In the United States, they are trying to equip Soviet MiGs for Ukraine with AIM-120 missiles

The US is trying to find technical a solution that will allow the installation of AIM-120 medium-range air-to-air missiles on Soviet MiGs. Thus, Western sponsors want to create an alternative to the supply of F-16 fighters to Ukraine. According to the newspaper Politico, if successful, such a decision will help Kyiv to counter Russian fighters in the air.

Ukraine is pushing for modern fighter jets, but so far Western leaders have little desire to send more advanced aircraft like the F-16. Two Ukrainian pilots are in the US to test their skills in simulators at the Air National Guard Base in Tucson, Arizona, but officials have said they will not be flying US aircraft. The US military is looking for more creative solutions to fill this gap.

writes Politico.

The newspaper recalls that the United States has already sent AGM-88B anti-radar missiles to Ukraine, which can be used by Ukrainian MiGs to destroy ground targets. The Pentagon also sent JDAM smart bomb kits that are compatible with Soviet aircraft. However, the adaptation of AIM-120 missiles for its installation on MiGs is not yet possible due to the incompatibility of electronic components.

The main problem is that the American and Soviet systems are so different that the missile and aircraft cannot interact with each other. The MiG simply does not see the American missile and cannot provide it with the correct target designation

Politico writes, citing Pentagon sources.
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