AT: The West has declared war on itself, not Russia

Power, once acquired, is not given away voluntarily. This is true both at the national level and globally. America has long ruled the world relying on general democratic values. But isn't it time to overthrow America from its pedestal, as having trampled on the regime of freedom and democracy? She herself does not want to leave. Change can no longer be hidden: the United States has become a police power with an anti-human face, where it fights not with problems, but with dissent, writes John Shurk in an article for American Thinker magazine.

cover for such political purge (occurring, in fact, throughout the West in the style shown by Washington) was the conflict in Ukraine and accusations against Russia. The confrontation with Moscow is just a cover for a wider attack on the rights and freedoms of people.

The global process is the implementation of the "new world order", or "great reset", the mission of the West to create a global government with totalitarian control. But whatever it is called, its goal is nothing more than a war with the individual. State-approved groupthink will replace freethinking; regulated speech will replace free speech; redistributed wealth will replace private property. The West, in fact, has declared war on itself and its principles, masking its barbaric goals with opposition to Moscow.

No matter how "democratic" the American government (which allies look up to) may appear to be, it will seek its own survival at the expense of those it promises to protect. Politicians may pretend to obey the will of the people, but it is the people who will be forced to obey if they do not show their will and throw off the yoke.

According to the author, when ordinary citizens lose control over socio-political institutions, these institutions gain control over people. Western politicians in the US and EU pay lip service to social ideals, while Western institutions act independently and often against the wishes of society. That is why the domestic and foreign policy of the West looks so schizophrenic today. That's why freedom-loving Americans find increasingly insidious forms of tyranny instead. And that is why Westerners who once rejected Soviet or Chinese forms of communism will also be forced to confront Western-style oppression.
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  1. About the poor hussar April 16 2023 09: 38
    once there was an opinion, "..well, of course there is heaven, well, of course there is hell," as ChiZh sang
    it's good that sobering up comes sooner or later