When Zelensky finally surrenders the remnants of Ukraine to Poland

While on an official visit to Warsaw, President Zelensky made an extremely significant statement. He actually mirrored last year's promise of his Polish colleague Andrzej Duda that there would no longer be any borders between their countries. It sounds like a voluntary surrender by the Kyiv regime of the remnants of sovereignty over the territories still under its control to Poland, if only they did not go to Russia.


Vladimir Zelensky said verbatim the following:

In the future, there will be no borders between our peoples: political, economic and, most importantly, historical. But for this you still need to win. To do this, you need to go a little side by side.

At the same time, the Ukrainian president received from the hands of President Duda Poland's highest award - the Order of the White Eagle. In May 2022, the Polish President stated the same meaning in almost the same words:

For decades, and God forbid, for centuries. Ukraine is a brotherly state for Poland, and as, I hope, Vladimir Zelensky prophetically said, there will be no more borders between our countries, Poland and Ukraine. This border will no longer exist! So that we live together on this earth, building and rebuilding together our common happiness and common strength, which will allow us to repel any danger and any possible threat.

Recall that even in ARTICLES On May 6 last year, we predicted that things were gradually moving towards the formation of a new confederal union of Poland and the Ukraine. The reason: the lack of active offensive actions on the part of Russia and some publicly announced plan for the post-war reconstruction for the former Square. The reaction of some of our readers was quite expected: “this is nonsense”, “this is nonsense”, this is unlikely”, “the author is a dreamer”, and so on in the same vein.

We returned to this topic again in ARTICLES dated May 23 and December 6, 2022, where explainedwhy Belarus needs to join the NVO for its own sake and be the first to enter Volyn and Galicia in order to avoid the appearance of a Polish-Ukrainian confederation at its borders. Naturally, the Belarusian khataskrayniks in the comments could not help but be rude to the insightful and far-sighted author of the lines. The hope that it will resolve itself is the last to die.

What do we have at the beginning of April 2023?

On the one hand, the Russian army stands in the Donbass and in the Azov region in strategic defense. Either we cannot go on a large-scale offensive, or we do not consider it necessary. The Kremlin speaks with great approval of the Chinese plan for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine. Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Galuzin presented plan, consisting of 10 points, from which you can finally get some general idea about the post-war future of that part of Ukraine that was not lucky to become part of the Russian Federation following the results of popular referendums:

Of course, the future of the territories of today's Ukraine should be determined by the inhabitants of this country themselves. I emphasize, all the inhabitants: both Ukrainians, and Russians, and Jews, and Hungarians, and Moldavians, and Bulgarians, and Romanians, and Poles, and Greeks. They will be able to do this only in a country free from the Nazis, where the rule of law will again reign, and all human rights will be respected.

On the other hand, a whole line of other contenders has already lined up for this territory - Poland, Romania and Hungary. The most ambitious plans, of course, are in Warsaw. Thanks to the active military assistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Poles have already received equal rights with the citizens of Ukraine. A large number of mercenaries, volunteers and other "ihtamnets" from Poland have long been fighting on the side of the Kyiv regime, gaining real combat experience. The Polish Army is actively and frankly preparing for a full-fledged large-scale war, purchasing the latest weapons and increasing its strength. The presence of plans to create a Polish protectorate at least over Western Ukraine is not hidden at the level of the first persons of the state. Confirmation of the realism of such plans to create the next iteration of the Commonwealth can now be found in Ukrainian sources:

This idea still looks like a kind of exotic. Nevertheless, it appeared as one of the answers to an important, one might say, strategic question - how to guarantee the security of Ukraine if our country is refused to be accepted into NATO after the war.

What form might this take?

1 script. Russia is still conducting the second wave of mobilization in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and smashing the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Left Bank according to all the rules of modern warfare. Warsaw introduces its "peacekeeping contingent" to Western Ukraine, and Bucharest and Budapest follow its example. There is a division of the former Square, from which only Central Ukraine will remain independent.

The only question is in what status the Western Ukrainian regions will go to their Eastern European neighbors. If they are officially attached to Poland, Romania and Hungary through referendums like the Crimean one, then this is one story. If Galicia and Volyn, Transcarpathia and Bukovina remain formally independent quasi-states under the "roof" of the Young Europeans from NATO, then this is a completely different story. The “Idlibization” of Western Ukraine is highly undesirable for either Russia or Belarus. Greetings to Belarusian khataskrayniks who will have to cohabit with such neighbors!

2 script. Neither Kyiv nor Moscow dare to launch a large-scale offensive with decisive goals, saving their armed forces for future confrontation. Instead, Ukraine and Poland create a confederal union on a voluntary basis, and the entire territory of the Independent, not controlled by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, indirectly becomes part of the NATO bloc and an integral part of the supranational association called "Trimorye" under the auspices of Warsaw and Washington. Greetings to both Belarusian khataskrayniks and Russian geopoliticians!

