Yerevan recognized the ICC and will be forced to detain Russian President Putin in case of his visit

On Friday, March 24, the Constitutional Court of Armenia ruled that Yerevan's accession to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court is consistent with the country's Constitution. The decision was read out by the head of the Constitutional Court Arman Dilanyan.

Armenia's accession to the organization has been going on for several months already. The legitimacy of this step should be determined by the highest judicial instance of the state, as the speaker of the Armenian parliament Alen Simonyan told the media the day before.

According to the head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Svetlana Zhurova, such a decision by Armenia looks very strange, especially since the compliance of accession to the Rome Statute of the ICC with the Basic Law was made public after the decision of the pre-trial chamber of this body to issue a warrant for the arrest of Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, Moscow continues to prepare for the upcoming BRICS summit in South Africa this August, despite the fact that, hypothetically, this country may comply with the decision of the International Court of Justice. South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor confirmed the invitation to the summit of representatives of the Russian Federation.

According to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, preparations for the summit are proceeding as usual, regardless of the ICC step. Directly, the decision to participate in the meeting in South Africa, Vladimir Putin has not yet been made.
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  1. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 24 March 2023 17: 38
    well, that means Bastrykin can also arrest all the property and business of the large Armenian diaspora.
    1. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
      Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 24 March 2023 21: 51
      can he arrest Abramovich's business? or is this "respected partner" a patriot of Russia? can you tell me how much tiramisu he bought for the rescued Russian prisoners and how many iPhones he gave them?

      for the failed Armenian direction, Lavrov and all sorts of Zakharovs should be responsible, and not citizens of Russia of Armenian origin (as well as any other)
      1. isv000 Offline isv000
        isv000 27 March 2023 12: 46
        Can not. He is not Abrahamyan...
    2. mgero Offline mgero
      mgero (Mher) 25 March 2023 20: 49
      In addition to this site, who else hopes for GDP? If so, then on May 9 we'll talk about how many Russian lands are occupied and all the elite receive medals. So far, it has been so and there are no prerequisites for change.
    3. nikanikolich Offline nikanikolich
      nikanikolich (nikola) 26 March 2023 13: 50
      it's high time and with the "karabas" it is necessary to somehow decide
  2. George V Im Offline George V Im
    George V Im (George V Im) 24 March 2023 17: 38
    Is it really true?
    Armenians .. and you are there ..
    Are people really so stupid, the experience of Georgia, the unfortunate Ukraine has not taught ..?
    1. hell MASTER Offline hell MASTER
      hell MASTER (Hell MASTER) 24 March 2023 18: 02
      We need to figure out who is stupid in this situation.
      Armenia, which receives a bunch of goodies and freebies from Russia, without giving anything in return. Or Russia, which gives endless gifts and freebies to everyone.
      So who's dumb then?
      Here is the result of multi-pass
      1. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
        Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 24 March 2023 21: 52
        again someone was held by the nose? laughing
      2. Rust1981 Offline Rust1981
        Rust1981 (R) 30 March 2023 00: 14
        Quote from Hell MASTER
        We need to figure out who is stupid in this situation.
        Armenia, which receives a bunch of goodies and freebies from Russia, without giving anything in return. Or Russia, which gives endless gifts and freebies to everyone.
        So who's dumb then?
        Here is the result of multi-pass

