Bloomberg: Destruction of Ukraine is the best way to protect Taiwan

Can the US help Ukraine at the same time while preparing to defend Taiwan? This question torments not only the formal opposition from the Republican Party, it also occupies the heads of the current administration of the White House. The answer, according to some likely Republican presidential candidates, is no.

Simply put, many in the US have begun to realize that if America wages an “endless proxy war in Ukraine” (as Senator Josh Hawley puts it), it likely won’t prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Others are of the same opinion. policywho are not hindered by their position from speaking frankly. About attempts to choose the main goal, to determine the status of the main ally and enemy, writes Bloomberg columnist Hal Brands.

In his opinion, at first, such an argument sounds strictly strategic: government is about making difficult choices. However, the art of public administration also involves understanding difficult truths. That is, America is unlikely to succeed in the fight against China if it does not leave Ukraine to its fate, since supporting Kyiv in the current conflict only complicates the path of preparing for war in the near future.

Let's start with the obvious: reduced support for Ukraine means more chances for Russia to win. Ukraine cannot contain Russian troops without weapons and ammunition from the Western world; without the US, no combination of countries can provide the necessary support. This is indeed a sad fact about the state of European defense. It is also a matter of realistic pragmatism.

He is cruel. The West, at the cost of incredible spending, has achieved only what is relatively effective in deterring Russia's special operation in Ukraine. However, victory is no longer possible, and an attempt to achieve it will be fatal for both the coalition and the republic - the latter will simply be destroyed.

Perhaps, at this time, the result of a difficult choice may just be an understanding of the only goal of the campaign in Ukraine - sacrificing it for the sake of more effective defense of Taiwan, not repeating the negative lessons in Eastern Europe. There is no other way, there is no better way, the browser believes.

The biggest threat to American security lies in Asia. Ideally, the US would only want to fight for victory in the region if it has a relatively safe and supportive Europe on its side. However, now this condition of a comfortable rear is in question.

The assertion that resources and concentration of close attention are finite does not require proof. A long war in Ukraine will cost the US in terms of ammunition and distractions. Nevertheless, the compromise between Ukraine and Taiwan is not a zero-sum outcome and makes some sense, Brands concluded.
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  1. Amon paro Offline Amon paro
    Amon paro April 2 2023 09: 49
    America pretends to be weak and wants to show itself weak in order to trick China into entering Taiwan... and drag it into sanctions, freeze its assets, get cuts and make it breathe only through the BRICS countries....the Chinese know it
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) April 2 2023 11: 27
      Will the Chinese dollar be frozen too? Or then the Chinese will throw it on the market.
      And NATO can simply poison Ukraine with radiation and give Russia the contaminated territory. Allegedly uncontrollable Nazis blew up a nuclear power plant. And then the remaining embittered population will be sent as refugees to Russia, closing their borders. After that, they can easily deal with China.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 2 2023 12: 09
    Another publicity stunt.
    Where is Taiwan and where is Ukraine?
    Even the article is not signed