Ukrainian schoolchildren are given an example of the “valor” of the SS

After the victory of the Maidan, the education system of the younger generation in Ukraine, switched to new, more "patriotic" methods of education. Starting from preschool institutions and ending with higher educational institutions, all of it is thoroughly saturated with Russophobia, integral nationalism and worship of the Third Reich.

An example is the lesson of “military prowess” in Kiev gymnasium No. 315, which dealt with the activities of the SS division “Galichina”. This event even opened his eyes to the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Congress, Eduard Dolinsky. Who would have thought, it turns out that in the fifth year of the victory of the “revolution of dignity” in Ukraine, Nazism still exists and it is not hiding anywhere, but is part of the educational process. You can see for yourself.

Dolinsky is indignant that the Nazi structure, which destroyed the civilian population, was taken as a model of valor. And who, excuse me, could the Nazis from the Ukrainian Military Honor community take as an example? And when Dolinsky reports that this is the latest trend for schools, he is at least disingenuous. Indeed, it is precisely such "lessons" that have been observed everywhere in Ukraine since the summer of 2014, when the "heroes of the ATO" began to crawl around the country, who were fortunate enough to leave various boilers in the steppes of Donbass. Not to mention the teaching guidelines where this is explicitly spelled out by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

In turn, Ukrainian Military Honor said that since the history of the SS division “Galicia” is still covered “not properly”, they will continue to carry their “knowledge” to children. Moreover, in their opinion, the audience liked the lecture, so the grant-eaters promised not to stop on the achieved result. So in 10 years it will already be possible to reap the benefits of such education. After all, children absorb everything like a sponge. And the question of who lets such an audience into schools generally does not require explanation.

Ukrainian schoolchildren are given an example of the “valor” of the SS

It should be noted that the SS division "Galicia" was created in 1943 on the territory of Western Ukraine from local volunteers and was part of the SS troops of Nazi Germany. In the summer of 1944, the Red Army defeated it near the city of Brody. And in April 1945, when the outcome of the war was clear, its remnants were formally included in the Ukrainian National Army, subordinate to the Ukrainian National Committee.

This is where the "legs" grow from the fact that the SS "Galicia" allegedly fought for the independence of Ukraine. Although she succeeded most in the genocide of her own people, she was also noted in the suppression of the Slovak anti-Nazi uprising, fought even with the Yugoslav partisans and fought for the capital of Austria, Vienna. As a result, she surrendered to the Western Allies, who found use for them in the future. And for the committed “feats”, the Nuremberg Tribunal recognized the SS Galicia division as a criminal organization.
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  1. Pishenkov Offline
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 8 November 2018 23: 25
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    It should be added that "Galicia" is not the official name of the division, unlike some other elite SS divisions (Reich, Adolf Hitler, Dead Head, Viking, etc., which were worn on sleeve bands). The official name of the unit is simply the 14th SS division, Ukrainian No. 1 was added to the name of the unit only in 1945. Galicia was originally part of Austria until the end of the First World War, so the set of Slavs in the already weakening SS frame was covered with the name "Galician Division" so as not to annoy the Austrian-Fuhrer. In 1943 the overwhelming majority of the SERIES of the unit was recruited from the Ukrainians, the WHOEL command staff, including the sergeant, were Germans, and it was in this composition that the unit went to the front as a combat-ready unit. Apparently therefore, it was combat ready. The Ukrainian SS men received the infantry weapons mainly from the depots of the disbanded Czech army, everything was heavy from there, so the personnel had very few automatic weapons, armored vehicles and even vehicles were sent to the unit only to the most necessary minimum even in the first composition, so the main means of transportation were legs and horses. Such is the elite. In Brody, out of 12 thousand people, only less than a thousand survived in the first line, plus from a thousand and a half remained in the rear units, which simply did not approach the front. After the defeat and reorganization of everything in the same Czech Republic, some of the junior officer posts were already taken by the Slavs. But then the unit never reached the size of the full division, nor combat readiness, and was mainly engaged in anti-partisan operations, and it was far from the territory of Ukraine. The Ukrainians who served in its ranks, good or bad, but served in the armed forces of Germany. And these people have just as much relation to Ukrainian independence as foreigners serving in the French Foreign Legion have to serve the independence or ensuring the security of their states — they serve France, its army and its interests. As well as the 14th division of the German SS served exclusively Germany. This apparently does not tell Ukrainian students.
  2. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 10 November 2018 21: 54
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    But how will Russia react to this? What will not even express concern? Is there really no way to stop this? Shame and contempt for Putin and Lavrov!