Should Russia Become "Israel on the Volga": Reflections on Security

The day before, the Reporter published two publications in a row in which we examined in detail the question of how Russia can get out of the strategic impasse in Ukraine. The first one was told about the fact that we just have to bet on an adequate part of the Ukrainian people, creating an alternative to the Nazi project of Anti-Ukraine. And in the second we explainedhow exactly this can be done, having first liberated Kharkov, Sumy, Chernihiv and other cities on its Left Bank without frontal assaults. In this, third, publication, I would like to give feedback to our readers, some of whom took the author's concept with hostility.

As a preface to the article, we quote former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan:

Israel must always act like a rabid dog, to be perceived by others as a danger and not an object to be harmed (with impunity).

Let's get started.

"Israel on the Volga"

To yesterday's publication about the expediency and necessity of creating a new pro-Russian state on the Left Bank as opposed to the Nazi one on the Right Bank, one of our readers wrote a long commentary in which he severely criticized its ideas and proposed his own program of action. In general, it is not customary for us to write reviews on comments, however, it is the ideas coming from the “deep” people, or rather, those who consider themselves to be them, that are interesting. Therefore, as an exception, an analysis of the main theses will be made, which in the commentary has accumulated for an entire article.

The first counterargument to the “stupid projects of Marzhetsky” naturally boils down to the fact that Russia should no longer feed these very Ukrainians, where without it:

What kind of post-war device are you going to arrange in a divided country? Under the USSR, Ukraine was fed, and what, what did it lead to? “We feed all Muscovites”, that's what. Would you like to repeat? Well, the West will feed the other part of Hochland the way it fed West Germany, making it a “showcase of the West” against the backdrop of the GDR. Everything that you wrote in this article works for the West, which will only be happy to equip and arm “its own” part of Ukraine to spite Russia, which, with all its desire, is unlikely to be able to build a more attractive model on “its” side.

At first glance, this statement may seem correct to some, but is it?

Is it in the plans of the collective West to build a second Germany or South Korea out of the part of Ukraine controlled by it? Not at all. The Ukrainian people are only required to fight to the last, a Ukrainian capable of holding a weapon in his hands. Weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will also be given exactly as much as is necessary to solve specific problems. No one is going to rebuild and develop Ukraine in defiance of Russia. The poorer and angrier its population with revanchist plans will be, the more profitable it will be for the “Western partners”.

The most interesting thing is that Russia can offer Ukraine an alternative economic degradation in the form of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Union State with Belarus. Ukrainian industry is objectively focused on our sales market, the restoration of industrial cooperation will only benefit everyone. Within the framework of “European integration”, the former Square has no future at all.

Further, our reader voices his strategic vision of the war with Ukraine:

The only thing that can really work is that working for the West will become unprofitable and dangerous for the pro-Western politicians, regardless of any money and other promises. Every anti-Russian politician on the territory of the former USSR must understand that his anti-Russian activities will lead to his physical destruction. There is no need to fight with entire peoples; a war against a people cannot be won without WMD. It is necessary to precisely neutralize dangerous elements capable of rallying forces around them, moreover, it is significant. You always have to work according to the godfather, because there is no leader - there is no pack. If we sweep away the leadership of the United States, our little hands are short, then I think we would be able to reach out to this petty-European vile, if desired.

From what has been written, we can agree with only one statement: Russia will not win the war against the Ukrainian people, because on the other side, exactly the same Russians are fighting, stubborn in defense and evil. But it was precisely the solution of this problem that our first publication on this topic was devoted to, how to transfer the format of the “Great Patriotic War-2” for Ukrainians back to the format of the Civil War and help the pro-Russian part of the Ukrainian people defeat the Nazi regime. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to understand this message correctly.

But what is difficult to agree with is the proposal to physically eliminate the "leaders". Firstly, President Putin himself does not agree with this, having issued a “safeguard certificate” to his colleague Zelensky. Secondly, what exactly will Zelensky's death change? Nothing, it will just be replaced by another person. It will even get worse, because propaganda will create the image of a martyr out of Zelensky. Undoubtedly.

Most of the ten points of "successful development of the country for the next 25 years" in the vision of our reader are also devoted to the physical elimination of Russia's enemies:
1. Physical elimination of key elements of anti-Russian activities in neighboring states.

7. Provocations and sabotage in the territories of Russia's enemies, so that they understand that there will be a response. They blew up our pipelines - your nuclear power plant will explode.