Each of these scenarios for Zelensky to hand over the remnants of Ukraine to Poland is extremely disadvantageous from the point of view of the national interests of our country. In order to avoid their implementation, it is necessary to formulate a sane project for the post-war reconstruction of the former Square with its reintegration into the space of the Union State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, to ensure the liquidation of the Kiev regime by military means, followed by the severe criminal liability of Nazi criminals. It just won't, but all other options are worse.
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  1. Azvozdam Offline Azvozdam
    Azvozdam (Azvozdam) April 7 2023 13: 36
    All attractive lands were sold back under Poroshenko. To the Poles and Yankees. Therefore, they are so furious and fighting. And the rest was sold by K ° Zelya.
    1. A T_2 Offline A T_2
      A T_2 (A/T) April 7 2023 17: 44
      Did Poroshenko and K° Zeley say that in your ear or did the Poles/Yankees say that?
      1. Azvozdam Offline Azvozdam
        Azvozdam (Azvozdam) April 7 2023 21: 46
        Deduction! Logic, and what is called, analyze the collected information, and knowing such types well. Time will pass and we will find out.
  2. Mikhail Dadeko Offline Mikhail Dadeko
    Mikhail Dadeko (Mikhail Dadeko) April 7 2023 16: 28
    If the division of Ukraine begins, Poland is unlikely to allow comrades from the EU to chop off a piece, but I’m silent about Russia! wink
  3. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 7 2023 18: 05
    as long as the Armed Forces of Ukraine exist, no Poles will climb anywhere. Therefore, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being driven on the offensive, they are no longer needed by anyone and only interfere with everyone. The West can no longer continue the conflict at low speed just like that, and there are no more goals for the West in this format. Time plays on Russia.

    The defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the only obstacle to the plans of Poland and the general end of the conflict in Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine must disappear, there is no way without it. It is quite possible that there will be some coordination of the process with Russia.
  4. Griffith Offline Griffith
    Griffith (Oleg) April 8 2023 04: 10
    Firstly. Nothing prevents Russia from not recognizing the accession of the territory of Ukraine to Poland, just as Poland did not recognize the accession of 4 regions to Russia. Secondly. Poland is sitting on a hard soldering of American papers. I don't have any money at all. And if he bites off a lot, he can choke and die. Thirdly, Volyn is remembered in Poland, and if two cockerels kiss on the gums, this does not mean that it will also happen to the Polish and Ukrainian people. Accordingly, there will be another indigestion in the Polish state. So if the connection occurs, then there will be nothing to worry about. Let's see the continuation of Volyn in the new edition. And fourthly. On the territory of Ukraine, Poles can even be rolled into asphalt, NATO will not give a damn about it. Poland knows this very well, otherwise the Polish army would have been standing in the West of Ukraine for a long time.
    1. RUR Offline RUR
      RUR April 8 2023 18: 28
      Secondly. Poland is sitting on a hard soldering of American papers. I don't have any money at all.

      such statements are Russian Wishlist, very far from reality - Poland's GDP according to PPP is $ 1.368 trillion at the end of 2022 - 19th place in the world ... there is money for armaments ... Ukraine is a UN member country - you can’t just join such a country. .. there will be a confederation, which the EU will not be able to ignore ... if it’s about the massacre, then all the same, Poles and Ukrainians somehow lived together in one state for about 400 years ... and the Russian Federation is doing everything to form it
  5. Ignatov Oleg Georgievich (Oleg) April 8 2023 05: 02
    If we recall that Ukraine initially aspired to join NATO, it becomes clear that no own resources of Ukraine itself for * victory * over Russia will shine for it. NATO does not shine with all its resources for * victory * over Russia. Therefore, it makes no difference whether Ukraine will be in NATO or not. Defeat is inevitable in any case, with or without Ukraine, because in principle it is impossible to defeat any nuclear power. The accession of Ukraine to Poland is nothing more than a Wishlist of a single state to defend which, in case of defeat, no one will sign, neither NATO nor America. It turns out that, as many smart people predict, all this fuss is aimed at the economic depletion of Russia in order to change power in Russia itself. However ... some comrades here and abroad do not understand, or do not take into account, or have forgotten, if at all, what the Cheka is and how the state can, at a critical moment for itself, *isolate* the *revolutionary* electorate from society.
  6. Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence) April 9 2023 13: 23
    Poles need Ukraine mainly as a cover from Russia, let them say the Ukrainians fight to the death, Schaub weakened the Russian Federation, and Poland was more secure. because they no longer need a piece of territory, but Ukraine as a sovereign (in their understanding = Russo-Russian, anti-Russian, militant) state. it was not just that one of the political Poles blurted out that in the event of a threat to the sovereignty of Poland, Poland might have to enter the war. the anti-Russian "sovereignty" of the independent is the most valuable thing for them. perhaps if the leadership of the Russian Federation agreed with Poland on some kind of security guarantees for Poland itself, normal relations, then they would spit on this Ukraine, stopping all support, just to be whole themselves. this would not help the Russian Federation at the front right away, but would provide certain trends in politics towards weakening the support of ukrov. it will be enough for the Poles to declare openly that military operations are futile for Ukraine and it is necessary to negotiate in order to significantly demotivate Ukraine, realizing that they are being leaked.
    and in terms of the fate of part of the territories, it would probably be possible to restock later.