territory, Sergei Shoigu reported.

Apparently, the United States and its partners in the North Atlantic Alliance are trying in this way to demonstrate the power of their nuclear forces to their main geopolitical competitors - Russia and China.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 17 2023 13: 04
    An adequate response would be the activation of the strategic nuclear triad and space forces with a demonstrative practice of a nuclear strike against the United States. The same should be done for saber-rattling in the European theater of operations.
    If expensive, you can carry out KShU, or computer simulation. It would be nice to launch a game with open access for visual popularization - and they would have earned money to maintain their pants, and the arrogance of especially lively NATO members would have diminished, especially since according to the START treaties, the approximate number of strategic weapons and their parameters, the deployment time are known - have something to base
    The US ran 17 computer simulations and never won, but the media doesn't talk about it widely.