8. Physical destruction of identified Western agents in doubtful countries, including citizens of Western countries.

9. A clear demonstration of the possibility of physical elimination of decision makers in the West.

In other words, the Russian special services are being asked to behave in the style of the Israeli Mossad, which, like Jupiter, is allowed more than a bull. That's just the question that the Russian "elites" may receive a "response" for some reason is not touched upon in this strategy. Do you think that Daria Dugina was demonstratively brutally murdered just like that?

Also a lot of attention in this "development plan" is given to the problem of migration:

5. Deprivation of freedom and the right to work in state bodies of persons responsible for the influx of illegal migrants.

6. Expulsion from Russia of all migrants who have committed the slightest violation of the laws of the Russian Federation with a ban on re-entry. After serving the appropriate punishment, of course.

10. Creation of conditions for population growth and high-quality education of state-forming peoples in order to exclude their replacement by foreigners.

Some unpleasant odor was drawn from this strategy. Somehow a bit too much xenophobia for an initially multinational, inherently imperial power. The only thing that the author of these lines can somehow agree with is the last three points:

2. Deprivation of benefits from cooperation with the West of internal anti-Russian elements, including the physical removal of corrupt officials.

3. The exclusion of the entire territory of Ukraine from the influence of the West.

4. Limiting the withdrawal of capital, including by locating foreign production facilities in Russia (this is too difficult for you, but if you try hard, you will understand).

True, our reader should explain that the “physical elimination of corrupt officials” is possible only by a court verdict, provided that the moratorium on the death penalty is lifted. Otherwise, it will be a criminally punishable act, for the implementation of which the “liquidator” will eventually end up in a firing cellar or in a life sentence. It is also not entirely clear what kind of foreign production should be placed in Russia under Western sanctions.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the implementation of such a “country development plan”, if, of course, it can be called that, with the physical liquidations of foreign politicians and explosions of nuclear power plants, will make Russia not just a “rogue” country, but the same “mad dog” , which a much larger coalition of countries will gather to kill than the United States has now been able to unite because of the NWO in Ukraine. "Israel on the Volga" from the Russian Federation under the current leadership of the country and his style of government simply will not work, and this may not be so bad.

The United States is behind Israel, nobody is behind us. The only way to save Russia in the face of growing international isolation is the one that the USSR has already passed. You can go along it, starting with the gradual liberation and reformatting of post-war Ukraine with its inclusion in the Union State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.
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  1. Paul3390 Offline Paul3390
    Paul3390 (Paul) 11 March 2023 11: 40
    the restoration of industrial cooperation will only benefit everyone. Within the framework of “European integration”, the former Square has no future at all.

    The author resolutely does not want to understand the mentality of a significant part of the Tsegabon people. At least - the inhabitants of the western and central territories .. Fuck they don’t need this industry, they’ll have to work hard there. The Selyuk mentality does not accept this, but it accepts-a FREEDOM..But Russia cannot offer it, a longed-for freebie. But - the European Union can promise ..

    And in the race of proposals - let's get you a good job and profitable connections with friendship with the Russian Federation, and - you'll like to live on benefits worthy of you, but you won't have to work at all, the last one wins with a devastating score .. Well, remember - for what they jumped on the Maidan? And then it will become extremely clear - well, they are not interested in Russia, they do not want that .. And this craving for a holy freebie is so great in their society that for the sake of this dream they will do anything. Even realizing that this does not happen, and they will definitely be thrown as the last suckers ..

    The whole problem of Tsegabonia is the transcendent mriality of the consciousness of an ordinary Tsegabonian .. He lives in a fairy tale about the Golden Fish, and not in the real world .. The longed-for freebie of the type is already within easy reach - and you say to him, go work, we will provide you with orders .. Schaz !!!!
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  4. Hiker Offline Hiker
    Hiker (Dmitriy) 11 March 2023 12: 19
    You can go along it, starting with the gradual liberation and reformatting of post-war Ukraine with its inclusion in the Union State of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

    There is no Ukraine on the left bank.
    Putin said - decommunization ....
    And no anti-Ukraine is needed.
    There are Russians on Russian soil. More than 90 percent
    The left bank does not need any status, that is, not at all.
    Just regions of Russia. Kharkovskaya, etc.

    Any attempts to stick some Ukrainian politicians on the left bank, to create some kind of alternative Ukrainianism, and so on, is like laying a new mine for the future.

