Experts: the term for extending the grain deal for 60 days was not chosen by chance

In the media space, discussions have intensified around the possible extension of the grain deal. Recall, Russia said that it was not against the extension of the Black Sea Initiative, but only for two months. This position of Moscow does not suit Kyiv, which insists on extending the agreement for at least 120 days.

The term of 60 days was not chosen by chance, since for Russia the reduction of the automatic prolongation period is an instrument of pressure on the West, which does not fulfill its obligations to unblock the export of Russian agricultural products

- explain the experts of the telegram channel "Sovereign economy».

At the same time, economists note that it is important for Turkey to play the role of an economic intermediary until the presidential elections in the country, which are scheduled for May 14. But the Russian Federation should not blindly hope for Erdogan's victory.

The risk that our "uncompromising reliable ally" will lose is great, so our country should not rely on Ankara, which is seen as a logistics and trade hub

economists say.

Recall that Moscow has repeatedly made concessions to Ankara, since it is seriously dependent on the parallel import of sanctioned goods that come to Russia through Turkey.

However, experts consider this policies erroneous, emphasizing that it will not be able to solve all the problems facing the Russian economy.

It is necessary to engage in the creation of industries within the country, and not to hope that parallel imports will solve all problems

experts summarize.

Recall that the so-called grain deal was concluded by Russia, Ukraine and Turkey through the mediation of the UN. However, Moscow has repeatedly stated that Kyiv is not fulfilling its obligations.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 14 March 2023 18: 35
    Moscow does not realize that Kyiv, together with the West, is not waging a NVO, but a real real War with the Russian Federation, and not trade. Therefore, the “grain deal” did not live up to fantasies of lifting the ban on the export of grain and fertilizers of the Russian Federation, but allowed it to score political points in the eyes of some part of the underdeveloped state formations of the third world, and gives Ukraine funds for military needs. It turns out that economic interests for the Russian Federation are more important than the lives of fighters at the front, whom the Armed Forces of Ukraine are killing with Western weapons bought with funds from a grain deal, oil and gas transit through its territory.
    1. Andrew13 Offline Andrew13
      Andrew13 (Andrei) 14 March 2023 22: 05
      they understand, they just can’t do anything, and there’s nothing to answer.
    2. Pavel N Offline Pavel N
      Pavel N (Paul) 18 March 2023 23: 44
      It is not the ruin that receives funds from the sale of grain, but transnational agricultural corporations that bought up the local black soil
  2. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 15 March 2023 06: 31
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has propaganda for Africa and the Middle East, where this type of bread was supposed to go, but did not go.
    Like "We went forward, but these European creatures are deceiving, taking your cheap grain for themselves."
    And it is read there not "we" were thrown, but "the countries of Africa and the Middle East."
    With the addition that rich European countries use this grain for livestock fodder.
    And one and a half continents "Uuuuu, bourgeois!"
  3. Yaroslav the Wise (Yaroslav the Wise) 15 March 2023 08: 19
    As one of the readers commented on the so-called "Grain Deal":

    there should be such an agreement: one dry cargo ship from Ukraine, one dry cargo ship from Russia

    This would be the best plan. They didn’t let a dry cargo ship from Russia, which means next time there will be no dry cargo ship from Ukraine. The deal couldn't be easier! But Russia is not looking for easy ways