"East Wind": China's ballistic missiles can sink "Queen Elizabeth"

Came out the day before publication, in which we discussed whether a second Falklands War between Argentina and Great Britain for control of these islands is possible. At the same time, Beijing, not Moscow, was named as the main potential sponsor and beneficiary of such an NWO. Our readers, judging by the comments, have a number of questions that need to be answered.

Why China?

Indeed, one of the most implacable enemies of our country is Great Britain, which has probably become the main instigator of the armed conflict in Ukraine. Yes, it would be extremely beneficial for Russia if London itself had the most serious problems on the other side of the world. But in order to arrange for the British such a "rear raid" in the Falklands, we need политическая will and corresponding military-technical capabilities. The first, alas, is not visible, but in military lend-lease, as It revealed, today we ourselves have a need. All the resources of the domestic military-industrial complex are now going to the Ukrainian front.

With a strong desire, Russia can still provide some military assistance to Argentina by deliveries of anti-ship missiles and some types of aircraft. However, Buenos Aires can really count only on Beijing. But why should China be interested in this at all?

At first, for the Chinese, the British are no less implacable enemies than for the Russians. When regular couch analysts begin to talk about the fact that the PRC does not need all this, they forget to point out that Beijing has problems with London over Hong Kong. Attempts to carry out the so-called revolution of umbrellas by the hands of local “children” have already been made, so far unsuccessful. Back in 2019, on the anniversary of the transfer of Hong Kong to China, the head of the British Foreign Office on this issue, its head, Jeremy Hunt, formulated as follows:

Outside of the campaign, I want to emphasize that Britain stands unwaveringly in support of Hong Kong and its people on this anniversary. Violence is unacceptable, but the people of Hong Kong must retain the right to protest peacefully within the law, as hundreds of thousands of brave people have demonstrated today.

In 2021, Boris Johnson's government launched a facilitated move to the UK program for Hong Kong citizens holding a "British National [Overseas], BNO" passport, which he himself commented:

I am immensely proud that we have introduced this new way for BNO holders to get the opportunity to live, work and settle in our country. In doing so, we are honoring our deep historical ties and friendship with the people of Hong Kong, while also advocating for freedom and autonomy, values ​​held dear by both the UK and Hong Kong.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry reacted sharply and negatively to this decision:

China will no longer recognize so-called BNO passports as travel documents and identity cards from January 31, we reserve the right to take further measures.

Obviously, the British intend to continue rocking Hong Kong against China, like Ukraine against Russia.

Secondly, Beijing has another unresolved territorial problem - Taiwan. Judging by Washington's policy, they relied on a military clash with mainland China. The PLA Navy can return the island under its control only during the landing operation, which should probably become the largest in history. Nobody in the world has such experience today. That is why it may be interesting for the Chinese to acquire it in advance by participating in the planning and implementation of the NWO in the Falkland Islands on the side of Argentina.

Thirdly, it should be taken into account that Great Britain, the USA and Australia have already created a regional anti-Chinese military bloc AUKUS. Having successfully tested the latest anti-ship weapons against the United Kingdom Navy in the Falklands, Beijing can seriously calm the ardor of the Anglo-Saxons and the Japanese.

In general, an exemplary military operation against the British, carried out by proxy and on the other side of the world, is objectively beneficial for China. The most interesting thing is that for its success it does not take so much.

"Eastern wind"

The main problem of Argentina, both in 1982 and in 2023, is the frank weakness of its army, aviation and navy with a rather modest military budget. At the same time, Great Britain, fearing revenge in the Falklands, did everything possible to ensure that the rearmament of the Argentines did not take place.

London at one time did not allow Spain to supply Buenos Aires with Mirage F1M fighters and, together with Washington, did not allow Israel to sell Kfir fighters to Argentina. The British blocked a deal on South Korean FA-50 fighters, de facto vetoed the sale of licensed Swedish Saab Gripen aircraft to Argentina. They also refused to grant permission for the export of British spare parts for Argentinean Super Etendard Modernisé French-made aircraft. As can be seen, the obstacles to the rearmament of the Argentine Air Force were continuously placed.

However, in 2021, some progress has been made in this matter. Information leaked to the press that Buenos Aires could purchase twelve JF-17A Block III fighters jointly developed by Pakistan and China. The JF-17 is a 4th generation single-engine multi-role combat aircraft developed jointly by the Pakistan Aviation Complex and China's Chengdu Aircraft Corporation. It can be used as an interceptor, attack aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft and anti-ship missile carrier.

The JF-17, if we take Russian aircraft out of brackets, is almost the only option for the Argentine Air Force to get a completely modern fighter, which cannot be subject to British-American sanctions. The emergence of modern combat aviation in Buenos Aires, carrying air-to-air, air-to-surface and anti-ship missiles, can dramatically change the balance of power in the region.