    All regions are only an administrative division, as in all of Russia and NO political structure.
    If someone wants to promote a new Ukrainianism, then it is not in Russia.

    Part of Ukraine will still remain, like Ukraine, a member of the UN.

    And let them enter the EU (!) with their remainder (!)
    There is no need for any union state with them (!)
    It was not enough to keep them even after that ....
    1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
      aslanxnumx (Aslan) 12 March 2023 09: 30
      Putin said and says a lot of things. The result of all this, Russia is in a strategic impasse, attacks on Russian territory, the death of Russian citizens.
  5. Baltika3 Offline Baltika3
    Baltika3 (Baltika3) 11 March 2023 12: 29
    Is it in the plans of the collective West to build a second Germany or South Korea out of the part of Ukraine controlled by it? Not at all.

    I confirm not at all. Believe me, every morning I read the plans of the collective West, which the courier brings to me, as well as to Sergei Marzhetsky, directly from Washington.
    1. sap Offline sap
      sap (Alex) 12 March 2023 17: 09
      Every morning I read the plans of the collective West, which the courier brings to me, as well as to Sergei Marzhetsky, directly from Washington.

      Hey little one! At laughing ate!
  6. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 11 March 2023 12: 33
    The attempt to build a second Israel in Ukraine failed, although the Jews remained hopeful. The Russians will not accept the lifestyle of Jews, therefore the state system of Israel to live surrounded by neighbors of enemies is not acceptable for Russia. The Russian Federation has a neighbor China and not a friend, not an assistant, but only a neighbor on whom you cannot rely. Who is considered a neighbor? In the USSR, it was clear to everyone that there was a border, there were neighbors. In the Russian Federation, there is no such concept, since all newly formed states are legally insignificant. These states were formed as a result of a coup d'etat in the USSR, its liquidation, on the territory of the USSR. State coup, this is a criminal offense that has no statute of limitations. A new government will come, new people who will declare that Russia is the successor - the successor, the entire territory of the former Soviet Union is an integral part of Russia. The first signs have already sounded.
    President of Russia V.V. Putin, in his speech in Veliky Novgorod, dedicated to the 1160th anniversary of the birth of Russian statehood, said: “Russia cherishes all the pages of its history and will not repeat the mistakes of underestimating the importance of its own sovereignty. Today's Russia is the legal successor of both Ancient Rus', and the Muscovite kingdom, and the Russian Empire, and the Soviet Union. All these are pages of our history, we will never give up on them, we will not rewrite history to please the political situation. The history of the country makes it stronger. And the main lesson of history is that it is mortally dangerous for Russia to weaken its sovereignty even for a while, to abandon national interests.”
    There will be no second Union. There will be one big Russia throughout the post-Soviet space. All former Soviet republics of the USSR are not capable of being independent independent states. All their independence is being built as a NATO buffer state hostile to the Russian Federation. Their entire independent life is wars, for example, in Central Asia, wars for water, in the Caucasus, Azerbaijan-Armenia, a war until the end of the world, Georgia-Abkhazia-Ossetia, the Baltic States-Russia. Better not to have such neighbors. Only in one state can everyone be forced to live in peace.
    1. sap Offline sap
      sap (Alex) 12 March 2023 17: 51
      Today's Russia is the legal successor

      A lawyer is supposed to know that the concepts of successor and successor are different legal powers. After the collapse of the USSR, the UN included former republics, current limitrophes, and they could position their status as successors, and this is their personal business, I did not go into details. But Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (USSR) were among the founders there and had the right to the status of successors! Russia is enshrined in the UN as a SUCCESSOR of the USSR. Accordingly, both Ukraine and Belarus, the maximum that they could claim as CONTINUERS, but already the former Union Republics.
      It was precisely because of the status of the successors of the USSR that Russia assumed all the debts of the former USSR (and therefore the republics that were part of it), but it also received the right to inherit the property of all former republics. Another thing is that our collaborating government, headed by EBN, could not (or did not want to) legitimize this inheritance in hot pursuit. Now declaring from the rostrum that Russia is the successor, the Guarantor, either consciously or stupidly (I don’t know which is worse), gives reason to rabid Russophobes to raise the question of Russia’s right to be considered a co-founder of the UN, which enemies simply dream of. The status of the successor of the USSR gives the right to use the Laws of the USSR in the current and domestic and international life, If these laws are not repealed by the new government. In any case, the Law of the USSR of 03.04.1990 No. 1409-ON THE PROCEDURE FOR SOLVING ISSUES RELATED TO EXIT
      UNION REPUBLIC OF THE USSR. So, legally, no one dared to cancel it, although a number of by-laws have actually delegitimized it and it does not work. And here it is appropriate to recall that the logic of the fight against fascism in Ukraine will inevitably raise the question of a change of power in Russia itself, and on what it will become and where it will move in the development of society. will depend on whether we defeat fascism as the USSR or bring Russia to the threshold of disintegration and a new shameful surrender world.
  7. Enoch Online Enoch
    Enoch (Enoch) 11 March 2023 12: 56
    There is no need to make Israel out of Russia. Russia has its own way - with God. And with whom today's Israel - they choose, like 2000 years ago.
  8. Nelton Offline Nelton
    Nelton (Oleg) 11 March 2023 13: 14
    Russia can offer Ukraine an alternative to economic degradation in the form of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Union State with Belarus. Ukrainian industry is objectively focused on our sales market, the restoration of industrial cooperation will only benefit everyone.

