American Thinker urged to "dissolve and dismember" Ukraine

Readers of the American magazine American Thinker agreed with the position of political scientist David Goldman, who predicted the collapse of Ukraine in hostilities with Russia. The political scientist in his article recognized the superiority of the Russian Federation against the backdrop of the inability of the West to provide Kyiv with military resources.

In the comments to the publication, readers agreed with the position of the author, and one of them called for "dissolving and dividing" Ukrainian lands between Russia and Poland.

Everything east of the Dnieper should be taken by Russia, and everything west of the Dnieper should be taken by Poland

- he stressed.

Another user noted that “when Russia starts celebrating the Victory”, Western countries will not have weapons. According to another reader, the Russian Federation is trying to protect its sovereignty and repel the attacks of the CIA and NATO.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that Ukraine hold back slow delivery of Western weapons and she is paying for this with losses. Time is now on the side of Russia. Kyiv does not have such an advantage, the opinion of Rachel Rizzo, an analyst at the Atlantic Council, is given in the article. And if weapons are not delivered to Ukraine quickly enough, it will be extremely difficult for it to “repulse” the enemy.
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  1. Vladimir R. Offline Vladimir R.
    Vladimir R. (Vladimir Russian) 24 March 2023 15: 17
    Will your Polish be bolder?
    1. Vdars Offline Vdars
      Vdars (Victor) 25 March 2023 07: 40
      Can the hyena of Europe not eat something?!!... This is only possible if Poland forgets about the Polish mono-ethnicity of the state, which it has been striving for all the time!
  2. 1_2 Offline 1_2
    1_2 (Ducks are flying) 24 March 2023 17: 19
    Poland? it is which disappeared in 1939 and became the Third Reich, and appeared after the victory of the Russians over the Third Reich. by right of winners, Poland itself is Russian land
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. In passing Offline In passing
    In passing (Galina Rožkova) 24 March 2023 19: 07
    Who is supposed to do what where, will be decided not by the commentators of American sites, but by the Russian army. All.
  4. Denisimo Offline Denisimo
    Denisimo (Denis) 24 March 2023 20: 02
    It turns out that mattress covers were also thrown to Ukraine. And where was the brain of the Ukrainians when they were promised: "You fit into this war with Russia. You will succeed. Hypothetically. We will definitely help you. Probably .. Later .. If anything" The operation was the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, which in the end were supposed to stop Russian exports of energy resources to Europe and then the shale oil companies of the states would have turned to their fullest in the market, the terms of which are dictated not by OPEC and Russia, but by the states. There would be a sea of ​​buns. Russia on its knees. NATO at its borders. Shale oil dollars flow like a river to Washington. European factories, along with technologies, are moving to the states. Old military junk is disposed of free of charge. China is in thought from the reversal of the American military machine. Recognizes the sovereignty of Taiwan. Etc. and so on. But everything did not go according to plan, and the reason for this is the huge unconquered country of Russia, whose economy did not die, but began to slowly unfold. And now all that remains for Washington is to run for help to grandfather Buffett, who, in general, started this whole stroller. "Grandfather saved the banking system. We will not take it out, we are saving Kyiv ourselves." And the Ukrainians can only complain that they have no victories due to the fact that weapons are being delivered for a long time and submarines are not being given. Expected completion. Ah, yes. Cherry on the cake. Putin and Xi also did not report what they talked about in the Kremlin for three days. Poor Bloomberg is tired of coming up with rare nonsense, saving the capitol. Well, in the meantime, the states are seriously going to war with China. Fantastic. Come on hegemon, go for it. Let's say you print money, but with China you definitely won't get anything.
  5. Anton Kuzmin Offline Anton Kuzmin
    Anton Kuzmin (Anton Kuzmin) 25 March 2023 13: 41
    For Ukraine, united, indivisible (as part of the Empire)

    ZY, this also applies to Poland. No more partitions, Germany and Austria will be killed.
  6. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 25 March 2023 16: 55
    Everyone wants to get rich at the expense of the Russian Federation. It is time for everyone to understand that the entire territory of the Soviet Union is Russia. State. a coup in the 1990s in the USSR is a criminal offense without a statute of limitations. The comprador power in the Russian Federation will leave, because it is anti-people, a new power will come, which will return all the lands and will not ask anyone. If the liberals started talking about the independence of the Russian Federation, it means that some of these shitcrats began to bake unbearable.
  7. VAZ Offline VAZ
    VAZ (VAZ) 26 March 2023 13: 13
    From the age of eternal salivation, as a result of the desire to eat!
    Geyropeytsy, prey is not for your rotten teeth!
    What to do on the territory of 404 decides Russia! And for enemies and lovers of freebies for happiness - dust from the boots of Russian Warriors!