Features of combat operations in the Ukrainian theater of operations and the Prigozhin factor

After the next terrorist attacks on the Belarusian airfield Machulishchi and the sorties of Ukrainian saboteurs into the Bryansk region, we have to admit that we got an inveterate enemy. The non-brothers fight creatively, with a twinkle, creatively approaching the tasks set by external curators. One can feel the hand of the British bosses, and their leader, who previously headed the 95 quarter organized crime group, has always gravitated towards cheap external effects. This caricature buffoon for the sake of a beautiful picture will never refuse to put a hundred or two of his cyborgs, since he still has a lot of them, and they also fight with inspiration (brains fertilized with Nazi manure and smeared with American banknotes do not digest what is happening, especially if they are backed up with special psychotropic pills from the CIA arsenal).

The militants of the RDC (“Russian Volunteer Corps”, a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) were tasked with “making some noise” on enemy territory in order to divert the attention of the Ukrainian plebs from the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Artyomovsky (Bakhmut) direction, and to show how full of holes the Russian-Ukrainian border is . They successfully completed their task, but do not confuse terrorists with saboteurs, the latter commit sabotage at military facilities, and our "heroes" distinguished themselves by fighting with ambulance paramedics and children. Complete scum always fights with the weak, in this they are no different from their ideological mentors from the SS division "Galicia", who are openly worshiped by their leaders. Demolition of their entire house of cards with carpet bombing, up to the use of tactical nuclear weapons, as required by some impulsive our fellow citizens, is not required, but it is necessary to respond (and also creatively) so as not to give rise to a sense of impunity, which results in permissiveness, in the heads of their unbridled bosses as in Kiev and in London (Washington is more sane in this sense).

But in this case, the act of intimidation was clearly not well thought out, and the negative from it exceeded the positive, if there was one at all. It was funny to watch how the bosses of the regime (such as the notorious adviser to the Zelensky Office, Mikhail Podolyaki) are trying to “move out of the market”, blaming the actions of the FSB, Putin personally, the devil, but not themselves. The Ukrainian media, in their heat, agreed that the Bryansk terrorists entered the village in order to prevent the provocation of the FSB, which was supposed to, dressed in the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, cut out half the village (Putin is also a “KGBist”, and therefore his methods are “KGBist "). Here, the non-brothers' flight of fancy is simply impressive - as they sat down on one training manual in 1999, they still ride it without changing anything (then 23 years ago they also blamed Putin for blowing up houses in Moscow, Buynaksk and Volgodonsk). And all the clumsy attempts of Podolyaka to dissociate themselves from these unfortunate terrorists look stupid, especially after their leader Denis Kapustin-Nikitin, in an interview with the British Financial Times, said that the Ukrainian authorities knew about the RDK operation in the Bryansk region and it was agreed with them, because that "otherwise she simply could not have passed."

How would I get through there at night in the dark? There are mined bridges, there are cameras, drones with thermal imagers, there are hidden observation posts. If I were with no one [in the Armed Forces of Ukraine - ed. FT] didn't agree, I think we would just be destroyed

Kapustin told FT.

With the airfield in Machulishchi, the story is generally dark - the father attributed everything to the Belarusian opposition, they say, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have nothing to do with it, and the A-50 de aircraft received minor damage, it has already been replaced. There are more questions than answers here, let's leave them to Lukashenka's conscience. Let's move on to the main topic.

Change of battle tactics

American military experts note a change in combat tactics, which they discovered in the actions of the RF Armed Forces in the Svato-French direction. The American Institute for the Study of War writes about this with reference to the stories of the Ukrainian military.