    It is necessary to invest Russian funds in the development of the economy and the improvement of Russian cities.
    And Ukraine-goes to Europe-and let him go.

    The question is just what will cost less -

    1) Endure shelling, evacuate 25-100 km of the frontline zone, spent on arranging defense and pro.

    2) move the front line to the Dnieper / border with Poland, and make a similar security zone not on its own territory, but on Ukraine.

    3) pay reparations. More precisely, endlessly pay% on accrued reparations.
    In the amount of all foreign exchange earnings. With Western control over exporters.

    Option 2 looks the most attractive, of course.
    The question of price is that we simply do not have so many resources to deploy 100500 modern strike UAVs at a time (not to be confused with disposable cruise missiles) and everything else.

    In the context of option 2, they left the border regions of the Kharkov, Sumy and Chernihiv regions in vain. Is it possible to re-occupy them (without going into large n / a) not in the Avdiivka regime - it's hard to say, but it's at least somehow real.
  9. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 11 March 2023 13: 33
    All these listed 10 points of "readers" are simply unrealistic. They look like windmills and go somewhere in a parallel life. That is why they are so easy to refute.
    Because in the yard is imperialism, the market, which the Head praised so much in his messages.

    An artificial "anti-Kyiv Ukraine" project, after the RF Armed Forces killed from 100 to 500 thousand Ukrainians?
    IMHO, we understand that it's easy to give up, just not in 1, but in 2 moves. Why complicate it then?

