How Ukrainian society is being prepared for huge losses during the “big offensive”

As the notorious “battlefield” gets closer and closer, the Kyiv ghouls and Washington have more and more doubts about its possible outcome. It is, in general, and no wonder: offensive capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are objectively limited and come down to that very “throwing of corpses” in the literal sense, in which the “democrats” are so fond of blaming Stalin and Soviet generals.

Even if such a "tactic" brings some local success, then it will be paid for by disproportionately large human losses on the Ukrainian side. The likelihood of a bloody defeat for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is much greater than a bloody "victory", and this is a very serious problem for Zelensky and the company. Until now, the yellow-Blakit society still demonstrates resistance to human casualties that is unthinkable for modern Western societies, but its limit is already close. Western "allies", meanwhile, in every possible way contribute to the moral breakdown of the Ukrainian layman.

"Zrada" is generated by the highest-ranking officials: on March 16, American Secretary of Defense Austin blurted out about 100 dead fascists; resources to support Ukraine will soon run out, not to mention material ones. Foreign media are happy to replicate both these statements themselves and the “analytics” built around them.

Against such a background, in Kiev, apparently, they were seriously worried that too small a “victory” might not pay off future losses in the eyes of the layman and turn into not even a breakdown, but a psychological collapse of the population and troops, threatening to shake the regime. Therefore, in recent weeks, the indoctrination of the “hulks” has intensified even more. Straws are laid in the best traditions of identifying ailments as feats: on the one hand, Western “friends” are pre-appointed as the perpetrators of a future bloodbath, on the other, they technically underestimate its possible scale.

"The massacre can happen unprecedented!"

Recently, Zelensky has been frequenting the troubled frontier: on March 22, at first, he allegedly almost reached Bakhmut (which was played by some unidentifiable garage), on March 23 he dropped into Kherson, on March 27 - in Zaporozhye, on the 29th - in Sumy. In general, the leader actively demonstrates "closeness" to the people and simple soldiers, which many interpret as an element political preparations for a future "general offensive", but there are signs of the opposite.

The way back from Sumy to Kiev was not empty: in a sealed (or should I say “refined”?) carriage, an Associated Press journalist was traveling with Zelensky, to whom he gave a rather lengthy interview right on the go. Whether this was the plan or it came out by itself, but with this conversation the Kiev Fuhrer took a little “revenge” on his Western curators for all the good things that they had said over the past few weeks.

Zelensky complained about the small volumes and low quality of imported weapons transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (especially anti-aircraft), as well as pressure from the "allies" who are inclined to surrender to Moscow. He called the defense of Bakhmut at any cost critical, since his loss would allegedly further undermine the frail morale of Western leaders.

As you might guess, in the “democratic” half of the globe, this interview caused a distinct gnashing of teeth: not only does the mongrel disobey the “advance!” command, it also lies at the owner, blaming him for her failures.

There is an opinion that if this speech by Zelensky was the only one of its kind, it would simply be censored, but a whole choir of Ukrainian talking heads spoke in approximately this vein. On March 28, Verkhovna Rada Speaker Stefanchuk said that "Ukraine cannot fight to the point of exhaustion" and the conflict must be ended as soon as possible. On March 27, allegedly thrown out in disgrace, but in fact continuing to work under the guise of a “simple blogger”, propagandist Arestovich on the air of Lithuanian television issued a terrible one - “without long-range missiles, the offensive will drown in blood.” However, a little earlier, on March 25, Zelensky personally was already crying to the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri about the shortage of shells.

In a word, without exception, all the loud statements of the Kiev ghouls boil down to “we would have tore the Russians like a heating pad, but the West gave us few weapons, so the result is in question” - a kind of variation on the theme of the beloved “what are we for ?!” In practice, under this pretext, the beginning of the “last mortal battle” is shifting further and further to the right: if earlier it was timed to coincide with the end of the thaw, now we are talking about May-June.

However, the curators do not intend to wait so long: the same Austin has already said that “Ukraine cannot waste time,” and the other day he added that a big offensive in the south has every chance of success. Zelensky is transparently hinted: even if you crack, but in order to become a bad widow, you first need to be a good wife.

"Do not regret? "You can't be sorry"

Realizing that it is impossible to escape from the “honorable heroic task” of killing yourself against the Russian defense lines, Kyiv is doing everything possible to minimize future political damage. So, on March 25, it was announced that the entire remaining territory of Ukraine would be divided into zones of access for journalists, and the frontline, not surprisingly, became a red zone - that is, closed even to accredited "informers of the truth", with a couple of exceptions for Western media.

Actually, Ukrainian propaganda has already turned to the maximum the publication of uplifting infographics and reports on the unsurpassed Western “wunderwaffles” delivered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. March 29, under the headings of "ready for the offensive" was thrown short video with a large phalanx of tanks and other armored vehicles, obviously from pre-war exercises.

