Military correspondents told what hinders the establishment of the production of FPV drones in Russia

It's been almost a month in Russia is observed an active discussion among experts and military correspondents related to the problems of FPV drones, or rather, their operational implementation in the RF Armed Forces and their use during the NWO in Ukraine. The surge of interest in this Technology arose after attacks drone against the Russian A-50U aircraft on the territory of Belarus.

On the way of enthusiasts and volunteers, both objective and subjective difficulties arose. For example, military commander Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Fomin) reported that buying FPV drones and spare parts for them, even in China, has become a difficult task. The Chinese are telling the Russians that the Ukrainians have already bought everything. This is unbelievable, given the volume of products manufactured in China, but a fact.

The military corps officer is sure that it is urgent to establish mass production of such devices in Russia in order to develop this direction and not depend on other countries.

There are people and opportunities. If this is done right now, then by the summer we will be able to fill the lack of FPV drones and move on to improving such things: making a controlled swarm, installing a device that simply flies on a photo of a stationary object

- said a former militia from Donetsk.

He stressed that a certain number of domestic loitering ammunition (kamikaze drones) "Lancet", which are on the equipment of the MTR, are not salvation for a giant front, 1200 km long.

We need those who know how to solder, programmers and related specialties. These people need to be urgently mobilized into labor armies in order to achieve our speedy Victory. I predict that our progress will be hindered by those who are used to the “make a drone for 35 and sell for 600” schemes. This will be a big fight

- summed up Tatarsky (Fomin).

In turn, journalist Andrei Medvedev expressed full agreement with the words of the military correspondent, which concerned “make a drone for 35, and sell for 600”, drawing attention to some features of Russian reality and some “muddy schemes”.

This is true. I already wrote that the difference in the price of a product between volunteers / enthusiasts and enterprises built into different chains is hundreds of thousands. This is not a figure of speech. Moreover, there are no logical explanations for this.

Medvedev pointed out.

The journalist added that the same situation has developed with the manufacture of shanks for dropping ammunition from drones.

Just today, a person from the southern region wrote: they wanted to make shanks on industrial printers of one enterprise, and immediately the price increased significantly. Spat, continue in the garage

– said Medvedev.

We remind you that a week ago, the Turkish state-owned company Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) surprised to the world community at the pace of development of aviation technology, by presenting a prototype of the ANKA-3 heavy jet attack drone with low radar visibility and a number of other promising products.
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  1. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic 26 March 2023 14: 26
    As long as the thieves' godfather will sit in industry and on financial flows, there will be no business. It is required, at the legislative level, to set such conditions that it will become dangerous to engage in sabotage. For life and freedom (with little harm from inaction), especially in the military-industrial complex and dual-use enterprises.
    1. Anatoly21 Offline Anatoly21
      Anatoly21 (Anatoly21) 26 March 2023 14: 39
      Here, military-industrial complex enterprises are not even particularly needed, an example of this is the initiative of locksmiths to repair the equipment of the Tambov bakery, who successfully assemble drones, if only there was a desire and hands from the right place.
  2. Griffith Online Griffith
    Griffith (Oleg) 26 March 2023 14: 58
    At the enterprise, the production of a small batch of products can cost an order of magnitude more than in a garage, all other things being equal. Since the staff of the enterprise is several orders of magnitude larger, plus depreciation allowances. Only due to mass production costs are significantly reduced. Therefore, the use of 3D printing on small batches is more profitable for small initiative groups. And only when switching to mass production, it is necessary to connect enterprises.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 28 March 2023 11: 19
      (Oleg) What small batches with a low level of drone manufacturing are we talking about, when the need for especially high-precision kamikaze drones, as consumables, is up to a thousand per DAY. Here we need production lines with the collection of hundreds a day and at the right technical level, not primitive homemade products. Such production should have been working yesterday, but not today. A separate question for the RF Ministry of Defense, or rather the armaments and ammunition structure, such a leadership sitting there is only on trial for unsuitability and sabotage of orders, production and supply of new weapons to the RF Armed Forces. But what to expect and demand from unsuitable firefighters and other parquet sycophants. in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
  3. Blast Offline Blast
    Blast (Vladimir) April 27 2023 08: 32
    A couple of years ago, I criticized the video "Military Acceptance", where there was an overview of the means of counteracting drones. Well, accordingly, in the video we are "advanced", and we have everything ... they say we put a hindrance, we break the connection with the drone, and the fly will not fly by ... Yes, here you are, if the mobile phone recognizes your face, then nothing interferes him to recognize the object embedded in the memory. For the drone, it is enough to set the direction, and then it can operate autonomously, without communication. Well ... here it is, we have arrived ... it will be even "more interesting" further.