What kind of transport is required by our military in Donbass

On the eve of the "Reporter" came out publication, in which a proposal was made to systematically approach the process of arming a conventional civil automobile equipment for use in the SVO zone. The reaction of the audience to the “opus” turned out to be ambiguous, and some even wished the author and his family members to go on a frontal attack on the fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine on such a “cart”. Leaving this without a reaction and a more detailed analysis is unacceptable.

"Patriot Games"

Frankly, the greatest bewilderment was caused by some comments from quite sensible people who, in a reproachful style, began to blame that the author suggests throwing into battle instead of infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers ordinary pickup trucks without any armor, equipped only with a heavy machine gun. Someone even tried to simulate the situation of a clash between a “cart” and an enemy armored personnel carrier. A counter question, but did anyone suggest using civilian vehicles for such purposes? Let's do it easier, and since the author of such and such does not understand anything in this life, we will give the floor to those who have been really howling in the Donbas for almost nine years now.

So, for example, in the spring of 2021, a year before the start of the SVO, a commotion in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet was caused by information that Russia handed over a batch of UAZ Patriot Pickup pickups to the People’s Militia of the DPR and LPR:

Today, March 15, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin handed over to the People's Militia the first batch of off-road vehicles UAZ "Patriot Pickup", which will improve the mobility and combat capabilities of the units.

The attached photographs show that Russian pickups are ordinary civilian vehicles. But two weeks later, having passed through the hands of the local Kulibins, the UAZs were transformed. Their color has changed, some of the pickups were armed with Utes heavy machine guns, others received 7,62 mm PKM, and some were equipped with AGS-17 Plamya grenade launchers and ATGM launchers. Edition News MIC commented this transformation as follows:

A special mobile company has been formed in the People's Militia of the DPR, which is equipped with UAZ Pickup vehicles. This technique was handed over to the fighters by the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, in mid-March.

The Rossiyskaya Gazeta publication, in turn, made such a conclusion:

This combat unit was created after an analysis of local conflicts of recent years, where wheeled vehicles with increased mobility showed their best side. Light off-road vehicles, unlike traditional tracked armored vehicles, are quickly transferred to the most dangerous areas.

In the Donbass, they spoke about this as follows:

Immediately, waiting in the comments to discuss the fact that pickups cannot replace infantry fighting vehicles and tanks, I will say - of course they cannot. These are units for their own tasks, but motorized riflemen and tankers have not gone anywhere, and continue their studies. But modern warfare shows the need for mobile reserves, including anti-tank ones, vehicles for guarding convoys, etc.

So, what could be the real tasks for armed civilian vehicles?

At first, this is the operational transfer of infantry from point A to point B, the supply and evacuation of the wounded.

Secondly, off-road pickups with large-caliber machine guns and automatic grenade launchers mounted on them can be used to guard columns. Remember how many of our supply columns were defeated by Ukrainian DRGs at the first stage of the NWO. What will happen when the Russian army is forced to go on the offensive again somewhere in the Sumy, Kharkov and Chernihiv regions, say, in the spring or summer?

Thirdly, pickup truck or light truck can be used as a mobile weapon emplacement, providing support to their infantry in case of need. From a pair of heavy machine guns, you can work out a low-flying kamikaze drone, force the enemy to lie down, throw a few mines and quickly change position. In the most extreme case, if you are unlucky enough to encounter an enemy armored personnel carrier, you can try to destroy it from the ATGM.

That is, this is not a replacement for tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other specialized armored vehicles, but rather a multi-purpose auxiliary tool.

"Auto Valhalla"

The extent to which civil transport is really needed in Donbass can be judged by the volunteer project "Auto Valhalla", the essence of which is described as follows:

People who have transport here, which they no longer need, and who are about to die, so to speak, by their own death, have the opportunity to die in the Donbass and get into Valhalla's car, where 72 "lambarghini" are waiting there, and oil from the best brands flows like a river there, and there a person has never ridden in these Lambarghini, and so on. Here are people handing over these cars. Many don’t even hand over junk, but hand over some more or less normal cars, and a variety of them.

Vehicles in war are needed in large numbers to perform the above tasks. The fighters of the former NM LDNR need simple off-road vehicles such as UAZ and Niva to move around the Ukrainian steppes, and Loafs, Sables and Gazelles to evacuate the wounded. The latter are also quite widely used as staff vehicles. We need trucks, which are not enough. Local kulibins, if possible, restore the vehicles they receive, however, in the conditions of a positional war, he does not live long, going to his “Auto Valhalla”.

So far, the supply of Donbass with freight transport is carried out on a volunteer basis, but in the future, the question of military transport mobilization may arise, the procedure for which we will discuss in more detail sometime.
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  1. Nike Online Nike
    Nike (Nikolai) 8 March 2023 12: 22
    Alas, the reliability of the UAZ does not inspire confidence, such cars should have all the locks, an engine of 160-170hp, a diesel engine, since reliability and speed are their life
    1. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 8 March 2023 13: 22
      Quote: nike
      Alas, the reliability of the UAZ does not inspire confidence,

      Everything is known in comparison ... If you need to intercept a DRG breakthrough or the like. then an ordinary wheelbarrow is a help. Not on hand to pull weapons. Of course, the Land Cruiser is more reliable, but we don’t make them, and the Panthers didn’t.
      Yes, Stalin said that in bourgeois Russia there was no car building, but now there is ... Now we can say that in the USSR there was car building, but now "it turned out as always." But it is better to drive badly than to go well (especially with a large-caliber one).
  2. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 8 March 2023 13: 54
    Name at least one area of ​​military activity where Russia has no problems.
    1. hellman anton Offline hellman anton
      hellman anton (hellman anton) 8 March 2023 20: 52
      Cruise missiles, but this area has no problems only because of the brilliant people from the USSR who left behind a product that is at a good level even after 30-40. The optimizers could not optimize,
      But it is worth noting that these cruise missiles are used against useless sheds and transformer booths, but this is not a cruise missile problem after all
    2. wamp Offline wamp
      wamp 9 March 2023 09: 10
      Quote: prior
      Name at least one area of ​​military activity where Russia has no problems.