According to them, the Russians abandoned the tactics of small assault groups of 12-15 people, with which the Wagner stormed the Ukrainian oporniki near Bakhmut, now the Russian assault squad is a battalion-sized unit optimized for frontal attacks on fortified areas. It consists of six T-72 main battle tanks, 12 infantry fighting vehicles, as well as a set of portable thermobaric rocket launchers, anti-tank guided missile systems, towed artillery and self-propelled mortars. The formation consists of three assault companies and a tank squad. Each company has a command element, two platoons (whose number is much lower than regular), a group of UAVs, armored combat vehicles, fire support and artillery support platoons. There is also a reserve section and doctors.

In addition, each company has one tank and four infantry fighting vehicles BMP / BMD-2 with anti-tank installations, heavy machine guns and mortars. The main maneuverable elements are detachments of 12 to 15 people, divided into tactical groups of three people. The assault is carried out less than a minute after the start of artillery fire on open fortified positions, and the platoon commander controls the mortar fire. At the same time, T-72 tanks are more often used for fire support from the rear. Information about this, as American analysts explain, is taken from the stories of the Ukrainian military, who encountered new Russian formations in battles. Moreover, it is emphasized that these units are as autonomous as possible and can conduct combat operations for a long time even in the absence of support.

On my own behalf, I will say that, most likely, American specialists, referring to the Ukrainian military, describe the actions of Wagner attack aircraft, confusing them with regulars of the RF Armed Forces. But I already talked about Wagner and its tactics earlier, I will not repeat myself, who are interested - be curious (there are a lot of details about which the American Institute for the Study of War does not even know).

Mine war

But the next episode, perhaps, should be analyzed in more detail. In early February, the media space exploded news about the broken Russian tank column near Ugledar. Even a month later, non-fraternal media continue to savor the results of this epic victory, calling it a great tank battle, where the glorious Ukrainian “knights” unwound a tank brigade of the RF Armed Forces. At the same time, they refer to the respected American edition of the New York Times:

The Ukrainian military continues to amaze the world with their skills and strategy. The Armed Forces of Ukraine won the largest tank battle near Vuhledar. The occupiers lost more than 100 armored vehicles there. equipment. The fight lasted about three weeks, the loss and loss of a large amount of equipment was a blow to the enemy army. Even the famous The New York Times reported on the tank battle near Ugledar. There, referring to the Ukrainian military, they said that the Russians tried to advance in columns. And the Ukrainians defended themselves and fired from afar or from shelters when enemy equipment fell into their field of vision.

“The fields around Ugledar are now littered with broken enemy vehicles after a hard battle,” the newspaper writes. “The invaders lost at least 130 tanks and armored personnel carriers.” The NYT describes the fighting as follows:

There were no mines on the dirt road, and the fields around were planted with them to lure the Russians into the offensive and prevent the tanks from turning around after the battle began. When the shooting starts, the column of tanks becomes the most vulnerable. Drivers try to turn around and drive out onto a mined roadside. Destroyed vehicles interfere and slow down or stop the convoy. Then the Ukrainian artillery opens fire and undermines even more armor. The military destroy the occupiers, who get out of the wrecked cars. So the Russians failed their offensive and lost the battle, because they fell into the prepared trap of the Ukrainians.

What do you need to pay attention to here. Ukrainian media quotes the NYT, and the Americans refer to the Ukrainian military. The circle of lies closes and the victims here are only ordinary Ukrainian inhabitants who do not have time to remove all this noodles from their ears (only "tank drivers" are worth it!). Other Ukrainian media also report the details of this epic battle, naming the 155th Separate Guards Marine Brigade as victims. What is the lie here? Firstly, the Pacific Marines have nothing to do with this at all, they have no tanks in service at all. A battalion of a mechanized brigade of the RF Armed Forces, advancing to a position near Ugledar, came under Ukrainian fire. A battalion is 30 vehicles plus a command tank, for a total of 31 MBTs. Ukrainians there counted more than a hundred. Well, what - fear has big eyes (nowhere do they lie so much as in hunting and fishing and in war).

