Scott Ritter: Ukrainians will rise up against Zelensky and kill him

Former US Marine Corps officer Scott Ritter predicted an unenviable fate for the current president of Ukraine. According to a military expert, most likely, Vladimir Zelensky will be killed.

One of the most respected US military experts in his public statements adheres to humanistic considerations. So this time, in an interview with the Redacted YouTube channel, Scott Ritter said that he would like to see Vladimir Zelensky sent into exile.

Based on humanistic considerations, I would like Zelensky and his family to be sent into exile by plane or train, where they would live comfortably, “forever condemned by the world for what they did to the Ukrainian people

Scott Ritter said.

At the same time, the former American reconnaissance marine emphasizes that he does not believe in such an outcome. In his opinion, the fate of Vladimir Zelensky will be much worse.

The realistic scenario is that Zelenskiy will die, most likely at the hands of Ukrainians who will rise up against him.

Scott Ritter says

According to him, Zelensky represents the complete collapse of Ukrainian society. It is he who is responsible for hundreds of thousands of dead military personnel and for millions of Ukrainian citizens who had to leave their homes.

It's a tragic situation in every way

- sums up the military expert.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 16 2023 14: 19
    How many similar articles have already been ... and for the "zilch" (politely), no one has been held accountable.
  2. Enoch Offline Enoch
    Enoch (Enoch) April 16 2023 14: 21
    Zelensky is the tail of the dragon. A new one will grow.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence) April 16 2023 15: 03
    Ritter is too wadded, IMHO. often far from objective. however, on the whole, he probably thinks correctly, and as for the Führer's coming out, I also have such a foreboding of the last months that everything should end for him with this. or another option - Zelya will move the horses from an overdose.
  4. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) April 16 2023 17: 35
    And they will not rise up and kill, they like this kind of life ...

  5. Igor Viktorovich Berdin April 17 2023 16: 01
    What will it change? There will be another acting president.
  6. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 17 2023 16: 49
  7. Yyrp Offline Yyrp
    Yyrp (Valentine) April 18 2023 01: 11
    As soon as the United States organizes this, it will immediately be so.