      And you naively believe that someone does not have them? Only communists believe in a problem-free future.
  3. Alexey Lan Online Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 8 March 2023 22: 56
    In general, we need a one and a half ton Gazelle-type vehicle with all driving wheels of increased diameter and with local armor, and then there are options: supply, machine gun, mortar ....
    1. wamp Offline wamp
      wamp 9 March 2023 09: 23
      The most demanded car there is a bank armored car. The car is a little heavier, but much more tenacious and safer.
      Resistance to fragments from a shell / mine burst at 30 meters is already enough for most of the transport. You need to focus on the statistics of the defeat and adapt to changing conditions (new types of defeats).
  4. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 9 March 2023 14: 38
    1, niva - nimble fast gvanokhod
    2. UAZ of all kinds
    3, shishariki - they are not made in vain now
    4 gellens of early modifications - very good all-terrain vehicles
    5. ZIL and Ural
  5. yakisam Offline yakisam
    yakisam (Alexander) 14 March 2023 20: 02
    Operational transfer

    Transfer of whom and what? Motorized riflemen? So after all, motorized rifles are a mechanical unit that is not combat-ready without infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. If there is armored vehicles, then the transfer goes on it, if not, then the "transfer" is simply the removal of the survivors to the rear.


    - supply of what? Whom? The troops need to be supplied with tens and hundreds of tons, especially with the most needed types of weapons - artillery, MLRS, air defense systems, not to mention fuel, for supply they need not "pickup trucks", but points of unloading from railway cars closer on the border of the rear area and hundreds of trucks , each, if possible, 12 tons, so that at least 4-5 tons are guaranteed to be dragged through the mud ... Not to mention the tankers.

    Evacuation of the wounded

    Where? When attacking, the evacuation hospital turns out to be where the rear area of ​​​​the first defensive line of the ENEMY was yesterday, the wounded are not being taken "back" - the seriously wounded are being taken there, to the base hospital, and for this we need ambulances, not "pickup trucks", preferably 6x6, so that one car 10 people lying down at once, and immediately to the ambulance TRAIN (there is not a single one) or to the airfield (what kind of wounded are now taken out by aircraft?) ....

    Column Guard

    From whom? During the offensive, the columns are guarded by the third companies on armored personnel carriers under the cover of helicopters, because during the offensive, the columns are threatened by the remnants of the defeated enemy combat units, that is, with weapons of the battalion level - therefore, armored personnel carriers are needed, and helicopters - to find in advance, in order to instantly concentrate forces, helicopters replace artillery and fly over YOUR territory easily, tk. no air defense threat. Guarding the columns during the retreat? Well ... Guarding the columns on their territory, without maneuver - and from whom to protect? If there is someone to guard against on your territory, you need to shoot the head of the special department with the head of the rear guard ... The new ones will quickly restore order so as not to guard ...

    Mobile fire support

    - against what goals? Support to whom? A machine gun is a weapon against infantry in the field, against unarmored targets up to 1500 m., AGS - against infantry in the area, a pickup truck - the target itself is larger than the one on which it will provide "fire support", that is, a corpse BEFORE the first shot. Who needs support - support is needed for those who do not have such weapons that support it - a tank battalion - a 122mm battery, a company - a 120mm mortar ... And who needs the "support" of a machine gun? Branch? So the department has a plot of 30 meters!!! A pickup truck will not work - it’s a corpse in advance, there is a machine gun in the squad, an AGS is in the company, not to mention that the squad is 1 infantry fighting vehicle or 1 armored personnel carrier, and if the squad is without armor, then it is not combat-ready at all - just lie face down in the trench, because BMP / BTR is not only armor, it is COMMUNICATION, it is ammunition (except for those in pockets) ...
    About the COMPLETE lack of patency of "pickup trucks" I am silent. If anyone wants to know how they drive over rough terrain - let him talk to the "jeepers" - they "tuning" them all the time. Parts from an armored personnel carrier :) Pickups drive only on roads if the enemy does not know where these roads are - because a pickup does not overcome a banal funnel from disturbing shelling ....
    Petrol car? With 100% diesel technology? What to manage? The third type of fuel supply?
    Damn..... Reporters....
    Pickups are a cinematic representation of the "commanders" about the war, a way to drive around the rear right up to Grozny, but with machine guns, so that heroism and "not abandoning one's own" can be seen. It is not surprising that these are terrorist weapons - until the first meeting with the reconnaissance platoon on the BMP-2, which I commanded, not to mention a pair of Mi-8s with a suspension ....
    Technique for the army of "moral boys" who defend their homeland in the cinema.
    Although - and who asked me?