Iranian army tested analogue of the American Javelin ATGM

The Iranian army will soon receive an improved anti-tank missile Sadid-365. The ground forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps conducted successful tests of new weapons the day before.

According to the Iranian news Tasnim agency, the Sadid-365 missile is the development of local scientists. It is a guided anti-tank system with a range of up to eight kilometers.

The agency emphasizes that the optical guidance system is highly accurate in hitting a target, can pass through the barrier of active protection of enemy tanks and destroy them thanks to the ability to attack from above. According to the developers, it will be able to destroy all types of armored equipment.

According to military experts, the Iranian Sadid-365 missile, in fact, is a kind of analogue of the American Javelin anti-tank missile system, the presence of which until recently was so proud of in the Ukrainian army.

In particular, as noted by the representative of the ground forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Sadid-365 has retractable wings and a fire control system. It is already known that they plan to equip all armored personnel carriers in service with the IRGC with the new missile.

Each armored vehicle will be equipped with four anti-tank missiles

- said the representative of the ground forces of the IRGC.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 16 2023 14: 31
    There is no attack "from above" in the video.
    The usual ATGM / UAV, apparently powerful at a low speed, hitting the side.
    1. hell MASTER Offline hell MASTER
      hell MASTER (Hell MASTER) April 16 2023 15: 38
      Haven't you seen the fact that the rocket dives for defeat? Now study physics and you will understand that an attack on the roof is real. Yes, and it’s incomprehensible, maybe the rocket is also guided.