What really happened there? In fact, all fields and roads near Ugledar are mined (and not only near Ugledar, but everywhere where the Armed Forces of Ukraine expect the Russians to attack). Here is what the former commander of the Vostok brigade Alexander Khodakovsky writes about this:

We go on the offensive in a standing front, when the enemy has fortified himself, made minefields (which is what I wish for us), knows about our plans and is preparing to repel. So our technique has gone - how should it move? Stretch out with a chain - and maybe someone will not be blown up? Almost everything will blow up. It remains to try to make a passage either by explosions, or by letting the trawl forward (or both), but the trawls are also undermined. Then crowding is formed behind the trawl - a tasty situation for weapons. And then you and I are watching pictures when our equipment is being burned, and we are perplexed, what kind of "half-wit" disposed of it like that ...

That's what happened this time as well. Our unit advanced to the concentration area in a column, putting a tank with a trawl in front of it. When it was blown up by an anti-tank mine, the column became and turned into a tasty prey for Ukrainian drones and artillery. They shot them like they were at a training ground, receiving a picture from the air from their reconnaissance UAVs. Those tanks that tried to move off the mine-tested road were immediately blown up by mines, and the crews also came under fire from enemy artillery. How could such a situation have been avoided? Let two tanks with trawls in front of you at once so that they clear the road wider? May be. What if both were blown up? Khodakovsky, for example, suggests not to advance at all (but this is not a solution):

Once again: do not attack! No medal or star on shoulder straps is worth the loss. Advance only after there is confidence that, qualitatively and quantitatively, the guns and aircraft will fulfill their task.

The ex-commander of Vostok explained that it is necessary to create appropriate conditions for their use for tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment. Then the efficiency will be higher and the losses lower. A large artillery preparation is required on a certain sector of the front. But if there is a shortage of ammunition for "plowing" enemy positions, then it makes no sense to attack. Where there is no confidence in the qualitative (effective) preliminary fire impact, it is extremely dangerous to direct armored vehicles and infantry. This is the opinion of Khodakovsky, I do not agree with him, but everything is clear with the situation - in the given conditions of the saturated reconnaissance UAV defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, campaigns by tank and mechanized columns are simply disastrous. It is necessary to change tactics (I think the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces knows this better than me). Let's move on to the Prigogine factor.

Passion for Prigogine

For some time now, PMC "Wagner", which until then lived only in folklore, came out of the shadows and loudly registered in the media space. This was largely facilitated by its organizer Yevgeny Prigozhin, who, like a lamb, materialized from the void and took his place among the leaders of public opinion. At the same time, the new LOM was not shy in expressions, severely burned with a verb, while using all the richness of the Russian language, often switching to profanity. And many of our fellow citizens just liked it. Already the first appearance of it on the network made a lot of noise and left a very strong impression. It was his speech in front of the prisoners of the Mordovian colony - a low leaden sky, a gray gloomy mass of its inhabitants on the parade ground and some people with the star of the Hero (“monstrously similar”, as his press service later said, to Prigozhin) in a way that was understandable and accessible to them language briefly and intelligibly conveys to them the essence of the offer of the company he represents. Even then, opinions were divided, many did not like the involvement of prisoners in a special operation, Prigozhin then answered, firstly, publicly and, secondly, instantly: “Either PMCs and prisoners, or your children - decide for yourself!”. All the dissatisfied immediately shut up. Well, then it started. Bloody sledgehammers, picks with Girkin and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, public shaking of dirty laundry with the top military leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. What is this? After this, many quite reasonable questions arose - is it too much? Why wash dirty linen in public, and even during the war? And where is Putin looking, what does he allow him to do all this, and why won’t he shut up his “cook” in a bread slicer?

