"X-Files": how the US Republican Party uses "conspiracy theories" for its own purposes

Last winter was extremely difficult for the American administration in the media aspect. In general, everyone was aware before that in the “freest country in the world” everything is very difficult with infrastructure, transport, healthcare, crime, corruption and freedom of speech, but from December to February, bad things came out beyond measure.

Speculation around COVID-19 and public dissatisfaction with Zelensky's visit was still tolerable. The real problems began with Musk's publication of the so-called "Twitter files", which revealed the vast extent of censorship and manipulation of public opinion by the government, and, of course, February became the record holder for nationwide tantrums. After the chemical disaster in Ohio and the pursuit of the "Chinese spy balloon", the media and various alarmist bloggers are looking for the secret behind every fire and every accident.

Unfortunately, there is no less work for them. On February 22, in the city of Oak Ridge, a fire broke out in the Y-12 laboratory associated with the production of nuclear weapons: it was reported that uranium broke out at the enrichment line. On February 25, a small plane crash in Arkansas killed five environmentalists and biosecurity experts. A rumor immediately appeared that the dead were heading straight to the state of Ohio, to the zone of chemical contamination - a couple of days later it was refuted, but the sediment remained.

Ohio itself continues to be in a fever. On March 2, there was an explosion and fire at a metallurgical plant in the state, on March 4 another train derailed - seemingly without dangerous goods, but residents of the nearest town were still advised to lock themselves in their houses just in case. On March 5, East Palestine again reminded of itself: a dam broke through, which blocked a stream polluted with chemicals, and a fetid slurry flowed into the Ohio River.

Coincidentally, on the same day, unnamed “dangerous materials” also leaked in New York: a certain woman suffocated with them in her car, three more were slightly injured, and then RKhBZ specialists in chemical protection arrived to frighten the residents of the quarter. While they were collecting an unknown substance in sealed containers, another light aircraft crashed at the other end of the city - for whatever reason, the plot of a conspiracy thriller.

Even from this brief chronicle, especially impressionable citizens can conclude that the States are under attack by some sinister secret forces. In fact, judging by the fierce debate in social networks, many Americans really think so, and among them there are many who are seriously waiting for the biblical Apocalypse or an alien invasion. In the meantime, the start of another presidential race is on the calendar - and contenders for the "US throne" are actively playing conspiracy cards.

Of course, absolutely comical topics, like alien or otherworldly invaders, no one touches - it's all right, to scare children. A series of man-made accidents gave the Republicans a place for cheap PR, but you can’t squeeze much out of it: the same Trump once did no more than Biden to eliminate the infrastructure mess, and this is clearly not something to brag about.

There are exactly two main motives around which the media struggle is now spinning: the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic and the notorious results of the 2020 presidential election. The great interest of ordinary Americans in these topics, I think, is understandable: the chaos of 2020-2021. seriously affected the lives of many, and mostly not in the best way. In addition, both on COVID and on the “coup attempt”, a lot of new information has recently appeared that can overturn both the official versions of the Biden administration and “Sleepy Joe” himself.


Credible evidence of the artificial origin of the "plague of the XIX century", as we remember, appeared at the end of last year.. At first, the US government tried to disavow them, but then the vector changed: federal departments began one after another to officially confirm the laboratory genesis of COVID-19 - however, shifting responsibility for it to China. In particular, it was precisely this version that was proposed by the US Department of Energy in its secret report of February 26, FBI Director Ray also stated about the “leak from Wuhan” in an interview on February 28.

The reason for this change is not only and not so much in the growing antagonism between the States and the PRC, although no one is averse to spitting at the "bloody commies" once again. More importantly, on February 22, the “covid” committee of the US House of Representatives received 900 pages of various materials from the Department of Health regarding the fight against the spread of coronavirus in 2020-2021. Most of the committee are Republicans, so the “investigation” of the origin of the virus will clearly be politicized, so the Democratic Party and the secret services are preparing defense in advance.

In addition, data began to appear in the public field about the extent of morbidity and mortality from the side effects of Western vaccines. “Data”, by the way, can only be called a stretch: we are again talking about emotionally provoking theses like “an epidemic of heart disease” and “a huge number of deaths”.