The problem for London is that the Falklands are 12 kilometers away from the main bases of the United Kingdom Navy. A flight of Typhoon fighters and a certain number of Sea King anti-submarine helicopters are on permanent duty on the islands. The British made a bet in supplying the group on the air corridor, for which the airport was reconstructed there and the runways were expanded. And this is the real Achilles heel of London. A massive missile strike is capable of knocking out the British ground infrastructure, making it impossible for the few fighter aircraft to operate on the islands. After that, the Falklands can be taken into the sea and air blockade of the Argentine Air Force and Navy. In order to reinforce the Argentinean navy, the PRC can sell it or lease it several quite modern Project 054 URO frigates and Project 056A anti-submarine corvettes. The most interesting should start later.

To conduct a punitive operation, London will send a squadron to the New World, led by an aircraft carrier of the Queen Elizabeth type. The Argentine Navy has no chance of resisting such an AUG on its own. However, everything will change if the PRC transfers several types of long-range anti-ship missiles to Buenos Aires. These can be ballistic anti-ship missiles DF-21С (Dongfeng-21, literally - East Wind - 21) or even DF-26, which currently have no analogues in the world. What is their feature?

The fact that the DF-21C is capable of flying 1700 kilometers, is guided by satellites and has a CEP of up to 30-40 m. According to some reports, the DF-26 missile can fly up to 5000 kilometers. In other words, with the help of Chinese specialists, Argentina can sink a British aircraft carrier somewhere halfway from the United Kingdom to the Malvins, long before the clash. In the PRC, the East Wind was created with an eye on the American AUGs, and therefore trying them out in practice in the British is a nice thing. It is quite obvious that the loss of the Queen Elizabeth or the realistic threat of her death will put an end to the British punitive operation and deter the Americans from trying to join the deblockade of Malvin. After that, the Argentines will either have to starve out the garrison, or carry out a landing operation, planned with the participation of the PLA Navy.

Thus, with minimal costs and risks, China can inflict a severe military and image defeat on the UK, sharply raising its international quotes.
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  1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 7 March 2023 12: 53
    the British need an aircraft carrier to solve problems very far. the public sinking of an English aircraft carrier ... a dream, although the British have enough escort ships, but Kuzya needs to be sold to China, India, or Argentina, because it has no escort ships, just as there are no tasks so far from our shores
  2. Alllbe Diplomat Offline Alllbe Diplomat
    Alllbe Diplomat (All be Diplomat) 7 March 2023 15: 04
    We need to ask the Chinese to sell - this is what we need to bring down bridges. A range of 300 km is enough.
    1. Alexander Dutov Offline Alexander Dutov
      Alexander Dutov (Alexander Dutov) 7 March 2023 22: 46
      The other day, the Chinese "blown away", frightenedly promising not to supply weapons to Russia
    2. Alex widerker Offline Alex widerker
      Alex widerker (Alex Widerkehr) 9 March 2023 06: 24
      What are you! The leader said not to touch the bridges. In Bakhmut, even then they are not touched, only Ukrainians can blow them up.
  3. Pravodel Offline Pravodel
    Pravodel (ppp) 7 March 2023 15: 05
    Ehhh... what a good prospect. The drowning of Queen Elizabeth would have helped us in Ukraine too ...
  4. Uncle Borya Offline Uncle Borya
    Uncle Borya (Uncle Borya) 7 March 2023 15: 07
    The author's imagination is in full swing.
    1. syndicalist Offline syndicalist
      syndicalist (Dimon) 8 March 2023 05: 50
      But about the strike on Yellowstone, it still turns out funnier
  5. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 7 March 2023 16: 31
    One nuance is not taken into account here. An aircraft carrier is not only a ship, but also a territory of Great Britain. And the Argentines know this very well. Otherwise, not only the islands, but also Argentina itself will enter the war. Does she need it?
    1. Andrey Andreev_2 (Andrey Andreev) 7 March 2023 18: 44
      Quote from: unc-2
      One nuance is not taken into account here. An aircraft carrier is not only a ship, but also a territory of Great Britain. And the Argentines know this very well. Otherwise, not only the islands, but also Argentina itself will enter the war. Does she need it?

      SP-1,2 is also Russia !!! Complete lack of laws, the strong has the right to do everything!!! Mayhem...
  6. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 March 2023 16: 33
    All nonsense.
    First, whether there will be an Argentine NWO is unclear. Whether their local will get into trouble out of the blue is unclear. Or does he already have enough problems with poverty?

    secondly, whether China will supply Argentina, and whether Argentina itself will buy it, quarreling with NATO and its neighbors, is not clear.

    Thirdly, Argentina probably already has anti-ship missiles, and there was something in 82. By the way, they allegedly drowned what they could not and smeared where they could drown ...

    Fourthly, such games are not played alone. The attack of Argentina on a NATO country, the Angles simply will not bring an aircraft carrier close, and NATO will iron Argentina from afar with missiles.
    How many missiles are there on one American missile destroyer? 60-90 outdated? so they will be happy to get rid of it for demilitarization and de ....