I answer. And now let's sit down, take our heads in our hands and calmly think about what function Prigogine performs? I hope everyone here understands that it is not difficult for Putin to shut up his blower. But if he doesn't do that, then there is some reason? Which? There are three of them! First - beat your own so that strangers are afraid! The wolf is the best nurse in the forest! Discord between the power towers of the Kremlin, taken out into the public plane, allows the Kremlin to keep the generals of the Russian Defense Ministry in a "strict collar", while remaining above the fray itself. Such an arbitrator - wise and fair. With the other end of this shaft, Putin is hitting the oligarchy and officials - Prigozhin has already begun raids on them. The second the reason, no less important, is that the brave hero of Russia Prigozhin, waging an uncompromising struggle against inertia and bureaucracy in the army and in the bureaucracy, allows all the negativity accumulated in society during this time to be blown into the whistle (Arestovich performs approximately the same function in Ukrainian society) . Also a very wise decision. AND third the reason is counterintelligence, misleading a potential enemy. Are you sure that we do not have enough shells at the front and complete seams in command and control? And the “Wagner” was cut off by the replenishment of the l / s from the prisoners, but at the same time it continues to storm Bakhmut, like a Phoenix bird, reborn from the ashes? Personally, I'm not sure! My only complaints about the sledgehammer - good should be with fists, and not with a bloody sledgehammer!

This concludes the review on the topic. These are not analytics, but official notes to clarify some incomprehensible points (I will continue them in subsequent texts, there are still a lot of questions hanging there, starting with the most important thing - why Putin got into Ukraine, and ending with the terrible Russian S-300 missiles, which the RF Armed Forces they allegedly shoot at the peaceful cities of Nezalezhnaya, and with long-range Storm Shadow and MGM-140 ATACMS, which the West will not give to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, despite their requests).

And that's all. Peace and goodness to all! Your Mr. Z
  • Photos used: t.me/orchestra_w
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  1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
    k7k8 (vic) 9 March 2023 15: 49
    Quote: Mr. Z
    With the airfield in Machulishchi, the story is generally dark - the father attributed everything to the Belarusian opposition, they say, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have nothing to do with it

    Dear Mr. Z. You have at least watched the broadcast of Lukashenka's speech. Or is it not available on the Kharkov Internet? It was openly stated that the performer had two passports - Russian and Ukrainian. He told the camera that he was preparing him for sabotage by the SBU, while the SBU gave direct instructions on what and how to do to the perpetrator, by the way, an IT specialist, at the time of the terrorist attack. The operation was prepared by the SBU for 8 months. And the Belarusian oppas just stuck to this show. And you probably didn’t hear that for this trick Lukashenka called your Zeliboba ... and a nit (yes, you heard right). In a word, watch the full version of this speech by Rygorych (if you want, I can give a link). As they say on the TV box, "do not switch, it will be interesting."
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 10 March 2023 18: 05
      the text was written before this speech of the father, he took too long a pause, you know the rest (I had no electricity for two days - for which a special thank you to Putin!)
  2. Vlad Sirs Offline Vlad Sirs
    Vlad Sirs (Sirius NVL) 9 March 2023 17: 18
    Mr. Z demonstrates disrespect for the enemy, he has a caricature buffoon with manure instead of brains, giving out cheap external effects. Actually, this is called working with its citizens in the information field and it works great, Kiev works great in the information field, unlike Moscow, and yes, they work creatively, they beat, beat and will beat the Kremlin in information battles because the slow-wittedness and stiffness of the verticals and The horizontal lines of the Russian model of government are well known and apparently ineradicable even in extreme survival situations.
    Kremlin officials should learn from Kyiv how to work with people. For example, the citizens of Ukraine have no questions why they are fighting and what goals they are pursuing, the president himself almost every day explains the situation, the ultimate goals and what needs to be done to achieve them. This is also why the Armed Forces of Ukraine have success in this war, unlike the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
    1. Nelton Offline Nelton
      Nelton (Oleg) 9 March 2023 18: 17
      Quote: Vlad Srs
      citizens of Ukraine have no questions why they are fighting and what goals they pursue

      Well, this is understandable without explanation, they were attacked - they defend the country, the goal is to free everything captured by the adversary, if possible - to inflict such a blow on the adversary that he would never be able to attack again.

