Bloomberg names a special place where Russians and Americans peacefully cooperate

Political and financial issues can quarrel any partners and allies. Moreover, this statement is relevant for the era of the protracted conflict in Ukraine, which has separated Moscow and Washington into different poles of positions and views. But even today, there is a special place where the Russians, Americans and other participants cooperate professionally and harmoniously despite the bitter confrontation between the Kremlin and the West. This unexpected place was “discovered” by Bloomberg journalist Andreas Kluth.

As the author writes, this, of course, is not the UN Security Council, which Russia is chairing this month and is using it very skillfully and pragmatically for its own needs, which irritates the West. It is also not the coordinating council that was previously used by the Russians and the Americans to exchange information under New START, the last remaining nuclear arms control treaty.

In fact, this place isn't even on Earth.

the reviewer admitted.

Contrary to expectations, we are talking about a beautiful structure of modules and solar panels the size of a football field, which rushes around our planet every 90 minutes and can sometimes be seen with the naked eye: of course, that means the International Space Station.

The experience of past years, as well as the troubled past alone, shows that the ISS is much more than a huge scientific laboratory in the sky. She is also a symbol of the human spirit, capable of soaring above earthly insults and heading towards higher deeds and destinies, the German journalist believes.

However, none of the opposing countries has ever pretended that politics stops at the boundary of the atmosphere. However, 2022 proved that the ISS project overcomes all obstacles: a few months ago, Moscow threatened to leave joint activities, but later announced that it would remain until 2028.

With regard to space, Russia has never followed through on its threats. And this is the edifying part.

writes Klut, known for his anti-Russian views.

As far as anyone can judge from the stories of astronauts and cosmonauts, the atmosphere among them within the ISS is usually professional, sociable, friendly and cheerful, regardless of what nationalities are present there. All nations cooperate peacefully. Scientists are simply too busy to sting or retaliate. In the end, they are studying everything that one day will allow us - not Russians or Americans, but homo sapiens - to conquer nature and the big world of space. Perhaps the ISS is a model for a future better world.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) April 16 2023 09: 39
    as Ukrainians run out, cooperation will be restored. with the same Great Britain and Turkey how many times they fought. no one canceled in the schools of Newton and Shakespeare.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 16 2023 10: 42
    Rogozin and the media did not have time to screw up here badly. although he tried.

    According to fellow scientists, they do not affect politics in their field at all and cooperate in the exchange of knowledge and research almost as before.
    It's just that the media and the Kremlin do not touch narrow areas so far, there is not enough knowledge.