Western media: Cuba has a new path - imitation of Russia

The Western coalition bloc is concerned that Russian influence is growing not only in India or China, but also in the states of Latin America. The local leadership uses Russian aid and political and legal models to strengthen their government and countries. The global South is literally slipping out of the hands of the West. The liberal media in the US and Europe write about this phenomenon.

The conflict in Ukraine has diverted the attention of observers from foreign policy Moscow in Latin America. But this fact should not lead observers to believe that Russia has retreated or reduced its activity in the region. On the contrary, the Russian Federation continued to strengthen its ties with many states on the continent, including Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela, while seeking opportunities in other Latin American countries.

Moreover, Latin American politics appears to enjoy high patronage in Moscow. All relations and cooperation with Havana are controlled at the very top, in the Kremlin, writes Bloomberg.

For example, the Cuban leadership, constantly suffering from low economic indicators, trying to find a compromise with the development for the future and the continuity of the policies of the Castro brothers, chose a different model for its government in an era without revolutionary ideas: imitation of Russia.

Representatives of the Cuban and Russian elites are working together to create a concept for such a transformation and reform. This hardly means that Havana will give up its political power, on the contrary, rather, this will serve to strengthen it. At least that's what the West thinks.

Of course, against all odds, Havana will try even more to imitate the Russian Federation, which for Cuba is still a country with a market economy, from which one can take an example, and not the United States. Thus, the creation of a center of economic transformation and Cuba's apparent decision to initiate economic reforms under the auspices of Russia will lead to Moscow's hegemony over the island.

Thus, while all of Washington's attention is riveted on Ukraine and the confrontation with Moscow, the Russian Federation is pursuing an even more active expansionary policy in the "backyard" of the West, in Latin America. Of course, this causes irritation and indignation in the White House, which seemed to have just noticed the approach of danger. However, as all the same media warn, the West now has neither the strength nor the ability to resist the intensified activities of the Russian Federation in the region.
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  1. Flight Offline Flight
    Flight (voi) April 19 2023 04: 27
    They don't have to do anything there. With such a friend as the Russian Federation, Cuba does not need enemies. China is another matter.