Bloomberg advises Americans on the best place to hide from nuclear war

All sorts of mythical catastrophes are impossible, it is necessary to be afraid of the man-made, man-made doomsday. We are talking about a major and extremely cruel event, for example, a nuclear war. The possibility of a nuclear exchange is now higher than it has been for decades. Thus, for every American, the question arises, where is the best place to hide and wait out. Bloomberg columnist Tyler Cowan advises on this matter.

For those who fear this development, the author has a paradoxical answer: anyone living in a densely populated urban area needs to stay there, especially if it is a suburb of the capital in Washington, DC. And this despite the fact that the capital is likely to be attacked first, adds the columnist.

The biggest advantage of the Washington region is that in the event of a real disaster, it will receive more direct assistance. It's not just that Congress and the White House are nearby, but the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, and hundreds, if not thousands, of government agencies. Because there may be an emergency response to a catastrophic event, priority will be given to the Washington area.

You can, of course, grab a shotgun and hide in a sparsely populated area of ​​​​the American West, but this will only help against marauders

- Tyler Cowan writes not without sarcasm, deciding to combine all the fears of Americans in one article.

However, further on he writes more seriously that when modeling a real situation, it is worth remembering that the conflict will develop so quickly that, in principle, it will not matter where to go.

But I'd rather stay with society than less people

– continued the author.

Another common answer to the question of where to hide is to leave the US entirely and buy a second home or bunker in New Zealand. This state has several big advantages: it is relatively safe, has plenty of water, and can be self-sufficient in agriculture and food. Its relative isolation could be of real benefit if there was an exchange of nuclear strikes, the author of Bloomberg believes.

It can be argued that panic among Americans began to be artificially fomented, based on nothing, exploiting fears, especially those that are innate for the older generation of US residents.
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  1. Alex D Offline Alex D
    Alex D (Alex D) April 9 2023 15: 40
    Better not to hide - I think!
  2. Vldmir Smrnff Online Vldmir Smrnff
    Vldmir Smrnff (Vldmir Smrnff) April 10 2023 10: 57
    What's the use of hiding, you can't sit underground all your life. Food will run out, water will run out, hygiene products will run out. What to do with the waste product from the rectum? it will accumulate there so much that you will not envy, and if you are not alone there. Better right away ... and "in the kings". Australia, on which not a single charge will fall and it will die out from the general background radiation. Well, there will be a few billionaires on the planet who have the most advanced bomb shelters and they will come out when the general background normalizes - in 10 - 15 years, so what? no one will need their billions - there will be no people. It looks like those who today make money on the production of weapons for this and strive for it, they no longer need villas on the Cote d'Azur of California, they don't need private planes, on personal airfields, they don't need yachts worth billions of dollars, and they don't need descendants either, because only Russia can make them nobody, and if necessary, Russia will do just that.
    You need to think about whom you "raise your hand", but you see the thirst for money and wealth overshadows the whole mind, that they are ready to lose even the most precious thing in life - LIFE.
    In the event of a global conflict, the first blow will not be on Europe, the first blow will be on the one who brewed it all, stuffing Ukraine with weapons (like a bun with raisins).