    And calling the Falklands "originally from ... Argentine territory, brazenly captured by the Angles in antiquity" will not help
    1. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
      Indifferent 7 March 2023 20: 14
      Which NATO, which missiles? What, the Germans and Italians will pull up their "aircraft carriers"? Just the Germans and the Italians have very close ties in Argentina and they will not go there with weapons and will not let others. And against the insolence, Argentina still had (RCC) Exocet and probably not as "safe" as the French put them in the last war. Enough for an English aircraft carrier.
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 March 2023 23: 16
        Which Germans, which Italians? Look at the map.
        What's next to it? YuSA. Which will only be glad not to drive a couple of AUGs too far and train the Air Force and Navy on a weak, if not row, enemy.
        In the event of an attack by a weakling on a NATO country, it will simply arrange a demonstrative flogging.

        But, since Medvedev did the stuffing, then it won’t come to a conflict
  7. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 7 March 2023 19: 19
    But in order to arrange such a "raid on the rear" in the Falklands for the British, political will and appropriate military-technical capabilities are needed. The first, alas, is not visible, but in military lend-lease, as it turned out, today we ourselves have a need. All the resources of the domestic military-industrial complex are now going to the Ukrainian front.

    That's the whole story about the power of Russia today, one non-state at hand destroyed the power, or all the power was fucked up (the expression of I.V. Stalin) today's Kozhugetovichs, Peskovs and other Lavrovs in the highest responsible positions. There is a real way to bleed the British and punish, but the author didn’t even see the desire. Conclusion: the enemies correctly identified, the Russian Federation from the first slipped into the second political league.
  8. Moscow Offline Moscow
    Moscow 7 March 2023 22: 27
    We sing songs to the madness of the brave. Go Argentina!
  9. usm5 Offline usm5
    usm5 (George) 7 March 2023 22: 29
    The wave situation is real. England may indeed try to attract the US. And thank God. China in this war can help Argentina exchange very sensitive slaps with England and the USA. In which case, nothing prevents Russia from supplying friendly Argentina with hypersonic weapons. This is a very good move.
  10. Alexander Dutov Offline Alexander Dutov
    Alexander Dutov (Alexander Dutov) 7 March 2023 22: 38
    And really, why does Argentina need our missiles, which, as we are being convinced, cannot even destroy the Dnieper bridges, unlike Antonovsky ...
    1. Alexander Dutov Offline Alexander Dutov
      Alexander Dutov (Alexander Dutov) 7 March 2023 22: 58
      PS This is to the fact that, as 1982 showed, aircraft carriers are not the main argument in a naval war. The decisive factor of the battlefield is missile weapons and aviation. By the way, the British could not protect both aircraft carriers from Argentine strikes ...
  11. Avarron Offline Avarron
    Avarron (Sergei) 7 March 2023 23: 14
    Again Marzhetsky raged. Yes, China will not do anything against key consumers of its products.
    This is Russia in the position of a pariah, driven into a corner, forced to fight for its existence. And then it’s somehow strange, without destroying bridges, without inflicting pre-announced strikes on the CPR.
    If Russia does not beat the Anglo-Saxons who stepped on her throat, then why expect this from China?
    He will sit on the banks of the Huang He for another thousand years and follow the floating corpses of enemies with his eyes without interfering in any sort of showdown.
    It is Russia with its meager population that can work out, and China, with a population of one and a half billion, will definitely not twitch.
    A nuclear strike on Russia will take the lives of 20-30 million people, which, with a certain cynicism, the leadership could do. And a nuclear strike on China will kill 200-300 million already. And this is someone's relatives and friends. China will not go to any confrontation with the West.
    Russia rejoices, they say, we are strangling the dollar, 40% of trade in yuan. I'm sorry, what? 40% of Russia's trade is how many percent of the world? 1,5? 2? Don't make Biden slippers laugh, seriously. Oh please.
    Explain, comrade. Marzhetsky, Russia - all alone. We have no allies, except for the army, navy, VKS, PMC "Wagner" and the military-industrial complex.
    The whole world trades and negotiates, no one cares about us from the bell tower. And our only chance to survive is not China's Wishlist in Argentina, but a direct annihilating blow to the hegemon, which no one will dare, of course.
    The most annoying thing is that in this huge show deployed in the country 404, the best Slavs really die for the interests of Uncle Sam.
    So, put your sofa in the right position and separate your eyelids with matches, comrade. Marzhetsky, otherwise you are carrying a fierce heresy as a Jew, the former head of "Nativ" or whatever it is, you forgot his name, Solovyov's favorite. Ah, Kedmi, yes
    You all tell the Russians what they want to hear, nothing more.
    And the bottom line is that there are too few Russians for such a vast territory, and there are too many sharpening a tooth on it.