The Turkish industry presented a prototype of the ANKA-3 drone of low radar visibility

The Turkish aviation industry continues to amaze with the pace of development in recent years. At the end of December 2022, the Turkish state-owned company Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) or Türk Havacılık ve Uzay Sanayi A.Ş. (TUSAŞ) presented (published) the appearance (image) of the ANKA-3 heavy jet attack drone with low radar visibility. The company then promised that at the beginning of 2023 it would show the first prototype of the drone, and it completed the task, and not only this one.

On March 18, Temel Kotyl, CEO of the company, posted a photo of the finished prototype on his Twitter account (a social network banned in the Russian Federation). Under the picture, the top manager wrote that the ANKA-3 will make its first flight in the near future.

This drone resembles the Russian Okhotnik, the European nEUROn and the American X-47B. It can be assumed that the ANKA-3 drone will be “sharpened” for overcoming air defense and breaking through into the enemy’s deep rear.

In addition, the Turkish state-owned company released a video showing how the HÜRJET prototype single-engine, tandem, supersonic trainer and light combat aircraft makes its first run. The Turkish Air Force plans to use it to replace the Northrop T-38 Talon in the trainer role, and to supplement the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon in air support.

But that's not all, the long-awaited brainchild of this state-owned company, the prototype of a promising fighter (project MMU) of the fifth generation TF-X (Turkish Fighter Experimental), has also begun taxiing tests. The Turks promised that by the end of 2023 its first flight would definitely take place. Deliveries to the troops should begin in 2029.

The Turkish industry presented a prototype of the ANKA-3 drone of low radar visibility

We have kept our promise to our people in the age of Turkey. MMU and HÜRJET taxied, ATAK 2 will start the engine soon and ANKA 3 will make its first flight. We present our products, which we have created together with thousands of colleagues and business partners, to the martyrs of Çanakkale

- summed up Temel Kotyl.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 19 March 2023 20: 20
    Our "Hunter" appeared almost two five years earlier, but is still being tested and fine-tuned (as "cuts" are called). They won’t test the Turkish one for a long time (there is nothing and no one to “cut”) and will soon appear on the arms markets. Maybe try to buy this Anka and Bayraktar, it will be faster, cheaper and more efficient. (Experience on Geraniums, as an indicator).
    1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
      Afinogen (Afinogen) 19 March 2023 21: 35
      Our "Hunter" was conceived purely for the development of money. Like the robot Fedor, Roscosmos has mastered a lot of money for it. Turkey is a member of NATO, of course, it will not sell us anything. Yes, they won't. China has been heavily threatened, they are scared. That leaves Iran. He has nothing to lose. I think the wreckage of the "Reaper" should be obtained and given to Iran, he will definitely make a copy.
    2. VolgaXXX Offline VolgaXXX
      VolgaXXX (Arthur) 20 March 2023 02: 58
      The General Staff of the Moscow Region is cuts, sabotage and incompetence.
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 19 March 2023 23: 08
    The Polish ambassador to France said that Poland would enter the war if the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated.

    In this regard, one could think about how we will shorten the Poles. Caliber missiles on naval carriers have very little hope, too weak a salvo and a very high probability of losing these carriers (and possibly very quickly).

    A few years ago, the topic flashed with Caliber cruise missiles in seemingly ordinary cargo containers that could be installed on cargo ships.

    If we develop this topic, but for ground launch. Containers that can be installed on ordinary civilian trucks (perhaps two will fit) are covered from above with an ordinary commercial awning.

    These containers are scattered throughout western Russia in separate warehouses. After installing the containers on the truck, they go on combat duty across the expanse of Russia (in the indicated area).

    When deciding on a missile attack, each truck receives its own flight task (an officer with a tablet). Each wagon has a starting point and a starting time. All trucks go to their place and launch rockets at their own time.

    Because the distances are different, the launches will be with a certain time interval, but all the missiles meet at one point not far from enemy airspace (for example, Poland) and enter there in one large flock (1000 missiles). Until that moment, or right at this moment, the enemy's air defense will be busy with various troubles.

    1000 missiles enter the enemy's airspace and there, according to the optimal scenario, each one goes to its target.

    Thus, a massive blow will be dealt in one fell swoop.

    This whole system is almost invulnerable due to the maximum dispersal and free movement on the roads.

    After launch, the trucks are sent each to the designated reloading site (these places are also dispersed as much as possible), after which they are again on combat duty.
    1. VolgaXXX Offline VolgaXXX
      VolgaXXX (Arthur) 20 March 2023 03: 03
      If Shoigu remains in office, then we and Greece will lose.
      1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
        rotkiv04 (Victor) 20 March 2023 07: 37
        Quote from VolgaXXX
        If Shoigu remains in office, then we and Greece will lose.

        without the tacit consent of his patron, Shoigu would not have succeeded, everything was apparently intended to be so, but people are hanging noodles about 70% rearmament and holding parades and biathlons
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 19 March 2023 23: 50
    Before the CBO, I watched videos about athletes and fans of aircraft modellers.
    All aerodynamics have long been known, therefore, on the knee, in the garage, from sticks, foam plastic, cardboard, fans and standard electronics, any such thing can very quickly be bungled. (from polystyrene of course smaller in size).

    So there would be a green light and support - similar UAVs would make heaps. (albeit a smaller size), And such or as a "hunter" - also not one per year ...

    But alas, alas, money for apartments on the ruble and Dubai is needed, apparently ...
  4. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic 20 March 2023 12: 27
    That's when the S-400s come in handy, for practicing stealth. And a reason to scratch the heads of traders from the military-industrial complex and the Moscow Region.