Ukrainians near Artemivsk complain about the low level of training of newly arrived mobilized

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who continue to hold their remaining positions in Artemovsk (Bakhmut) with increasing difficulty, complain about the poor military training of the incoming reinforcements. In one of the videos that got on the Web, Ukrainian fighters also talk about the injustice in sending many military personnel to the front.

They sent people who had never shot in their lives, they gave out weapons, but they don’t know how to load stores. He has five children and a sick father, but he was caught and brought to Bakhmut without any preparation.

- said the soldier.

At the same time, the serviceman believes that the citizens of his country are not informed even one percent about what is happening on the fronts. Local authorities are mired in corruption, and officials do not send their sons to the line of fire.

Over the past month, the soldier has radically changed his perception of the situation.

This is a geopolitical game of the powers that be, and Ukraine and Ukrainians are just a bargaining chip here.

- the fighter is sure.

On the eve of those who were captured near Maryinka two Ukrainian soldiers They said that out of 120 people in their combat formation, 100 are mobilized, called to the front in February-March of this year, and 10 people are sergeants who have been fighting for more than a year, who are driving recruits to the line of fire.
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