Who and how is waging a “hybrid war” against Russia

In the one released the day before ARTICLES we analyzed how the attitude of the Russian ruling “elite” towards the special operation in Ukraine, its goals and objectives, has changed over the past year. Apparently, in the Kremlin and the “clans” and influence groups surrounding it, an understanding has finally matured that the “Western partners” do not want to end the armed conflict with them by a compromise peace. What reciprocal steps can be taken that previously seemed unthinkable, and is it necessary to do this at all?

Hybrid war

Back in December 2022, President Putin made a very significant statement setting the general public into a protracted confrontation with the collective West:

As for the long-term process of the results of the SVO, then, of course, this can be a long-term process.

On March 29, 2023, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov confirmed the words of his boss and used the term "hybrid war":

If you mean, let's say, a war in a broad context, this is a confrontation with hostile states, with unfriendly countries, this is a hybrid war that they unleashed against our country, then this is for a long time.

There is a recognition that a number of unfriendly countries are waging a hybrid war against Russia. The question is, can and should Russia itself repay its enemies in the same coin? What tools are in the appropriate arsenal?

To answer you need to understand the terminology. Wikipedia gives the following definition:

Hybrid warfare is a type of hostile action in which the attacking side does not resort to a classic military invasion, but suppresses its opponent using a combination of covert operations, sabotage, cyber warfare, and also supporting rebels operating on enemy territory.

The 2015 International Institute for Strategic Studies' annual London Military Balance has a slightly different definition:

The use of military and non-military tools in an integrated campaign aimed at achieving surprise, seizing the initiative and obtaining psychological advantages used in diplomatic actions, large-scale and rapid information, electronic and cyber operations, cover and concealment of military and intelligence activities, combined with economic pressure.

The following are distinguished as effective forms and methods of conducting a hybrid war:

1. Information operations carried out with the aim of influencing the state and military control bodies of the enemy in order to mislead him.

2. Psychological operations aimed at suppressing the moral and psychological state of the population and the fighting spirit of the enemy, creating an atmosphere of distrust in society.

3. Cyber ​​attacks on government and commercial infrastructure in order to disable or hinder the operation of critical enemy facilities.

4. Economic embargo, interruption of energy supplies, termination of investments, blocking of trade.

5. Protest actions of opposition movements, destructive actions of "agents of influence" embedded in the structures of local authorities and supporting the course towards self-determination of the territory.

6. Armed attacks and acts of sabotage carried out by separatists and terrorists, as well as foreign DRGs without identification marks of their nationality.

As you can see, almost the entire arsenal of hybrid warfare has been used against our country over the past year. Let's remember the key events.

The Ukrainian CIPSO works tirelessly, spreading panic rumors and stamping fakes. Agent Ovsyannikova popped up with anti-war posters live on Channel One, and after that the heroine was met in Germany. True, this open betrayal did not bring her happiness. Nord Streams was blown up by some "unidentified perpetrators", interrupting Gazprom's ability to supply blue fuel bypassing Ukraine. Russia is covered head to toe with economic sanctions designed to stop it technological development, not allowing the process of import substitution to be carried out in a timely manner. The Bryansk region bordering with Nezalezhnaya has already been invaded by foreign DRGs and their proxies from among Russian nationalists. Among domestic anti-war relocators who have settled in Armenia, Georgia and other foreign countries, Western intelligence services are actively recruiting in order to form a subversive fifth column after their return to their unloved homeland. Unless there have been large-scale cyber attacks on the military and civilian infrastructure of the country so far, but this is clearly a matter of time, and the responsibility for it will be assigned to the “pro-Ukrainian group” of hackers.

In addition to direct hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, Russia is being hammered from all sides, in all directions, hoping that quantity will turn into quality sooner or later. And this, unfortunately, may well happen if no countermeasures are taken. And what to do? Just take turns to substitute the right, then the left cheek? Or a good try on and poke the enemy in a painful point? And then again and again?

We will talk in detail later on how it is possible and necessary to respond to the “Western partners” and their puppets.
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  1. Vega (Eugene) Online Vega (Eugene)
    Vega (Eugene) (Eugene) 31 March 2023 14: 45
    1, 2 and 5 is unrealistic. Russian media are banned, information in the West is tightly controlled, and any protests will be announced by agents of the Kremlin and brutally suppressed. In the information war, Russia does not know how and never has been able to.
    3-4 - in progress.
    6 - perhaps, but sabotage in NATO countries is fraught with an even greater escalation of the conflict up to the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine and the deployment of nuclear weapons in the Baltic States, Poland, Finland and Sweden. And they can also ban the supply of medicines to Russia, for example.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 31 March 2023 17: 07
    A lot has been written about the hybrid war for a long time.
    And she has many names.