        Clumsy diplomacy is our forte
  3. Vox Populi Offline Vox Populi
    Vox Populi (vox populi) 24 March 2023 18: 13
    The situation described in the note is only one of the links in the chain of unfavorable developments, alas...
  4. Rustam 86 Offline Rustam 86
    Rustam 86 (Rustam Galeev) 24 March 2023 18: 22
    Include Armenia in the list of unfriendly countries. Make a list of persons subject to deportation from the Russian Federation.
    1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
      Vladimir80 24 March 2023 18: 37
      All these people, when it is convenient for them, are citizens of Russia, when it is not convenient - another country ...
    2. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
      Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 24 March 2023 21: 52
      and the incompetent Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Kalinok-raspberries can be expelled somewhere?
  5. Oleg V. Offline Oleg V.
    Oleg V. (Oleg Vladimirovich) 24 March 2023 19: 27
    Traitors one word. But if something happens: Russia help! And ours will help. Free of charge.
  6. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 24 March 2023 19: 30
    It will be interesting to see. How will the Armenians arrest Putin??? How did Pashinyan become so bold??? Suddenly it will turn out the other way around and the state of Armenia will disappear from the map of the Earth. The United States is far away, thousands of kilometers, and 250 kilometers to the Russian Federation. Everything happens in the world.
  7. Foe Pshekov Offline Foe Pshekov
    Foe Pshekov (Arkady) 24 March 2023 19: 51
    Are they really "obliged"? Those. If they don't arrest them, will they be punished later?
    And if you warn that if only one hair from the head of the GDP falls, then there will be no more Armenia?
    Physically, there will be no Yerevan, let's say a few megaton bombs... To find out what BETRAYAL is. Maybe they will think with their heads there?
    1. Rust1981 Offline Rust1981
      Rust1981 (R) 30 March 2023 00: 17
      Calm down, a double will fly. The real one will be there.
  8. Azvozdam Offline Azvozdam
    Azvozdam (Azvozdam) 24 March 2023 20: 00
    And what is there to be surprised?! Such a policy of the Kremlin, this will be appreciated by a psychiatrist. In fact, the question of a damned egg is not worth it - as soon as the West has sucked everything out of any country and abandoned it, the power immediately quickly changes to "pro-Russian". Immediately statements and oaths in "eternal" friendship! Just save, and Russia foolishly saves. Saved, "eternal" friendship died, and Russia again spat on, hanging its head. People call them "blessed" or something like that. Warriors at the front fight like this , in order to win, but the power, so as not to win. The satellites are still NEWS! The channels are coded. Well, OP WHAT can I say!
    1. Rust1981 Offline Rust1981
      Rust1981 (R) 30 March 2023 00: 22
      Damn, what kind of Russia saves? The decision is made by one and his retinue. They are not Russia. Russia is us. But the most interesting thing is that the majority actually voted for him, simply because he watches TV. Therefore, what we voted for, now we have it. Such a foreign policy, such a domestic economy. Such import substitution. Such judges. such deputies. Smile and wave!
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. UAZ 452 Offline UAZ 452
    UAZ 452 (UAZ 452) 24 March 2023 21: 47
    True allies! However, why be surprised? Faithful allies are (and even then rarely) among the strong, successful, generous. Armenia used our generosity to the fullest, and now there is a snag with this - the money was stolen, there is nothing to distribute. And our strength has been observed by everyone for a year now. It hardly impresses anyone, rather, it amazes.
    The only question is - why was it all these years to spend resources on an "ally", whose weathervane-likeness was well known to everyone from history? To once again sigh and cry about betrayal and ingratitude? And this despite the fact that they were perfectly predicted in advance? We seem to be incorrigible masochists. We simply enjoy being committed, it gives us a sense of moral superiority. Well... everyone gets pleasure according to their own taste, which, as you know, is not argued about.
    And now it’s better for Vladimir Vladimirovich not to go to Belarus - you never know. Suddenly Alexander Grigoryevich will remember about the multi-vector approach, and about his Ukrainian roots, and ... it may turn out badly.
  11. Nikolay Volkov Offline Nikolay Volkov
    Nikolay Volkov (Nikolai Volkov) 24 March 2023 22: 01
    the fact that Armenia confirmed its participation in the ICC does not mean ABSOLUTELY that Putin will be arrested on the territory of this country ... just as he will not be arrested in South Africa, which is also a member of this organization ...
  12. Sergio Offline Sergio
    Sergio (Sergey) 24 March 2023 22: 16
    Armenia sold out again!
    It is necessary to impose sanctions against Armenians
  13. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 24 March 2023 22: 46
    Negative selection.
    They are doing it under the nose of the Foreign Ministry, but he cannot do anything ...
    But Lavrov and Medvedev got into the frame of the SI meeting. Neighing. This is what they are famous for, but in diplomacy, alas.
    Everyone blows...
  14. yaskrn skrnlshu Offline yaskrn skrnlshu
    yaskrn skrnlshu (yaskrn skrnlshu) 25 March 2023 09: 40
    What was Pushkin doing there? .. you are an Armenin! You..etc.
  15. Sergei N Offline Sergei N
    Sergei N (Sergey N) 25 March 2023 10: 44
    Do the Armenians really not understand that the arrest of Vladimir Vladimirovich is a declaration of war on Russia?
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 25 March 2023 15: 39
      Yes, calm down. They inflate their own value.
  16. MakStVik Offline MakStVik
    MakStVik (Maksim) 25 March 2023 17: 09
    Armenians, damn friends.
  17. Alexander Dutov Offline Alexander Dutov
    Alexander Dutov (Alexander Dutov) 25 March 2023 17: 54
    Kingdom of Heaven to Karabakh!
  18. Ronino Offline Ronino
    Ronino (D) 25 March 2023 18: 17
    With such allies, there is no need for enemies ... As for the diasporas ... I would very much like to know how many fighters of Armenian and Azerbaijani nationality were mobilized into the Russian army, at least from the city of the hero of Moscow!
  19. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 25 March 2023 20: 07
    I have been writing for a long time: Russian peacekeepers should leave Karabakh, let the Azerbaijanis clean the face of the Armenians. And these forces to the front.
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. ZZZhuruk Offline ZZZhuruk
    ZZZhuruk (Irina Zhuruk) 26 March 2023 00: 18
    I won't buy Armenian cognac anymore
  22. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 29 March 2023 12: 37
    Let them try. Or will Putin go to Armenia without his own bodyguards? And more recently, they shook hands with Putin and assured him of eternal friendship. The saying "tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are" is true. Why does Russia need "friends" at all? USA has friends? They do not need them, it is enough that everyone is afraid of them.