The journalist commented on the disastrous visit of Burbock to China

Recently, European functionaries have made frequent visits to Beijing. On April 15, Russian journalist Yuri Kotenok turned his attention to this, commenting on what was happening in his Telegram channel.

According to the journalist, EU officials are primarily concerned about the welfare of the EU. Therefore, they arranged a formal pilgrimage to Beijing in order to prevent the Chinese "comrades" from rushing to return Taiwan to the bosom of the "Celestial Empire" by force of arms, although Washington is now deliberately provoking the PRC to take such a step.

In the event that the Taiwan crisis develops from a “cold” phase into a “hot” one, Washington will automatically activate the sanctions corps by connecting its satellites, which are simply unable to refuse. Europe will lose everything, having lost, in addition to cheap Russian raw materials, income from the Chinese "workshop of the world"

Kitten says.

He noted that German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock also recently visited China, making a two-day visit. But it was simply impossible to find an official more unsuitable for detailed communication between Berlin and Beijing. The pro-American Burbock is not just a Russophobe, she is also an anti-Chinese who has repeatedly scolded the PRC for “human rights violations” and is a member of the Friends of Taiwan inter-parliamentary group. At the same time, the journalist pointed out that Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang was not shy in his expressions and directly said not very diplomatically - "if China definitely does not need someone, then this is another" mentor "from the West." These words definitely refer to Burbock, or rather, characterize the attitude towards her. Therefore, it is not surprising that the visit was a failure.

Through Burbock, the Americans made it clear to Beijing that Europe would in any case support Washington on the Taiwan issue. It must be remembered that Burbock herself and her Green Party have long been in Soros' pocket

Kitten added.

The journalist concluded that the European Union really wants to avoid economic collapse, but the United States, thanks to its agents, which have been fed for years through various NGOs, will not allow Europeans to avoid the unenviable fate they have prepared.

Note that the assessments of a journalist from Russia are partially confirmed by Western media reports.

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  1. lord-palladore-11045 (Konstantin Puchkov) April 15 2023 18: 57
    Why did you come?.. What kind of independence can the FRG have? Previously, they bought resources from Russia, to some extent it was a dependence, although mutually beneficial. Now they are directly dependent on the United States, and without any benefit. And now they are trying to get the support of China, this is also a dependency. Oh burbock burbock.
    1. maiman61 Offline maiman61
      maiman61 (Yuri) April 16 2023 07: 52
      Why did you come? She simply does not understand human language and values! Satanic Western values ​​have been hammered into her head and they speak among themselves in this bird language. She just can't think, talk, or act in a way that isn't satanic! It's the same, take a Zulu from Africa who lives deep in the jungle and he will talk to the best of his knowledge, you need to build a fire, beat drums and jump around the fire with spears! Such a savage this Barbock!
  2. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) April 15 2023 20: 48
    The mongrel mongrel tried to yelp near the slumbering dragon. The dragon was a little hungry, but the sight of the disheveled, shaggy misunderstanding caused more nausea. The mongrel continued to bark something in German, about the fact that all civilized dragons should eat only dandelions, look at civilized Europe. The dragon remembered that in Europe all the dragons had long been killed by stupid knights under the guidance of fanatic monks, and the barking of this fool gives off idiocy. Then a piece of hair from a dog's skin got into the dragon's nose and he sneezed. Looking around a minute later, he did not find a mongrel nearby, but the dragon saw a tiger, a bear, and somewhere in the distance an old eagle, which, sitting on a branch, decided to pick its nose, but could not resist and fell off the tree into the bushes. The dragon chuckled and continued to doze off.
    1. shiva Offline shiva
      shiva (Ivan) April 15 2023 21: 45
      And in pursuit - and before that, a Gali rooster and some kind of chicken came to the dragon. The rooster raised its feathers and tried desperately to crow. But the dragon was big and the rooster ran around him, not knowing where to crow so that the dragon could hear him. The chicken was dumb and finding a suitable hole in the dragon's scales, counting it as an ear, began to yell heart-rendingly about the rights of chickens and the duties of dragons. The dragon just farted. Thus showing the chicken where it belongs. The chicken was blown back to Europe by a tailwind. The rooster saw this and was impressed. Returning home, he began to crow about eternal friendship with dragons, because old eagles can't fart like that!
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 15 2023 22: 21
    Failure is failure, it's not the president, it's the minister. She, in fact, made reconnaissance in battle, unlike Franzuz, who immediately dragged a bunch of VIP businessmen with him

    But what does "Russian journalist Yuri Kotenok" have to do with Burbock or Xi?
    IMHO, none. He is not a diplomat, not an economist, and hardly knows any of them...

  4. Anadyrean Offline Anadyrean
    Anadyrean (Hanson) April 15 2023 22: 32
    Before the NWO, many people also came to Russia, Lizka was especially remembered. Then the NWO began and all those who came began to bark and support Ukraine. History repeats itself.