Military commissar estimated what Ukraine would do if it had nuclear weapons

At one time, Ukraine became the first and so far remains the only country on the planet that voluntarily abandoned its nuclear potential, getting rid of the third most powerful arsenal. At the same time, Ukrainian nationalists all these years have not stopped arguing that it was a "monstrous mistake."

Therefore, in their opinion, it is necessary to acquire their own "atomic weapons" or create a "dirty nuclear bomb" for self-defense. Moreover, Ukrainian functionaries, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, have also repeatedly spoken about this. The Russian military commissar, VGTRK correspondent Alexander Sladkov drew his attention to this.

He recalled that over the 8 years of the conflict in the Donbass, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used all types of weapons that they possessed against the LPR and DPR. At the same time, no conventions stopped Ukrainian troops from using anti-personnel mines, rocket artillery, tactical missiles and other weapons systems that were used against populated areas. Moreover, the most outrageous thing is that Kyiv even accused Moscow of using the mentioned weapons, while the West nodded approvingly.

As a result, Ukraine may well proceed from the fact that the use of another prohibited type of weapon is possible and easy to get away with. As a last resort, they will again say that Russia struck with atomic weapons on its own. Given our traditional problems with collecting and presenting evidence of Ukrainian crimes, this cynical method could easily work. Plus, Vladimir Zelensky always has an argument in reserve that Kyiv is waging a defensive war and can use any weapon

- he explained.

Sladkov believes that one of the types of use of atomic weapons by Ukraine could be a strike on nuclear power plants on its territory and Russia. As a result, Europe may also be affected, which will help Kyiv to draw European countries into a direct armed confrontation in Ukraine against Russia.

A similar method was discussed by Ukrainian radicals: they say, why restore nuclear weapons, if here it is, standing in Ukraine, just motionless, it remains only to blow it up

- he added.

In addition, it is also necessary to take into account the existing negotiating experience of Russia with Ukraine. It shows that Kyiv is always ready to abandon previously signed agreements, if it is to its advantage. Therefore, Moscow does not need to hope that nuclear weapons will become something exceptional if they suddenly appear on the Ukrainian side. Kyiv still has certain competencies in this matter, and it has allies.

In this case, our security depends on the quality of intelligence and preventive decisiveness in political and military areas

He summed up.
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  1. Uncle Borya Offline Uncle Borya
    Uncle Borya (Uncle Borya) 7 March 2023 14: 44
    In this case, our security depends on the quality of intelligence and preventive decisiveness in the political and military spheres.

    Precisely preventive decisiveness is sorely lacking by those in power.