      Kremlin leaders should learn from Kyiv how to work with people

      well, try to sell your own idiotic failed adventure - at the same time as a "third domestic" against the entire insidious West, in order to drag the inert into patriots,
      and somehow explain to the turbo-patriots why, if this is not the NWO in Ukraine, but even the "third domestic" with the entire West, they are trying with all their might to maintain the remnants of partnerships with this West.

      here the geniuses of marketing companies will wash their hands, and you want something from the Kiselyovs ...
      1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
        k7k8 (vic) 9 March 2023 18: 28
        Quote from Nelton.
        and you try to suck in your own idiotic failed adventure

        Very often, the leadership of states that have begun hostilities (motives can be put out of brackets for the time being) succeed. But for this, the people must be prepared for war in advance, and not start from the bay-floundering, even if the NWO
        1. Nelton Offline Nelton
          Nelton (Oleg) 9 March 2023 19: 16
          Quote: k7k8
          people must be prepared for war in advance

          Well, we are 7 years old from Channel 1 shouting "Ukraine!!!!" with bulging eyes.
          But yes, partners tried not to offend.
          The partners reciprocated, then a turnkey rudder propeller plant (for gas carriers / tankers) will be built, then a license and technology for the production of turbines will be transferred ... and much more.

          Now it’s shameful to lose to Ukraine alone, but it’s scary to seriously attack the United States.
          So it breaks propaganda from absurdities, inconsistencies and inconsistencies with reality ...

          And without changing the team, everything will remain so.
          The new team can dump all the jambs on the current one, and somehow sort it out without a load of image losses, at least until the ceasefire.
          But we will have to put up with the fact that Ukraine will start building military plants, and it will no longer be possible to bomb them. But the nomadic mortars of especially stubborn Westerners will remain at the same time.
          1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
            k7k8 (vic) 9 March 2023 21: 11
            Shout something shouted. But no one stuttered about the war, everyone sacredly believed in the brotherly people (mind you, without quotes). I don’t know about you, but in our area on February 24.02.22, XNUMX, everyone who didn’t hear the morning news on TV, hearing about the start of the war from friends, immediately asked: “What did you smoke?” Those. society for the war at that moment was not ready for the war ABSOLUTELY. And it is categorically impossible to start wars without pumping society. Or did the first Chechen teach nothing?
            1. Nelton Offline Nelton
              Nelton (Oleg) 9 March 2023 22: 35
              Quote: k7k8
              no one talked about the war

              Yes, the fact of the matter is that starting a war is a crime even according to the laws of the Russian Federation.
              Article 353, from 7 to 15 years.
              Calls for unleashing - article 354, from 300 thousand fines to 3 years ....
              So our propagandists are confused in the testimony ...
  3. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 9 March 2023 18: 58
    I answer. And now let's sit down, take our heads in our hands and calmly think about what function Prigogine performs? I hope everyone here understands that it is not difficult for Putin to shut up his blower. But if he doesn't do that, then there is some reason?

    Putin himself is not a fan, and I think he also does not approve when dirty linen is taken out of the hut. And this was done, I agree with the author, on purpose.
    Prigozhin's frequent appeals to a drug addict at the bank is also planned, I think Prigozhin studied Ze's psychotype and takes it weakly, forcing him to answer and make mistakes.

    Change of battle tactics
    American military experts note a change in combat tactics, which they discovered in the actions of the RF Armed Forces in the Svato-French direction. The American Institute for the Study of War writes about this with reference to the stories of the Ukrainian military.

