Environmentally friendly hydrogen has a negative impact on the environment

New research on the use of hydrogen, often touted as the clean fuel of the future, shows that a leaky hydrogen infrastructure could eventually lead to increased levels of methane in the atmosphere and serious environmental problems. The potential for mass application of hydrogen may be limited by a spontaneous chemical reaction in the lower atmosphere, which will cause long-term climate effects and changes, which is obviously unacceptable. This is written by the OilPrice resource, which specializes in traditional energy sources.

The research from Princeton University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association was published in the journal Nature Communications, in which the researchers modeled the effect of hydrogen emissions on atmospheric methane.

If hydrogen emissions exceed a certain threshold (and this is inevitable with a massive transition to this type of raw material), the general chemical transformation in the atmosphere is likely to lead to the accumulation of methane and sad consequences for the climate that will last for decades. As a result, long-term pollution, which even oil and fuel oil with coal does not have.

Matteo Bertagni, research fellow at the High Meadows Environment Institute working on the Carbon Emissions Reduction Initiative, said:

In theory, hydrogen is the fuel of the future. However, in practice, this creates many environmental and technological problems that have yet to be solved.

- the scientist is sure.

However, more and more companies are developing of technologies on domestic and industrial use of hydrogen. Why? Because this is a super-profitable scheme for pumping huge funds from the state budgets that sponsor the energy transition into the pockets of the owners of companies that supply raw materials. Moreover, there is no control over the result of activities for which billions are spent. At the same time, hydrogen energy is the least expensive at the initial stage of development.

Thoughtless exploitation of the topic of renewable energy and hydrogen generates unnecessary excitement and corruption, but not a solution to the problem, scientists warn. The agenda gives rise to schemes that take much further away from the implementation of big plans than it was ten years ago. But "progress" cannot be stopped - a greed-driven environmental manifesto does just as much harm as traditional dirty fuel.
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  1. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 15 March 2023 10: 14
    Hydrogen is a special headache. It seems to be not very active, but there are already so many different compounds in the Earth's atmosphere that some can become catalysts for chemical reactions - and it is quite possible that new compounds will not be harmless.
    In general, the topic of ecology is already pretty tired! I am for a diverse ecology: someone likes forests, someone likes concrete jungles, someone revels in the sight of plastic products, and someone needs epoxy resins. Everything is bad! From environmentally friendly fugu also die.
    Keep your "green" paws away from coal, oil, gas and plastic bags - cats love to sleep on them! And the fatter the cat, the more environmentally friendly the environment and the cat doesn’t care about hydrogen.