Armed Forces of Ukraine will be replenished with hundreds of units of Soviet and Western tanks

Kiev has repeatedly stated that they expect to receive from NATO countries and allies of the “peace-loving” bloc from 700 to 1000 tanks to confront Russia. At the same time, little attention was paid to concretization, which we will now try to correct.

It should be noted that at least half of the indicated maximum number will be tanks of Soviet designs and their analogues. Moreover, about 400 of them are T-72s and Polish PT-91Twardy (“Twardy”), of which more than 300 units were transferred to Ukraine in 2022. The other day, Pakistan was informed that they were ready to transfer 44 T-80UD tanks to Kyiv in exchange for support from the West (mass unrest is now raging in the country). Probably, these tanks are in need of repair, as they were bought from Ukraine more than 20 years ago (Islamabad has 315 units of such MBTs in total). At the same time, it was reported from Warsaw that Poland could additionally supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with another 60 T-72 and PT-91 units.

The emergence of relatively modern Western models of heavy armored vehicles in the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the form of German Leopard 2, American M1 Abrams and British Challenger 2 is expected in the amount of just over 150 units during 2023. Germany and the United States, as well as other countries participating in the “tank coalition”, can scrape together another 100 units of the albeit obsolete, but modernized Leopard 1 and 50 Leopard 2 units, as well as 200 M1 Abrams units with a strong desire.

The number of tanks looks impressive, given that the RF Armed Forces are now replenished often not the T-14 Armata. But the main battle tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the spring-autumn military campaign this year will definitely be the T-72, however, Ukrainian tankers know how to handle them. Moreover, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have accumulated a reserve of 200-250 units, including a number of captured and repaired ones, which can also be used. This indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a shock fist and this cannot be neglected.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 16 March 2023 12: 41
    Pakistan is unlikely to hand over the T-80, because China can quietly ask not to give it back. So for all possible donors to find an approach. The Germans and the British will issue a couple of dozen, but these are not the same quantities. The main suppliers will be Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic states, they will scoop out and supply everything they have. Today they are the main enemies of the Russian Federation, but why does the Foreign Ministry not warn and put pressure on these non-friends about the long-term consequences, why there are no open statements with news for the citizens of these countries, because the governments are pro-American, and citizens have a different opinion (The case with Bulgaria). The work of the Foreign Ministry for the citizens of these countries is almost zero, they grumble at the UN and that's it, but you need to work constantly with the citizens by all possible means, as our enemies do. According to our affairs, we must forget about Armata T-14, there are no engines and other basics (there were analyzes on VO - why there is no Armat). So "Breakthrough" is already not bad, only more.
    1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
      Vladimir80 16 March 2023 12: 57
      They will hand over and sell everything they ask, China is not an assistant to us at all. And what about the midfield - he only continues the peaceful policy of the towers with the weekly transfer of red lines ...
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 16 March 2023 13: 13
        Replica. You do not follow the political consequences of the actions of the PRC at all. Yes, and your reasoning is similar to superficial, I advise you to take a deeper look at today's political actions, the statements of experts in politics and economics, otherwise such statements are perceived as amateurism.
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 16 March 2023 13: 08
    the main difficulty of the Ukrainian offensive is the need to create a gigantic numerical advantage.

    Create a numerical advantage in one sector of the front? - It won't allow logistical possibilities if you do it quickly. If slowly, then the clusters will begin to be destroyed in gigantic quantities as well.

    Advance on a broad front, hoping to break through the defenses somewhere and launch the main reserves into the breakthrough? - Concentration on a wide front will also be opened, although it will suffer fewer losses. Smearing forces across the width of the front reduces the likelihood of a breakthrough and increases the likelihood of a massive drain of the main forces of a breakthrough in one fell swoop, tk. it is necessary to break through the defense on a wide front.

    Create two or three strike groups in different areas far from each other? - This may be the most dangerous option for us, but here, too, not everything is clear. The Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have an overall numerical superiority; in case of success in one direction, the transfer of reserves from other directions will be long, but possibly faster than the transfer of Russian reserves.

    No matter how you shuffle, there are limits to what is possible everywhere - logistics, concentration time. Much depends on our intelligence
  3. Anton Kuzmin Offline Anton Kuzmin
    Anton Kuzmin (Anton Kuzmin) 16 March 2023 15: 18
    Even if the author is right and counting to the maximum, all the same, 1K tanks are many times less than it was before, delivered on time and already destroyed. Link hopes with the arrival of the next small (according to the Russian capabilities of destroying armored vehicles) raw materials for scrap metal? Doubtful.
    1. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 16 March 2023 17: 30
      Exactly. If more than 6 tanks have already been destroyed. Well, there will be another 000, and what will that change? Well, another 1000 months .... And then no more ...... And the Russian military industry is only reaching its maximums.
  4. Anrey Offline Anrey
    Anrey (Andrey) 17 March 2023 11: 45
    And one should never neglect anything, especially in military affairs. As soon as you start to consider the enemy more stupid than yourself, you immediately get an answer. The ENEMY must be taken seriously and with respect, even if you hate him at the same time.