    I think the Wagner PMC for our entire army is now like a guide to warfare. They watch and gain invaluable experience and, drawing conclusions, look at certain mistakes in the PMC, if there are any, take what is useful for themselves and will definitely use it in battle.
    1. aslanxnumx Offline aslanxnumx
      aslanxnumx (Aslan) 9 March 2023 20: 14
      And the experience of two Chechens, the war in Georgia, Syria, yes, Afghanistan, that they drank it all away or sang it.
  4. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 9 March 2023 19: 12
    The further, the more the essence and quality of the articles of "Mr. Z" is declining before our eyes, soon the dacha will no longer want to read - perhaps the author was replaced by another scribbler? According to the article: According to PMC Wagner (the former creator with the call sign "Wagner" died), - a product of the RF Ministry of Defense for foreign operations, when it was impatient, they were transferred to Ukraine. This is where the circus began, because the Wagnerites showed with their own eyes all the rot of the RF Armed Forces under the command of Kozhugetovich and V. Gerasimov, and those, in order to improve, began to drown the Wagnerites, as evidenced by such actions that the fish was rotten from the head. On trifles, On mines, - so mine warfare is in full swing and EVERY tank is hung with a track trawl, why this was not done, this is for the senior officers of the headquarters who planned the operation (The quality from Serdyukov’s recruitment of officers is “below the plinth”, which is proved daily on VSO.)) The question is creeping in, the shock tank wedges are not specifically set up for defeat in order to tighten the SVO even with the untouched centers of decisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, etc.!?. With such rot, any meanness is possible. According to the A-50, the plane was not destroyed by accident, more noise, but the lesson is significant. Perhaps they didn’t hit the aircraft’s fuel tanks, otherwise it burned down completely, but this is a landmark sabotage, Belarus entered into a military confrontation with Ukraine. Military operations quickly and clearly reveal the diseases and problems of the state. Let's wait and see.
    1. Valera75 Offline Valera75
      Valera75 (Valery) 9 March 2023 20: 11
      Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
      Military operations quickly and clearly reveal the diseases and problems of the state. Let's wait and see.

      Unfortunately, we will still have to face and be disappointed with many things. I once wrote that it will be hard for us and is still just beginning and much lies ahead for us and is far from bright.

      And for the slogan: "For Justice" it will be wetted by all "our elite", which is for democracy (and then only in words).

      Serj Iff (Serj Iff), maybe. I have a suspicion and as another option, but I won’t voice it, otherwise the policemen may knock and tie.
    2. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 10 March 2023 18: 17
      that Utkin died - did not hear, give a link
  5. Serj Iff Online Serj Iff
    Serj Iff (Serj Iff) 9 March 2023 19: 15
    1. Saboteurs in the Bryansk region are allegedly Russians who are against Putin. And then bam, the gas pipeline was blown up by pro-Ukrainian saboteurs. Opana, a link however. And in pursuit of the Belarusian "partisans". Oil painting - USA has nothing to do with it, like "I'm not like that, I'm waiting for the tram!"
    2. Change of tactics. Complex issue. So far I don't see any tactics at all. When a platoon stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacks alone! tank and one! BMP with the support of one! guns or mortars, well, this is not even a tactic.
    Maybe my views are outdated.
    3. Mine war. Well, mines were not invented yesterday, "Our unit advanced to the concentration area in a column, launching a tank with a trawl in front of it." If you are advancing to the area of ​​concentration, then this means that you are moving along our territory and it is still far from the front line of the enemy. What are enemy minefields? Back to tactics again. When attacking on the move, the battalion deploys into company columns, then into platoon columns, then into the battle line and attacks the enemy's front line. Somehow it should be.
    4. About Prigogine. With him, everything is much more difficult. Yes, many "powerful" he became across the throat (of course with the knowledge) and now he is really being set up. With ZEKs, with ammunition, with the provision of military support, etc. Even the new PMC "Gazpromneft" was invented with salaries twice that of "Wagner". And for the slogan: "For Justice" it will be wetted by all "our elite", which is for democracy (and then only in words).
  6. Watching Offline Watching
    Watching (Alex) 9 March 2023 19: 43
    There was such a passion in the 1970s as the popular writer Pikul, he wrote passion for what exciting novels on Russian history. He dealt with historical facts in a very friendly way and how it suited him, that is, freely ... Pikul's incarnation - Mr X.
  7. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 9 March 2023 23: 02
    The former head of the Nativ service of Israel, Yakov Kedmi, proposed an option to quickly end the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, preventing Warsaw from entering and putting the West in its place. According to the analyst, there is only one way.

