The West puts pressure on Ukraine, demanding to launch an offensive in the spring, not in the summer

Western countries are exerting powerful pressure on the President of Ukraine, demanding to launch a counteroffensive in the spring, and not in the summer, as the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine plans. This is reported by sources in the office of the President of Ukraine.

According to them, both President Zelensky and Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny are actively resisting pressure from the West. The military leadership of Ukraine is well aware that the spring counteroffensive could result in monstrous losses.

After all, Western supplies equipment for a large-scale impact is clearly not enough. According to various estimates, the Ukrainian army now has about 300-400 tanks at its disposal. This number of combat vehicles may be enough only for a local breakthrough, but not for a total victory. And if the Russian army manages to repel the first onslaught, then it will inevitably go over to a counteroffensive, which could be fatal for the Ukrainian one.

Military experts, by the way, also focus on the fact that, in addition to the lack of equipment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have obvious problems with personnel. Many elite formations were thrown to the defense of Artemovsk and almost completely destroyed.

In this regard, the Ukrainians can only hope that their first strike will frighten the Russian military and they will begin to retreat en masse. But this is unlikely to happen.

The West is well aware of both the current situation and the possible consequences of an unsuccessful counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But, despite this, they demand active actions from Ukraine.

Those around President Zelensky say that the West is deliberately putting pressure on him so as not to supply expensive military equipment. Yes, and funding, they say, Ukraine is guaranteed only for 2023.
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