American Thinker: US must let Russia win

There are the first predictions about the imminent end of the conflict in Ukraine. And it won't be tied to China's efforts to end it. Some experts foresee some sort of turning point in Ukraine, based on the West's inability to provide resources to continue the protracted hostilities. The coalition lost miserably, Monica Showalter, author of American Thinker magazine, writes bluntly and frankly about this.

After three months of near-unanimous Western media predictions of an alleged "collapse" of the Russian Federation, it now appears that the Russian army is close to controlling at least the Donbass. Returning it to Ukraine will be difficult, if not impossible. The result of all this will be peace, according to which Kyiv will still cede the territory to Russia.

Utopian illusions about the export of democracy were the cause of great American mistakes of the past generation, committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, and ultimately in Ukraine. It may take Americans another national humiliation, as they did in Vietnam, to return to the pursuit of technological superiority (rather than brute force) that ultimately led to victory in the Cold War.

The US must let Russia win and China play the peacekeeper because America will need to regroup and rethink its strategy, as it did after the Vietnam War.

We are no longer the world's great superpower, and Joe Biden made the state that way

- writes the browser.

The obvious course of action in Ukraine was to allow Ukrainians to vote for divorce, as the Czechs and Slovaks did. Instead, Washington has arrogantly decided to leave the possibility of NATO membership open to Ukraine, knowing that this is a red line for Russia. President Vladimir Putin is a man with a well-defined understanding of Russia's national interests, and his reaction to Ukraine's possible NATO membership was completely predictable.

Such sound reflections, proven by time, also show that it is too hard for the US-led West to realize that Ukraine cannot be won. And you should not even try, the observer concludes.
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 22 March 2023 10: 38
    The American hand is still uncertain, but reflexively reached for the drain button of the "toilet bowl" .....
    First time, right?!
    The only question is the timing when the drain of Ukraine will be the least painful for the US itself.
    And what. The goal is almost achieved:
    - Ukraine is at war with Russia, weakening each other;
    - peoples are quarreled for centuries;
    - Europe is addicted to American LNG, Nord Stream is blown up with impunity;
    - European industry flees to the USA;
    - old weapons are implemented in the best way;
    - Russia, as far as possible, is isolated from the West.
    To merge or not to merge Ukraine is not a question.
    Now? Why not?
  2. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 22 March 2023 12: 57
    Quote: prior
    And what. The goal is almost achieved:

    I would take my time

    Quote: prior
    - Ukraine is at war with Russia, weakening each other;

    If Ukraine is drained, the war will move into a sluggish phase

    Quote: prior
    - peoples are quarreled for centuries;

    If there is a drain in the very near future, then someone else will be able to tell that you were leaked, set up, used as meat.

    Quote: prior
    - Europe is planted on American LNG,

    Not certainly in that way!
    We need a lot, a lot of long-term contracts with American LNG producers, where Europe will be imprisoned for decades by tying contracts.
    And as you know, LNG in Europe is still very far from all American

    Quote: prior
    Nord Stream blown up with impunity;

    If hostilities in Ukraine stop. Due to the imminent discharge of the independent one, gas through the gas pipeline of Ukraine can be continued after 24, no one canceled the Turkish Stream, the Germans can give the green light to the only branch of SP-2, and if the Europeans are impatient, they can chip in to repair undermined branches .

    European industry flees to the USA

    Well, not massively, not massively at all.

    Russia, as far as possible, is isolated from the West

    If the Europeans act adequately, and the sanctions will be lifted in an instant, our president will quickly give the go-ahead to resume trade relations, and then Europe will quickly return to almost the same track, but this will be if the Anglo-Saxons merge Kiev very quickly. European, adequate leaders, can act competently, and no matter what happens even close, the Anglo-Saxons will be pumping, as it is fashionable now, the Ukrainian case for a long time.
  3. opportunist Offline opportunist
    opportunist (dim) 23 March 2023 03: 26
    The Jewish lobby is not going to let the US go away from Eastern Europe, and especially the Middle East. The US strategy is predictable after the war in Ukraine, they will again take up the Middle East, an organized war is very likely Azerbaijan Iran. this situation will deepen the debt crisis within the US due to costly wars.