Expert: It's too early to talk about the formation of a "cauldron" in the Avdiivka area

Russian troops continue offensive operations in the Avdiivka area north of Donetsk. Under the artillery strikes of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the fortifications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which they have been building over the past nine years, are being crushed. About it in an interview LOOK said the Donetsk deputy Vladislav Berdichevsky.

At the same time, it is too early to talk about the formation of a full-fledged boiler. To begin with, we need to take control of Krasnohorivka and Pervomaiskoye. And then the enemy will be surrounded

- the expert noted.

Currently, two mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian armed forces are operating in the Avdiivka area, which in total is about 5 servicemen. Along with this, there is a constant replenishment of Ukrainian formations with reserves, and weapons are being brought in. The main task of the RF Armed Forces is to cut off the routes of these supplies. In this case, it will be possible to talk about the formation of a full-fledged "cauldron".

The analyst recalled that the ninth regiment of the DPR and several other units of the RF Armed Forces operate in this direction. According to Berdichevsky, a full-fledged offensive by Russian troops in this area can be expected in about a month, since there are practically no mudslides near Avdiivka, which favors the intensification of hostilities.
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  1. hromenkonickolai (Nikolay Khromenko) 13 March 2023 19: 22
    Our calves, but the wolf would eat!
  2. polynet Offline polynet
    polynet (polinet) 13 March 2023 23: 15
    Russian troops made an unexpected flank breakthrough near Bakhmut. 20 kilometers from the city, attacks were made on the accumulated reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which were supposed to unblock the settlement.
    According to the telegram channel "Military Chronicle", the battle took place 20 kilometers northwest of Bakhmut. We are talking about the settlements of Golubovka and Minkovka. It was there that the reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine accumulated, which were called upon to unblock the city. These are two tank brigades, a territorial defense brigade and jaeger battalions. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been sending reserves to this area since March.
  3. Irek Offline Irek
    Irek (Paparazzi Kazan) 14 March 2023 08: 51
    A herd of ten thousand is surrounded.