    Start fighting not only in the Donbass. Conduct not a shootout, but an offensive. So far, hostilities are taking place only in the Donbass. In other areas - not a war, but hostilities. Just shootouts. And these are not the actions that will lead to victory.

    The one who is more active wins. Who is advancing, who has the initiative in his hands. No one has yet won by squeezing the enemy

    If the forces are not enough for offensive operations along the entire line of contact, then they are enough to advance in critical sectors

    - summed up Kedmi.

    If God wants to punish, he deprives the mind. God saves Russia from negotiations. He deprived the minds of Europeans, Americans, Ukrainians, preventing them from negotiating. I don't know what the talks with Ukraine should be about. With whom to lead them? With a pro-Nazi government conducting internal terror and discrimination against the population?
  8. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 9 March 2023 23: 16
    it is obvious that the purpose of the terrorist attacks of the Ukrainian Nazis is to excite Russian patriots in order to increase pressure on the leadership of the Russian Federation through them in order to start something decisive .. such as an offensive or elimination of the leaders of the ukroreich.

    Fortunately, the Ukrainian energy system is always ready to relieve pressure, which will take on any answer for the lawlessness of ukrodebils.

    Prigogine's function may be useful in the described functionality, but all this skirmish with the Moscow Region also causes harm. When the troops are told that their leadership is only stupid people, this hardly gives confidence in battle. With combat morale in the troops, it’s not very good anyway (with the exception of various units), and when there is no trust in the General Staff, this can affect a lot.
  9. hellman anton Offline hellman anton
    hellman anton (hellman anton) 9 March 2023 23: 56
    Everything is simple here. There are no rules in the "war", or rather they are, but they were invented against, so to speak, not very smart people / governments.
    Ukrainians do absolutely everything so that the scales are on their side. Give them a weapon that will fly somewhere, they will certainly launch it, and they won’t comply with any crazy Geneva conventions, they were invented for weaklings and were invented by Europeans.

    Our side is tied hand and foot, niiiiyayayaya there and down there. The Ambassador of Qatar woke up and wanted to show his power? No problem, let's release a couple of mercenaries who are allegedly sentenced to death.

    Ukrainians nonstop chatting at medical institutions? What is the answer? Yes, that's right, decisive concern and that's all. If there was a symmetrical x5 response to every attack on medical institutions, then such attacks would quickly simply decrease or stop.

    Someone came up with conventions and other nonsense for themselves. Europe and the United States comply with conventions and so on? Of course not, there are no fools sitting there to limit their army.

    Lovers to tell "we are not like that." How many lives and resources are you willing to put on the altar of "we are not like that"?
  10. Akula Kharkiv 2 Offline Akula Kharkiv 2
    Akula Kharkiv 2 (Alik) 10 March 2023 10: 42
    It consists of six main battle tanks T-72, 12 infantry fighting vehicles, as well as a set of portable thermobaric missile ......

    dreamer laughing
    where did you see this among the Russians?
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 10 March 2023 18: 16
      question in the wrong place - Institute for the Study of War across the road
  11. Genesis Offline Genesis
    Genesis 13 March 2023 11: 44
    Are you sure that we do not have enough shells at the front and complete seams in command and control? And the “Wagner” was cut off by the replenishment of the l / s from the prisoners, but at the same time it continues to storm Bakhmut, like a Phoenix bird, reborn from the ashes? Personally, I'm not sure!

    And personally, I believe Prigozhin, where he talks about these problems in the video. Your passage is like "everything is fine, beautiful marquise - everything is fine, everything is fine." I feel Spanish shame from your article.