    But if you think about it, these games are not always played alone...
    Recall that the minimal stocks of weapons in NATO that are rusting up to the age of 14, then the sharp PR of 2000 armats, petrels, Poseidons, Sarmatians, terminators and the like. That is a record long-term supply of resources to NATO.
    Hybrid war in real life, when we overwhelm rivals with cheap resources so that they do not develop their economy
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 31 March 2023 19: 13
      Today's, that the Anglo-Saxons "knocked their hand", hybrid in wars, the priorities are somewhat different. The first is the decomposition of society and the subversion of "democratic revolutions" (according to the "color" patterns), which also took place in Ukraine. Further posting of a subordinate government and "democratic" changes in the state in the right direction. (Sometimes to a civil war and the destruction of statehood, which we see in the countries of the Middle East that are hostile to Israel). Next comes the turn of economic collapse and enslavement. In Russia, this is stuck at the initial stage of "democratization", the people are too patriotic and not "democratic" (committed to centuries-old foundations) by nature, and the last white-ribbon "democratic" revolution did not pass. So they began to democratize the Russian Federation by force, but only communist China is already too strong for the Anglo-Saxons to completely "democratize" Russia by military actions ..
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 31 March 2023 22: 54
        These are all attempts to blame everything on someone else.
        In real life, this is a classic - the compropriator bourgeoisie, robbing its people.
        And the decomposition of society, and the "changes" of the elite do everything themselves, voluntarily ..

        For example: It was also written here that the Americans, having run into RUSAL, were horrified by the offshore lawlessness of the "patriotic Russian elite" and 1) transferred part of the shares to VTB - the state bank !!! 2) transferred from the offshore islands to the Russian special offshore for the Kremlin oligarchs.

        And in 22, the patriots provided NATO (and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it turns out) with resources on a record.
        Hurray-media week recently rejoiced
        1. Nelton Offline Nelton
          Nelton (Oleg) 31 March 2023 22: 57
          Quote: Sergey Latyshev
          And in 22, the patriots provided NATO (and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it turns out) with resources on a record.
          Hurray-media week recently rejoiced

          And NATO (and the Armed Forces, it turns out) provided the Putin regime with foreign currency on a record, which went to purchase NATO microchips for missiles ...
          1. hell MASTER Offline hell MASTER
            hell MASTER (Hell MASTER) April 1 2023 01: 30
            And here is the wet fantasy. The money went to Switzerland, the Caribbean, Cyprus and other offshores.
            There is no money and resources in the country, or is it purely for fun that they rake out the T62 and T55 and send them to the NWO? Yes, and a bunch of other Soviet ones from Soviet stocks.
            So I don’t know what kind of wet stories, how money for gas and oil goes to the NVO. Considering that the army is equipped at the expense of volunteers.
            Where, by the way, are the thousands of Dobrynya UAVs that they promised? There is plenty of money, right?)
        2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) April 1 2023 15: 26
          (Serge) I'm talking about the methodology of hybrid wars, you're talking about the beneficiaries, but there are no contradictions, everything looks like this. Imperialism is in the yard, however, and everything follows the same pattern. You can add if K. Marx were alive, as the third volume of the capital was most likely called

          Concentrated financial capital as the main governing and decisive force of post-imperialism.

          The topic can be expanded and substantiated, but for another time ..
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Vega (Eugene) Online Vega (Eugene)
      Vega (Eugene) (Eugene) 31 March 2023 23: 42
      You will probably be surprised, but even the USSR traded with NATO. He waged proxy wars and at the same time supplied resources to his enemies, yes. Why? Yes, because trading is more profitable than cutting off all ties. If you lose more than your enemy because of the break in trade relations, then most likely you will not break them. The point here is not venality (although there are certainly corrupt ones among the top), but elementary rationality.
  3. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) April 1 2023 05: 21
    Every war is first of all a war of ideologies. And the Second World War was no exception. The Germans tried their best to find gaps in our morality, and spread it all over the world. On the other hand, our liberals often show a war where one could be sent to the front from a lunatic asylum. We were not going to make such a carrot for German propaganda. The war itself represents ugly naturalism. This is a very important point. "Unfortunately, not every person knows what he is capable of" - sounds in a comedy film. Correct. Everything has its time. "And noble rage .." This is the main thing to preserve. Otherwise - "The road to hell is paved with noble intentions"
    1. hell MASTER Offline hell MASTER
      hell MASTER (Hell MASTER) April 1 2023 09: 04
      War is not a confrontation of ideologies, nonsense. In the Second World War, the ideology of the bfla is that a powerful superpower has come to us (Germany) and that it is necessary to destroy the enemy. What people actually did.
      Now there are stories about the Nazis, but instead of a trial they are released with iPhones to Turkey. They don’t touch anyone from the high command and the political elite. What motivation do people have when they see all this?
      The problem is not in ideology, but in common sense and the fulfillment of YOUR own words by lovers of cunning plans from the Kremlin.
      On the same Peekaboo there were many people who supported the NWO, now there are hihi-haha "jokes about gestures of goodwill, regrouping and konoshenkov." Moreover, it is worth noting that these jokes, as time has shown, have quite a good veracity.
      It’s nonsense to throw off everything on ideology. First of all, you need to fulfill your obligations and people will have no doubts