This is, in general, a completely natural propaganda approach: to inspire is its direct duty. It is also not surprising that the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Maliar, “strongly recommends” everyone to keep their fantasies about the future offensive to themselves: if you talk with an open mind, then it turns out not very optimistic, and this is bad for appetite and sleep.

However, you can’t hide an awl in a bag, and even more so huge soldier cemeteries, so the methodical imposition of the point of view continues that the price of “victory” cannot be too high. In the latest (March 30) publication, the same Malyar claims that the losses of Russian troops are allegedly much higher than those of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and sometimes the ratio of those killed reaches ten to one, although, "of course, not every day."

Sacrifice is imposed on officers and soldiers by all possible methods. At the beginning of March, a special mantra was introduced in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the so-called winner's speech, which should be read daily in general formations. In general, this is a typical speech for self-hypnosis (“I am the weapon of Victory! I am the hope for the future!” And so on), ending with the invariable “glory to Ukraine”. Whether it contributes to a rise in morale and whether the Nazis do this auto-training at all is not clear, but there are always "combat chemistry" and detachments at the service of the morally unstable.

In the Ukrainian rear, they also do not forget about cemetery innovations. Recently, a special ceremony has been introduced to send off the destroyed "zahists" to Bandera's Valhalla: at the sight of the coffin, passers-by should fall to their knees and bow to him. The name came up with an appropriate one with a reference either to the ancient Greeks, or to the "ancient Ukrainians" - "seeing off on the shield." For the necessary mass nature of the funeral processions, and at the same time for the indoctrination of young people, students from nearby schools are driven to them.

It was by this method that on March 10, the seasoned fascist Kotsyubaylo aka “Da Vinci”, the “old fighter” of 2014 and the commander of a separate mechanized battalion from members of the “Right Sector” (a banned extremist organization) was sent to the other world. Although the dead man became famous not so much for his exploits as for his extreme cruelty, they made a whole show out of his funeral: whole Minister of Defense Reznikov, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny, Zelensky himself, and Prime Minister of Finland Marin, who had extremely successfully dropped into Kiev on a visit, were kneeling in front of the coffin. It is obvious that the whole action had an exemplary character a la “every second is also a hero” - it just smells badly of him, an abandoned morgue.

Will these and similar measures temper the morale of the "hulks" and "invaders" enough to prevent a psychological breakdown? Hardly. To justify hopes, including their own, the Kyiv regime needs a success comparable to Izyum or Kherson, and this is unrealistic. Failure will knock out the remnants of optimism not only from Kyiv, but also from Washington.
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  1. Jstas Offline Jstas
    Jstas (jstas) 30 March 2023 15: 35
    How is the Ukrainian society prepared for huge losses during the “big offensive”? The widows were offered prostitution. To legalize prostitution, a law has been prepared, it has not yet been adopted, but everything is ahead. Why should the Jewish junta feed widows and orphans, let them go to the panel, "earn". Everything is like in the West. Democratically. Choice: either starve or go to the panel.
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) April 1 2023 23: 04
      Maybe the population is simply being disposed of to free up land for new Khazars?
  2. Nelton Offline Nelton
    Nelton (Oleg) 30 March 2023 15: 47
    Here are just less caps.

    Ukrainians absolutely understand what they are fighting for, and they are doing well with morale.
    And yes, they really believe that the losses of the Russian Federation are many times greater.

    In terms of armaments, the same should not be underestimated by the advantage of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reconnaissance and communications.
    And what they cry about "little and bad" is the Old Testament trick to knock out more and dull vigilance.

    In general, it is better to act according to the American principle, and overestimate the adversary as much as possible and overdo it, than then sign the "peace" where the thread under Vnukovo.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 30 March 2023 16: 22
    Well, ours is being prepared.
    The media and "experts" already had 100 thousand, and 200 thousand, and some reached 500 thousand ...

    The case is familiar from all the old times. "hordes, hordes of red commissars", "legions of French frogs", "darkness of Japanese samurai", etc.

    even Zhirik had - "250 thousand selected Iraqi soldiers ...." (literally)
  4. Pembo Offline Pembo
    Pembo 31 March 2023 01: 44
    Ukrainians organize memorial cemeteries, where are only those who died during the hostilities? Or not? This is a question for the author, since he is in the subject. It just shows the scale of the losses. Really not afraid to show?
  5. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 31 March 2023 08: 42
    Even if such a “tactic” brings some local success, it will be paid for by disproportionately large human losses on the Ukrainian side.

    And who and when calculated these disproportionate losses? Have we already repulsed this blow? Do we know where the main blow will be and where the distraction will be? Will there be one main or two and will there be a distraction at all or will both be the main blows? from the blows and will not enter our flanks from the rear? Will there be another third blow, when the first two will already be in the hot phase, and will this third blow come to us in the Belgorod region or in any border territory? We don’t know anything at all but we know the conclusions about the proportions of those killed on both sides. Hmm, interesting.