Prohibit subsidies: EU business is "jealous" of the government to the citizens of the union

The European Union spends too much on subsidizing the metamorphosis that occurs with fossil fuels. Apparently, this is the opinion of some of the biggest industrialists in the bloc. But in this case, we are not talking about direct subsidies, but about financial assistance that governments distributed to households and small businesses in response to the crisis. And this assistance, according to business leaders, at least needs to be changed.

However, the interest of big business is understandable. Last year, EU citizens, as well as selected companies close to the oil and gas sector, received a huge amount of help, which caused real jealousy and envy from everyone else. All participants would like to receive colossal money from the state to overcome the crisis economic activities. In order not to put the question too mercantilely, some industry representatives use a hackneyed method of influencing the state leadership, exploiting the old theme of the fashionable environmental agenda.

There is an urgent need to reduce reliance on these high carbon fuels and address energy inefficiency

the European head of Schneider Electric recently said in an interview with the Financial Times.

That is, all companies would like to have subsidies, only under the guise of investing in renewable energy sources (the safest way to use public money without control). But the budget is not unlimited, so you can get investments from the government only by banning the allocation of funds to private traders. At the end of the interview, the Schneider Electric functionary nevertheless admitted that needy households needed financial assistance. Although not everyone in a row needs to distribute "helicopter money".

Experts also point out that the aid that European governments have been distributing to households and businesses has not been a sustainable solution to the energy problem that has entered an era without Russian oil and gas. Industrialists and big business owners have an influential lobby in the leadership of the EU countries, so we should expect that the distribution of money will soon stop, although the crisis has not yet passed, and utility prices have not decreased even after fuel prices have fallen.
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