    Open a 2nd front at Stsma, or even a 3rd front at Belarus? IMHO, there would be forces - they opened it long ago.
    Ukraine, they wrote, has long been digging in both at the borders with the Old Man, and at the borders with the large cities of Sumy and Kharkov for sure. (Although there was no PR in the media). And we also mobilized tanks of the 60 series, and they began to put ship anti-aircraft guns on old armored personnel carriers. and some kind of "cast-iron shell hunger" suddenly appeared ... and everything is official, not through the telegram channels of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    It looks suspiciously like a lack of forces on the 2-3rd front ....
  10. hellman anton Offline hellman anton
    hellman anton (hellman anton) 11 March 2023 13: 48
    Hmm, again stories from the category "it doesn't solve anything, it's beneficial for us that Zelensky is there" and other nonsense.
    The destruction of the country's top leadership is a paramount task in military conflicts. If you lack something for this and the partners do not understand, why justify this "yes it won't change anything"?
    I remind you that the SVO began for the alleged denazification of Ukraine. Zelensky was called a Nazi and a drug addict in all the media, and his gang at the head of the state. Putin's words on February 24.
    It looks like some kind of selective denazification. Or is Zelensky a Western partner?
    Please do not talk about the court and that they are needed for the court. As we saw on the example of the leaders of Azov, nothing will happen
    1. Alexey Lan Online Alexey Lan
      Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 11 March 2023 14: 21
      The war has a logic: the more losses and hardships, the angrier the parties become. I think for 3-4 months and then the parties will think about negotiations, and if not, then in the order of anger there will be strikes on the command post, and possibly the use of tactical nuclear weapons. As for Ukraine, judging by the statements of the GDP, not all of Ukraine would suit us, and perhaps even only the Donbass and the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov. For the whole of Ukraine, and perhaps even on the left bank, Russia simply does not have a military resource.
  11. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 11 March 2023 14: 24
    The Eastern Partnership program includes Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova with the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.
    In all these and Central Asian state formations, there is restlessness, and some openly set the goal of integration with Europe, and if the Russian Federation could offer an alternative like China, the queue would not be in the EU and NATO, but in the CIS and the European Union.
    Russia will not win the war, not because exactly the same Russians are fighting on the other side, but because the ruling class stands above the state, seeks to integrate with the EU monopolies and, together with them, participate in the robbery of the rest of the world and the Russian Federation, above all.
    The Russian Federation has a vast territory and unlimited natural resources, which makes it possible to withstand a political and economic blockade that would be fatal for any other state formation in the world.
    The threat to the Russian Federation comes from the system of government and government, because state capitalism, built in the era of V.V. Putin, subordinates big capital through the regulation of business activities, lending, taxation and other legislative acts, and strict regulation of pricing does not allow uncontrolled robbery of the population. Therefore, the lion's share of income is received by large capitalists from trading in natural resources and even with enemies during the war - money does not smell. Just for the sake of this, they dragged the Russian Federation into the WTO, the ECHR and other international structures in order to integrate the Russian Federation into the world capitalist system and plunder the rest of the world together. Large capitalists represented by the RSPP today have an advisory voice under the President of the Russian Federation. For a long time they have not abandoned attempts to get out of state control and are eager for power. Money and power are two sides of the same coin, the merging of power and capital is a natural process. They buy lobbyists, create political parties like Prokhorov (Civil Platform) and Semigin (Patriots of Russia), and each of them can bring thousands of militants to the streets both in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The intra-class interests of the capitalists differ in the type of activity, geography, etc., and this is fraught with the collapse of the state into separate fiefdoms, by analogy with the Far Eastern, Urals, Kaliningrad and other republics of the Yeltsin era.
    The only saving way for Russia is the dictatorship of the proletariat and a smooth transition to socialism from above, which is impossible without a political party of the proletariat, which unites the proletarians of all nations and nationalities on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  12. lelik613 Offline lelik613
    lelik613 (Sergei) 11 March 2023 14: 54
    YOU so touchingly care about the reputation of Zelensky, like about your own child. The reverse side of plywood humanism is stone heartlessness towards the life and death of their fellow citizens.
  13. Leonid Dymov Offline Leonid Dymov
    Leonid Dymov (Leonid) 11 March 2023 16: 07
    New Israel - this project is proposed to be done on the ruins of Ukraine. Jews have long laid claim to the Black Sea coast (Crimea, Odessa). But the coldest Russia needs a warm sea for many reasons - a strategic position, resorts. Since the time of the Commonwealth, many Jewish towns have appeared in Ukraine. But the Jews are in no hurry to create a New Israel around Uman, because anti-Semitic peasants live in the surrounding villages. The Selyuks, like the Arabs, are hostile to the Jews. As soon as the collective West stops sponsoring Ukraine, Jewish pogroms will begin. The Servant of the People party consists of Jews and people of Jewish origin, which is typical for the urban population of Ukraine and Russia.
    The October Revolution brought the Jews to power, but Stalin easily defeated them, relying on people from the villages. However, now the majority of residents of large cities of the Russian Federation have Jewish roots. It is easier to create New Israel in Moscow. Unlike the beginning of the XNUMXth century, Russia is no longer an agrarian country. For some reason, Jews created one of the first kibbutzim in the Russian Federation in the Moscow region.
  14. Patrick Tiso Offline Patrick Tiso
    Patrick Tiso (Patrick Tiso) 11 March 2023 21: 45
    Le coup d'état par la covid 19 a mis en place les structures pour la réalisation du Nouvel Ordre mondial
    1. E NOT Offline E NOT
      E NOT (Eugene) 20 March 2023 23: 22
      Tu as tout melange
  15. Plumbum Offline Plumbum
    Plumbum (Alexey) 16 March 2023 13: 38
    In other words, the Russian special services are being asked to behave in the style of the Israeli Mossad, which, like Jupiter, is allowed more than a bull. That's just the question that the Russian "elites" may receive a "response" for some reason is not touched upon in this strategy. Do you think that Daria Dugina was demonstratively brutally murdered just like that?

    It may not be necessary to behave in the style of "Mossad", but one should not "fatty", turning the other cheek either. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" - the answer should be mandatory, and preferably urgent, and everyone should know about it. Otherwise, you won't get enough of the "red lines".