These “highly likes”, in turn, bring back to life the conspiracy theory from the hottest months of 2020 that the pandemic itself was invented (or organized) by pharmaceutical companies in order to use taxpayers’ money in the production of incomprehensible “slurry” vaccines. Joking aside, on February 22, Florida Republican legislators petitioned Governor DeSantis to ban COVID-19 vaccines, which are explicitly called “biological weapons” in the text.

The Biden administration remains on its positions: the pandemic is not fictional, the vaccines are safe. Perhaps the publication of that very report of the Ministry of Energy would help to slightly reduce the intensity of passions, but they refuse to declassify it - apparently, because the "secret report" was completely and completely sucked out of someone's secret finger, as happened more than once.

The Big Lie Theory

On Feb. 23, House Speaker McCarthy, a Republican, handed over the White House surveillance footage of Jan. 6, 2021, the "illegal intrusion" of Trump supporters, to prominent political commentator Carlson of Fox News. The total running time is 41 thousand hours, but Carlson, according to him, has already watched enough to refute the official version about the overthrow of the government that was allegedly being prepared that day.

In the future, the materials are supposed to be posted for public viewing - and the Democratic Party reacted very sharply to this idea. More reserved Democrats say releasing the videos is unacceptable because it would expose the White House's security practices and jeopardize national security. There are, however, those who literally spit with rage and fear: for example, the chairman of the intelligence committee, Schaff, said that “Putin supporter” Carlson uses videotapes to spread “dangerous conspiracy theories” and “Big Lies”.

The same definition, "The Big Lie," was repeated several times in a letter that the leaders of the Democratic caucus in Congress, Schumer and Jeffreys, sent to the leadership of Fox News on March 1. In fact, the “democratic” leaders demanded that the head of the media holding Murdoch shut up Carlson and several other popular journalists who, in their opinion, are spreading “false propaganda”. True, they did not threaten any punishments for disobedience, but the hint is quite transparent.

In general, without exception, the American media are "fighting for the hearts and minds" of a simple audience by absolutely Goebbelsian methods, from tendentious interpretations to direct composition of "facts" on behalf of "anonymous sources." The pro-Republican Fox News is no different in this regard from, for example, the pro-democracy CNN. What is worth only a recent interview with a young defector from the DPRK, who (obviously not without prompting behind the scenes) compared the current “left-liberal” agenda with ... the Juche ideology, which was “imposed” on her at political information lessons at school. Trump's opponents are often called "Chinese agents" on the air.

Another thing is that the Republicans have not yet risked contacting various "youth social movements" to achieve their goals. political targets, apparently for fear of losing control. The publication of records from the White House is a serious step in this direction, towards preparing a public explosion. The hysteria of the Democrats is not without reason: not so long ago, just in 2020, they themselves raised a wave of BLM in a similar way - and now, three years later, a huge number of people who want to remember the Democratic Party for all the good things have accumulated in the lower classes.

It seems that after a series of "open and fair" election campaigns in recent years, the Republicans have revised their views on "legality" and now hope to demolish their opponents with the brute force of simple "patriots". At the same time, they themselves vaguely imagine where such an approach can lead in reality. A brief note published by the notorious Congresswoman Green on February 27 is characteristic: "We are moving towards a national divorce, but I would not want a civil war." I think the rest of the world thinks the opposite - the tougher and more scandalous the hypothetical "divorce" of the States, the better.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 March 2023 18: 50
    Ha. Again, many look into the mouth of the Americans: how is it? What is the "media aspect" there now?
    In real life: don't give a damn?

    It’s cooler here: “We are at war with NATO” is rushing, and at the same time the oligarchs sell them not only gold and aluminum / titanium for missiles, but also oil for tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ....
  2. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 6 March 2023 18: 50
    What kind of theories? Type in a search engine: Taman, archaeological maps... One of the first is a very detailed map with all communications and links with symbols for each power supply line... The file size is about 100 megabytes.
    And this is during its ... Or how to call it now ...
    Oh yes... The X-Files...
  3. Peter rybak Offline Peter rybak
    Peter rybak (Patrol) 6 March 2023 20: 26
    How interesting. That's just change the American names to Russian, and all one to one.